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Chapter 1311


what’s going on?

Jiangbei Garrison’s family was kneeling.

The three families of Lee, Cross, and Mann are all kneeling.

Levi held Junjun and was also trapped in it.

It seems that the Garrison Clan in Beijing is going to investigate the matter of changing the surname of the king.

All related families and people were killed.

Sarah was terrified when the facts were in front of him.

She immediately rushed to Levi and said to everyone, “Isn’t there just one surname? We don’t have the surname Garrison anymore, as long as you don’t embarrass my child! Our last name can be anything!”

Seeing this posture in front of him, Sarah was really scared.

Levi smiled; “My child’s surname is Garrison, who can control it?”


Everyone took a breath.

Who dares to control this?

I thought I was the king of heaven!

The Garrison Clan in Beijing hopes that Junjun’s surname is Garrison!

Who dares to stop?

Who understands this wrong, right?

Don’t dare to give them a hundred courage!

Garrison Tianlin was about to speak.

Sarah’s voice sounded.

“Don’t say anything, can’t you see what the situation is now? You shut up quickly!”

Sarah was afraid that Levi would go on, angering the Garrison family and making things worse.

At that time, no one can eat it and walk around.

Sarah turned to look at Old Man Lin next to him: “Old Lin, for the sake of I was your righteous daughter before, you beg for mercy! Let us go!”


Old man Lin was suddenly dumbfounded.

At a loss.

What’s this?

Who dares to pursue your family?

Do you think it’s too long to live?

The fastest response was Garrison Tianlin.

He immediately said: “Well, for the sake of Xiaolin’s face, Junjun can be named Garrison! Let this matter go!”

“Yes, let this matter go!”

Others said one after another.

They also gradually realized what was going on…

At present this matter needs to be kept secret.

Because they are also classified as part of the Zhentian Temple.

It can even be said to be confidential.

“Thank you Garrison Family, thank you, Mr. Lin, let’s go!”

Sarah quickly pushed Levi away from here.

“Aren’t you getting out of here?”

Garrison Tianlin glared at Melina and the others.

Everyone, like a pardon, hurriedly left.

As for the Jiangbei Garrison Family, Levi believes that they can handle it well.

After coming outside, Sarah and Beitianwang were about to push Levi into the car.

Melina and her party chased up.


Doug shouted.

“what’s happenin?”

Sarah asked.

“Huh, isn’t it Levi? Take a look for yourself! Almost can’t keep your child’s surname!”

“Yeah, at the critical moment, it’s better to rely on a woman? If it weren’t for Sarah, you asked Mr. Lin to intercede today, God knows what the consequences will be, I am afraid that all three of us will be greatly affected!”

Melina and Doug said angrily.

Mike glared at Levi and said angrily; “It’s sad that a man mixes like this. If I were you, I would jump off the building and kill myself.”

“Yes, it’s shameless to rely on a woman! What about the dignity of a man?”

Melina even dyed the plum: “Levi and the child are broom stars! Wait, it will cause you a lot of trouble in the future! They are destined to bring you bad luck!”

Sarah’s face was cold and did not speak.

Today this situation is very serious!

If she meets next time, who else can she ask?

“Levi, can you be harder yourself? If I were you, I would leave Sarah immediately, so as not to hurt them!”

Concubine Mann Jun pointed to Levi.

Chapter 1312

Junjun stared at everyone fiercely: “You are not allowed to bully Dad! Be careful Dad beats you!”

Jun Jun knows everything.

I also know that so many people were afraid of Dad just now.

If this group provokes Dad, they will suffer miserable consequences.

“Hehe, what can Levi do to us now?”

“I’ll just push your dad, see what happens?”

Nick stepped forward and was about to push Levi.

The Northern Heavenly King stepped forward and grabbed his wrist and pulled him back several meters away.

Nick staggered and fell to the ground. He stared at Levi angrily.

“Levi don’t think that if you hire a bodyguard, you will be fine. If you provoke a powerful person in the future, you don’t know how you died!”

Nick roared angrily.

“Yes, who can be blocked by this one bodyguard?”

Others are disdainful.

They absolutely hated Levi.

They are obviously here to meet big people and expand their contacts.

But because of Levi, they almost disappeared.

They attributed everything to Levi.

Think it’s Levi’s fault!

If it weren’t for Sarah here, they would really want to beat Levi violently.

This bodyguard can’t stop them at all!

But where do they know.

This is the northern king who has taken off his mask!

Strength crushes the existence of Woodrow and his like!

Zhentian Temple is in charge of martial arts!

He alone can really block everything…

Thousands of troops are not a problem.

Sarah and Bei Tian Wang pushed Levi into the car and left quickly.

“The big broom star and the little broom star! It’s really bad luck!”

Melina clenched their fists tightly, and their knuckles turned white.

Originally, an opportunity to take off was disturbed by Levi again.

Logan Mann and Cross Sanjia were almost furious.

At this time, a group of people came out in the hall.

Melina and her party hurriedly hid in the corner, letting go, everyone bowed their heads and dared not say a word.

“By the way, the gift for the little lord has not been taken yet.”

“Forget it!!! This is a big deal! The gift to the little lord must be delivered. This is the purpose of our coming to Jiangbei!”

When Melina heard these conversations, they were very surprised.

“Huh? Little Lord? Who is the Little Lord?”

Everyone was shocked in a cold sweat.

How tall is a person who can be called a young Lord by the ancestors of the first family?

They instantly understood that the fact that these big families gathered here was not to punish Levi for changing his surname.

But for another purpose!

Who is this person?

Still in Jiangbei?

Melina glanced at each other.

As if he had found a new opportunity, his eyes lit up fiercely.

Because of the change of surname, everyone did not think about Junjun.

“Should we follow along and have a look?”

Melina suggested several people.

“Okay, this is absolutely fine!”

Doug immediately agreed.

As long as they know who the lord is, they will be able to contact in the future.

Such an opportunity cannot be let go.

Immediately, luxury cars set off, heading to a certain place.

Melina and the others also quietly followed.

As the convoy set off, Melina became more and more alarmed.

This direction seems a bit familiar…

Soon after, these convoys stopped at the villa where the wedding house of Levi and Sarah was located.

“What? No? It turned out to be here?”

Concubine Mann Jun grows up her mouth.

Everyone took a cold breath, and there was an unbelievable look in their eyes.

“No way…”

Everyone has this idea in their hearts.

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