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Chapter 136

“You are hosting the event! But there is no need to block all the places, right? You know so many people, most of them are definitely not coming to you. But like me, eating and buying clothes. Why is it because of your business? Waiting for several hours?”

“If you want to talk about privileges, then I have a meal today, and I will martial law here. Your event can only be held after my meal is over. What do you think?”

Facing Levi’s questioning, Cox Yue and others bowed their heads, not daring to say a word.

For a long time, they only consider their own privileges and celebrity safety issues when holding events, and never consider other people’s livelihood issues.

Perhaps in their eyes, ordinary people are not qualified to let them consider.

“The chief is wrong. We recognize our mistakes and should not occupy too many public resources! We will definitely consider comprehensively for future activities!”

Cox Yue took the initiative to apologize.

Levi glanced at the people: “The event is not going to be done, Wang Garrison will take them back first, let everyone write a 4D check before letting them come back!”


Upon hearing this, everyone was dumbfounded.

Let them, these superior stars, write the 4D check?

Is there a mistake?

But when they saw Levi’s fierce eyes, everyone bowed their heads.

Finally, Levi looked at Cai Zhan: “I didn’t watch it when I eat shit, it’s sick.”

Cai Zhan was extremely shocked.

It is definitely not a good thing to be remembered by such a big man.

After Levi left.

Wang Garrison led the team away, and the stars also left.

The mall soon returned to order.

Levi got his meal as he wished.

Soon Xiao Qin found Levi.

“Brother-in-law, you didn’t see it just now. A big chief came here and wanted to come to eat, but he was under martial law. In his anger, he blocked the place. He also took away my idols, and it was said that he had to write for inspection. They are so miserable.”

Because Xiao Qin was squeezed in the crowd, he had a rough idea of ​​what happened just now.

Many are heard.

“They deserve it.”

Levi said coldly.

“But I heard people say that the chief is only in his twenties. Brother-in-law, do you think there is such a young chief?”

“Usually sitting in a high position, no qualifications, at least 40 or 50 years old.”

Xiao Qin doubted.

“It’s still fair in the military, whoever has the ability to go! It is normal to sit in a high position in your twenties!”

Levi approached.

“Oh I got it.”

Xiao Qin said with some regret: “I didn’t see the idols this time, but my uncle gave me the fortieth anniversary celebration. Then, brother-in-law, you will also go.”

When it heard that it was the anniversary celebration of the Xiao family, Levi agreed.

“no problem.”

In the training base.

Wang Garrison just let go of these celebrities who finished the inspection, he was about to report to Alton.

On the way, she ran into Shane Xiaohui.

“Oh, why are you here, old Shane?”

Wang Garrison and Shane Xiaohui used to be fighters in the same class, and then they studied together.

The relationship is very close.

Shane Xiaohui took out a gilded invitation card and said with a smile: “The company of Mr. Xiao Guopu’s family is going to hold the 40th anniversary celebration. He specially came to give us the invitation card, and I will accept it. Isn’t this for you?”

Wang Garrison accepted the invitation with a smile on his face: “Does the teacher remember us?”

It turned out that Wang Garrison and Shane Xiaohui were both students of Xiao Guopu.

“Yeah! There will be a lot of comrades going there to attend the celebration, mainly to see the teacher!”

Shane Xiaohui said.

“Okay, let’s go together.”

Wang Yedao.

Chapter 137

Shane Xiaohui smiled, looking a little embarrassed.

Wang Garrison saw it at a glance and smiled: “Old Shane, just say anything! Are you polite with me a hammer?”

“Then I’ll say it! Just now the teacher talked to me on the phone, and he asked me to ask you, can I invite General Alton to the Xiao family celebration?

Shane Xiaohui said it.

It is indeed Xiao Guopu’s idea.

As for inviting General God of War.

The Xiao family was not qualified either.

He couldn’t even think about it.

But Major General Alton still wanted to give it a try.

If invited, then the Xiao family’s face is really enough!

Major General Alton is the King of the Five Great Wars under General God of War.

No matter how they are with General God of War.

Shane Xiaohui added: “Although I have had a lot of contact with General God of War and General Wesley, they were dispatched after all. There is no substantive relationship or anything. But you are different from General Alton! He is equivalent to your Lord!”

