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Chapter 1313

This is too coincidental.

If it really is!

That would be unimaginable!

The team led by Garrison Tianlin was full of luxury cars, but they only dared to park far away.

In the next second, black silhouettes appeared.

When they saw the signs of masks and Tang Knives, everyone’s hearts were shocked.

Zhentian Temple!

It turns out that the Zhentian Temple is here…

Melina immediately slapped her head and said: “Little lord? He is the lord of Zhentiandian! No wonder there is such a charisma!”

“Yes, it is only the power of Zhentiandian that brought Morendam so many giants to come?”

Everyone reacted instantly.

The Garrison Clan in Jingcheng joined the major clans to come to Jiangbei to make such a big disturbance. It was definitely not to punish Levi.

Now the purpose is clear-it is for the Zhentian Temple.


“It turned out to be the little lord of the Zhentian Temple! It scared me to death, I thought it was…”

Concubine Mann Jun patted her chest and let out a long sigh of relief.

For just a moment, everyone thought it was Jun Jun…

It was a coincidence after all.

Now that the people from the Zhentian Temple appeared, all their doubts were dispelled.

It’s not her!

“What are you doing here?”

The soldier in the Zhentian Temple asked.

“I’m here to give gifts to the little lord, but the lord didn’t accept it just now!”

Garrison Tianlin quickly said.

“Okay, then we will accept it!”

After giving the gifts, Garrison Tianlin hurriedly left with everyone.

Melina and the others also quietly left.

As everyone knows, a pair of eyes were just staring at them in secret.

The storm of Junjun’s change of surname passed.

But a bigger challenge is coming.

Those hidden enemies finally appeared…

Levi is recovering, that is a great threat.

They can’t sit still.

Within a short period of one month, a total of 37 batches of Lords arrived.

There are overseas, there are Morendam…

All came for Levi.

Levi waited so long, they finally appeared…

After all, the Zhentian Temple had already laid a net of heaven and earth and was waiting.

Just wait for them to come.

Not only were all thirty-seven batches of Lords taken down, but all the people behind them were also found.

And get rid of it as soon as possible.

“The Desert Storm Mercenary Corps is destroyed!”

“Nanzhou Tianqi Society is destroyed!”

“Western Sea King Palace is destroyed!”

“The Western Blackwater Consortium was destroyed!”

Within a short period of one month, Zhentiandian attacked with thunder.

The deep-seated enemies and threats are almost completely wiped out.

Some important figures in overseas countries have also been brought out and eliminated.

Using Levi to make a fuss this time really brought out all the deep-seated enemies.

It can be said that a huge effect has been achieved!

Cut off many threats and dangers to Morendam from the root cause.

It can be said that these people and organizations were eliminated this month.

The threat to Morendam may be greater than a million army.

Because they will infiltrate from every field, thereby disintegrating Morendam.

Especially some big people, all are extremists.

If they want to use means, it may be devastating.

When Levi found out these characters, Morendam broke out in a cold sweat.

This is more threatening than a million army attack.

Regardless of this feat, it’s just to eliminate some people and organizations.

But for the future safety of Morendam, that is definitely a great feat.

Excavation of deep-seated threats and dangers continues.

Merit is also increasing.

Therefore, Levi added a heavy note to his merit list.

“It’s time to restore Xiaoye’s identity!”

Morendam heard such a voice.

Chapter 1314

“Restore the status of God of War?”

“Then what should Woodrow do? Da Xia has now established the image of Woodrow as the god of war. If you take it away rashly, it will cause bad consequences!”

“Then what should I do? You can’t let Garrison Warshen fight him and get back the position of God of War Wars God?”

Morendam is having heated discussions.

They must consider comprehensively.

Consider every detail.

This thing is not so easy to recover!

“No! Xiaoye doesn’t have to be the God of War! His contribution to Da Xia is too great, and the position of the God of War cannot express his achievements!”

Suddenly a voice sounded.

Everyone looked at him in unison.

“Then what? Is it worthy of his merits?”

Someone asked.

The man carried his hands on his back and said faintly: “Feng Wang!!!”


As soon as the words came out, the audience took a breath.

Seal the king?

This is definitely one level higher than the God of War!

this is too scary!

Although everyone was shocked, no one had any objections.

After all, Levi is worthy of being a king!!!

“Well, Feng Levi is one word side by side king! Command the God of War Iron Brigade, Shura Army, Tiefutu, Beijing Imperial Heavenly Army!”

“And give one to the northern city! Ten bases…”

“Three days later, we will hold a ceremony for the king-sealing ceremony in the capital’s king-sealing platform!!!”

Soon news of Morendam’s title of “One Word Side by Side” spread.

In particular, the news broke out at the ceremony for the king’s conquest in the capital three days later.

First swept Morendam, and then swept the world.

Morendam hasn’t been crowned king for many years…

Fengwangtai hasn’t been used for hundreds of years.

This time to be crowned king, it is naturally shocking!

Who is the key to the king?

Morendam could think of only two people-Levi and Woodrow.

Levi didn’t even keep the position of God of War.

As for Woodrow, although he was the god of war in God of War, he was far from being crowned king.

Or it’s far worse!!!

Even if he defeated Zhentian Temple…

But without top achievements, it’s still bad.

Who will this person be?

Is anyone in Morendam eligible to be crowned king?

If you are qualified to be crowned king, shouldn’t it be famous for a long time?

At least achieve a feat comparable to overwhelming a hundred countries and defeating an army of millions, right?

Only with such achievements can he be crowned king.

But such a feat is definitely known to the whole world.

But why didn’t everyone hear a little bit of news?

How is this going?

What secret feat can this person achieve to be crowned king by the Great Xia?

Woodrow in the base was even more surprised when he received this news.

“Feng Wang? One word side by side? Command a million army? Can even I mobilize?”

Woodrow was surprised.

The others were also stunned.

The power of the word side by side king is overwhelming, even they are in control.

this is too scary!

Woodrow is an unruly person and hates the feeling of being restrained.

Especially being supervised, he will not adapt.

Or dissatisfied!

Before Levi pressed him.

Woodrow has been dissatisfied.

Now that this feeling came back, he was in the same state of mind.

“Who has become the king of the word side by side? Why didn’t we get any news before?”

Woodrow asked curiously.

“Yes, if he can be a king, this person must at least show merit, right?”

Seven kills several people said.

Colin who came to spread the news smiled: “West Warshen, I’m waiting to know what you think, but this one is definitely not yours…”

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