Wang Garrison’s expression changed, and he couldn’t help saying: “If the teacher says, I will try.”

Soon, Wang Garrison came to Alton’s command post to report.

Alton put his legs on the table and asked without raising his head: “Are everyone gone?”

“Yes, General!”

After Wang Garrison reported, he didn’t leave.

Alton looked at him suspiciously: “What’s the matter?”

“Don’t be frustrated, just tell me something!”

Wang Garrison straightened up and said directly: “Report to General, my teacher Xiao Guopu would like to invite you to the 40th anniversary celebration of the Xiao Family Enterprise.”

“Xiao Tianlong, the Xiao family?”

Alton asked.

He heard Wesley say that the general’s enemy is the Xiao family.


Wang Garrison nodded.

But hope was slim, he just tried it.

“Okay, I promise to participate!”

Alton agreed.

“It’s great! Thank you General!”

Wang Garrison saluted a military salute.

Soon, the Xiao family learned that Major General Kylin had come to the celebration.

Xiao Guopu laughed from ear to ear.

“Haha, it is God blessing my Xiao family! If the Alton young man is in the future, my Xiao family’s face will be too much! Hahaha… this is General God of War, which is equivalent to our relationship with General God of War! After the second celebration, the status of my Xiao family will rise linearly!”

Xiao Ruoyu smiled and said: “Yeah, Dad. Although my Xiao family is called the top ten giants of Case York, it will be at the bottom after all. After this celebration, we can definitely advance a few!”

The Xiao family was so excited that they clenched their fists.

This celebration is also a good thing for them.

In layman’s terms, it is possible that everyone’s dividend has changed from 50 million to 100 million.

Xiao Guopu looked at the people and said, “Pass on my order and increase the promotion! And there is news that Major General Kylin is coming to participate. He is the most important person in this celebration!”

Soon there were reports of the guests of the Xiao family celebration in the Case York circle. The most important thing was the participation of Major General Alton, one of the five great kings under the command of General God of War.

The news of the most important guest came out, which made many wealthy families in Case York envious.

How is the family wealth?

How about people all over Velador?

All can’t reach the participation of a major Alton.

Xiao Ruoyu said to Xiao Guopu again: “Dad, in addition, Ruomei’s daughter Xiao Qin wants his brother-in-law and sister to also participate, that is, Levi and Sarah. I promised!”

Xiao Guopu patted Xiao Ruoyu on the shoulder and said, “You did this right!”

“Let Levi see how powerful the Xiao family is now!”

Xiao Guopu smiled.

Chapter 138

Xiao Ruoyu also smiled: “Thanks to Levi. We are only acquiring part of the core technology developed by his team. In the past six years, we have made at least 20 billion in net profit, right?”

“Yes, this kid was really capable back then, even the richest man in Case York missed him!”

Xiao Guopu smiled, with a touch of coldness across his face, and said coldly: “But he beat my grandson like this, I can’t bear it! When the celebration is over, I have to take him personally!”

Thinking of what, Xiao Guopu asked: “By the way, the Swiss doctors and experts are coming? Make sure that Tianlong participates in the celebration!”

It turned out that the Xiao family hired ten medical experts from abroad to treat Xiao Tianlong to ensure that Xiao Tianlong could participate in the celebration.

Xiao Ruoyu said, “Father, I will be there at twelve o’clock tonight! Five days is enough!”

“Okay, you pick up people and make sure everything is correct!”

Xiao Guopu said.

“Don’t worry, father, I will pick it up personally!”

At this moment, Levi was in the manor where Wesley and the others lived.

Alton Wesley and others are here.

Alton just told Levi about the invitation from the Xiao family.

“Well, you did a good job. I’ll go there too, but I’m just an ordinary guest, and your kid is a guest!”

Levi joked.

Wesley also smiled and said, “Little Alton is the most important guest at the big celebration.”

Alton immediately said: “Brother General, don’t make fun of me!”

At this time, the heroic and heroic Major General Suzaku in a windbreaker came and said respectfully: “Report the general, the news just found! The Xiao family hired ten medical experts from Switzerland to treat Xiao Tianlong. It will be at 12 o’clock tonight. Landing in the private area of ​​Case York Airport!”

“Come to cure Xiao Tianlong?”

Levi’s expression changed.

“Yes! The Xiao family wants to ensure that Xiao Tianlong will participate in the big celebration, so the top medical experts are invited!”

Suzaku said.

Levi raised his wrist and glanced, the time indicated a quarter past ten.

“Go, detain people for me, who dare to treat Xiao Tianlong?”

Levi got up.

Case York Airport has always been very lively.

But tonight, in front of the private zone passage, a black car came, led by a Rolls Royce.

There were dozens of big men in suits standing beside them, looking menacing.

In Rolls Royce, Xiao Ruoyu walked down.

They are the medical experts who came to receive Switzerland.

Such a big scene is in line with the Xiao family’s arrangement.

It caused passers-by in amazement and uproar.

Xiao Ruoyu glanced at the time, it was exactly twelve o’clock.

“Well, the experts will come out soon, and leave when they pick someone up!”

Xiao Ruoyu shouted,

The Xiao family team is serious about it.

Soon in the private passage, a team of twenty people walked out of it.

Including medical experts and their assistants, there are many equipment.

Xiao Ruoyu greeted him, “Welcome to Mr. Jeffery and others!”


Xiao Ruoyu waved his hand, and his men took all the equipment in the hands of the medical team and moved them into the car.

Others have also been arranged to the major cars.

“Da da da…”

But at this moment, there were roars in the air.

The sound is the sound of the propeller spinning at high speed.




A bright light was struck down from mid-air, and it shone on the face of the person and on the car body, illuminating the place as bright as day.

In the face of such a strong light, everyone was so shaken that they couldn’t open their eyes, and they were able to block them!

Chapter 139

The sound in my ears grew louder and louder, like thunder.

The squally wind brought by the propeller was raging, and everyone was almost going to be blown away!

Everyone can see clearly now that there is a helicopter in mid-air.

After seeing the signs clearly, Xiao Ruoyu and others’ hearts were cold.

That is clearly a helicopter of the military region!

“Listen! Now order all of you not to move!”

A loud voice came from the loudspeaker.

Next, everyone saw the strong men in suits sliding down from the helicopter.

They have different skin colors, but they are huge, on average a head taller than the Xiao family guards.

Staring at the Xiao family guards, they didn’t dare to make any movements at all.

These brawny men in suits were the mercenaries led by James. After they landed, they couldn’t help but robbed the Swiss medical team from the Xiao family.

All the medical equipment installed in the car were also moved down, and all the people and equipment were loaded into the helicopter.

In the audience, Xiao Ruoyu and others could only watch as people and equipment were snatched away.

As a result, the Xiao family had no ability to fight against these mercenaries.

Secondly, Xiao Ruoyu was afraid of the signs on these helicopters.


Xiao Ruoyu didn’t react until a helicopter flew away.

People were robbed like this?

These mercenaries are well-trained, just one minute before and after.

Soon everyone has no time to react.

“What should Mr. Xiao do now?”

The guard leader couldn’t help asking.

“Go back, what else can I do?”

Xiao Ruoyu had a gloomy face.

When he returned to Xiao’s house, Xiao Guopu was shocked when he learned about it.

“Did you not stop it? It’s just a group of foreign bodyguards!”

Xiao Guopu asked.

Xiao Ruoyu shook his head, “Dad, listen to me. The group is well-trained, at least you can tell from the helicopter downhill. They must have served in the army. I suspect they are mercenaries!”

Xiao Guopu wondered: “A mercenary? I don’t think anyone in Case York dares to use a mercenary?”

“Yes, a while ago, Garrison Nanhui did not hire a group of mercenaries, but they were detained afterwards and they were not put back. I guess it was them.”

Xiao Ruoyu said.

“Do you mean who is using this group of mercenaries?”

Xiao Guopu already had the answer in his heart.

Xiao Ruoyu nodded: “Probably it is, because those helicopters are marked with military signs! Who dares to use these helicopters???”

Xiao Guopu wondered: “Is there anything wrong with these doctors? They were detained?”

“We don’t know, nor dare to ask!”

On the other side, Levi sent these doctors out of Velador directly.

Still want to see a doctor for Xiao Tianlong?

no way!

In the next few days, the Xiao family had been procrastinating to investigate the cause, but there was no result.

In particular, the information on these mercenaries is blank.

Xiao Tianlong’s second uncle Xiao Ruofeng couldn’t help but said, “Couldn’t it be for Tianlong?”

Xiao Guopu and Xiao Ruoyu stared at him together: “What are you talking about? How can that kind of character have enemies with Tianlong?”

“The only purpose of these medical experts is to treat Tianlong. They were detained, and they clearly didn’t want Tianlong to treat them.”

Xiao Ruofeng analyzed.

Xiao Guopu said, “Now that the whole Case York don’t want to treat Tianlong, it is only Levi, right? Do you mean that Levi is General God of War?”

“That’s definitely not! How could Levi be General God of War! This is ridiculous!”

Xiao Ruofeng shook his head.

Chapter 140

Xiao Guopu sighed: “Tianlong’s injury hasn’t healed yet, so it seems that we can’t participate in the celebration.”

Xiao Ruoyu knew the importance of this celebration, and if Xiao Tianlong came to participate, he was basically determined to be the heir.

So Xiao Ruoyu wanted his son to participate more. He asked, “Dad, can the celebration be postponed?”

Xiao Guopu became angry when he said this.

“Can such a big thing be postponed? What do my students think? What if I anger General Alton?”

“Can’t change, absolutely can’t change!”

The 40th anniversary celebration of the Xiao Group is getting closer and closer, and the atmosphere is getting stronger and stronger.

Almost the entire Case York city knows it.

Everyone is proud of having big celebration invitations.

Many people take photos and send invitations to Moments for the first time to show their identity.

It can be seen how well the propaganda of the Xiao family has been done.

On the night before the celebration, Xiao Qin specially came to send invitations.

Because of Xiao Tianlong’s affairs, Sarah is still worried.

She didn’t dare to participate in the celebration of the Xiao family.

In case the Xiao family gets angry.

“If you don’t go, I’ll go.”

Levi is going to go naturally.

Xiao Qin was very happy.

If Sarah can’t go, Levi will be her alone.

Sarah specially asked Xiao Qin: “You must protect your brother-in-law! Your brother-in-law has a holiday with the Xiao family!”

Xiao Qin agreed: “Sister, don’t worry, grandpa loves me very much, and no one can touch my brother-in-law.”

Dale and Edith did not receive the invitation either.

In Xiao Ruomei’s view, they have no qualifications.

The next day, the City Convention and Exhibition Center was the venue for this big celebration.

A street in front of the City Convention and Exhibition Center was covered by the Xiao family. Various banners and flying balloons hung on both sides of the more than ten kilometers long road.

The layout of the venue was even more magnificent and splendid.

The Xiao family is really willing to spend money.

After all, even the invitations are gilded.

What’s more, dozens of first-line celebrities are invited, and there are countless other celebrities and Internet celebrities.

The parking lot in front of the venue was full of top luxury cars.

The connections of the Xiao family are not built, and those who come to the celebration are either rich or noble.

The Logan family’s level is not ranked at all.

Xiao Qin and Levi came to the venue, and after showing the invitation, they entered easily.

Since the celebration has not officially started, everyone is waiting in the meeting room.

Seating in the living room, as well as a buffet, you can enjoy it at will.

Levi and Xiao Qin found a place and just sat down.

“Is Levi you?”

A voice came from behind.

Levi turned to see a charming woman in a long burgundy dress, with a plump body, slender legs, and a charming and attractive temperament.

She was looking at Levi with big watery eyes.

Levi recognized this woman.

Lin Mei.

He and Erick’s partners in the initial start-up period were capable and thoughtful.

At first, their entrepreneurial team made great strides, but later lost money. Many partners chose to withdraw, leaving only Levi, Erick and a girl.

Among them was Lin Mei in front of him who withdrew.

“It’s really Levi!”

There was another voice coming from nearby.

There were four more people in front of Levi.

Zhong Yao.

Wang Xuelong.

Boyd Haosheng.

West Bingxu.

These people are the original entrepreneurial partners.

Zhong Yao is the only girl who hasn’t quit, and the others have quit.

When Levi succeeded in starting a business, several people wanted to join, but he refused.

Levi remembered that on the day he was in prison, Wang Xuelong and the trio came to laugh at him.

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