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Chapter 1315


Woodrow took a few breaths.

Colin is too direct, right?

It directly means which one is really strong as the one-word side by side king.

So strong that Woodrow cannot be compared with him.

How strong is this?

Woodrow thinks that he is invincible and invincible.

He secretly guessed that this king of the word side by side came from the four main gates?

“I hope West Zhan Shane will come to participate on the day of the ceremony!”

After Colin issued the order, he left.

Woodrow’s face was sad, and he was very unhappy.

Originally, he had obtained the position of God of War, and he became the god of murder that everyone feared.

He enjoys this feeling of invincibility.

But suddenly came out a word side by side king.

This made him unacceptable.

Feeling very disappointed…

On the other side, Levi also received the order to seal the king.

This surprised and delighted him.

I thought it would only restore the identity of God of War.

Unexpectedly, he was named the king of the word side by side.

It controls so many troops…

Even the God of War is under his command…

“Congratulations to the king!”

Colin congratulated.

“I hope that the king will go to the capital three days later and accept the crowning of the king!”

“Well, I will arrive as scheduled!”

Levi nodded.

After Colin left, Jun Jun asked curiously: “Dad, what is the word side by side king?”

“A little more powerful than God of War!”

Levi scraped her little nose.

“Dad is the king of the same word. When Junjun grows up, will he be a god of war?”

Levi teased Junjun.

“Okay, okay, Jun Jun wants to be the God of War!”

Jun Jun patted his chubby little hand.

The news of Great Xia Fengwang quickly spread throughout the streets and alleys, and discussions were everywhere.

Even Sarah and Ollie are discussing…

After all, it can be heard everywhere.

However, the two deliberately avoided Levi’s discussion.

I’m afraid he will hear it.

After all, this kind of issue is a sensitive issue for Levi.

If Levi’s body is normal, he is still God of War.

Maybe in the future he can take a fight, maybe he will be crowned king!

But now that he is in a wheelchair, this kind of topic is a shock to him.

No one can stand this, right?

Seeing Levi coming, Sarah and Ollie immediately closed their mouths.

As if nothing happened.

They both felt embarrassed when they saw Levi staring at them strangely.

Thinking if Levi heard it?

“Grandma, what are you talking about mom?”

Jun Jun ran over.

“It’s nothing…”

Plum dyeing cover up.

“Grandma, mom is talking about one word side by side.”

Levi said with a smile.


Sarah and Ollie’s heart sank.

It turned out that Levi had heard it all.

The two of them looked ugly.

“Well, grandma and mother, father is the king of the word side by side!”

Jun Juntong shouted without restraint.


This made Sarah and Ollie stunned.

What Jun Jun said categorically, shouldn’t it be true?

Both of them were in a cold sweat.

“I am the goddess of war! Dad is the king!”

Jun Jun said with a smile.


Sarah and Ollie breathed a sigh of relief.

Startled them.


How can it be?

How could Levi who sits in a wheelchair become the king of one word?

It is estimated that Levi was joking with Jun Jun.

Let Junjun be the God of War.

Children are talking nonsense.

Sarah said seriously: “Levi, you still don’t want to talk to your children about this in the future, she will take it seriously…”

Chapter 1316

“Yes, children are in the growing stage, she may remember what adults say! This is not good for growth!”

“My son will talk less about this in the future!”

Ollie also persuaded.

She was afraid that after Junjun went out, she saw people saying that father was the king by one word.

How bad is this effect?

Maybe, Jun Jun has to be isolated…

“Well, good, stop talking!”

Levi nodded.

After all, his status is special, Jun Jun is dangerous.

And for the time being, the identity has to be kept secret.

This is an order from Colin.

Although this month has achieved a terrible record.

But to say clean up?


At least there is a huge hidden danger…

One is that there are still people or organizations in Morendam that haven’t been found yet!

The second is that the secret of the return of the Blood King Palace has not yet been unearthed!

Therefore, the news from Colin was that even though Levi was named the king of one word, his identity still needed to be kept secret to attract more enemies.

“By the way, are you okay in King’s Landing?”

Sarah was also very scrupulous about Levi’s feelings and asked actively.

Levi was taken aback: “Huh?”

“You also heard the news that you are going to enshrine the king of the word side by side, right?”

“Yes what’s the matter?”

Levi looked at her curiously.

“Aren’t you affected by the slightest? Originally this glory you could strive for, but now it’s like this…”

Sarah expressed his concerns.

“Ah? It’s okay, I didn’t care at all. It’s not bad now, stay with you!”

Levi smiled.

“That’s good, I’m also worried that you can’t accept it in your heart, and you have other ideas.”

The news of the canonization of the word side by side is getting more and more fermented.

The impact is getting bigger and bigger.

But at the same time everyone is guessing who will be the king of the word side by side?

It’s hard for everyone to imagine who this person is…

Just now everyone got the exact news, this person is not Woodrow.

Even Woodrow will be under the command of the king.

Who can this be?

There are only so many big men who have made achievements over the years, and they can be counted with two hands.

Who is the one?

But Morendam Hidden Dragon and Crouching Tiger.

There are many extraordinary people.

Everyone is curious.

Many people want to go to Fengwangtai to see-what is the sacred word side by side king?

Things fermented further.

The ones who can’t sit still are naturally overseas…

A one-word king came out, and God knows what kind of character it will be and how much threat it will pose to them.

At present, one Woodrow is enough for everyone.

One more word side by side…

The consequences are unimaginable.

Hundreds of overseas countries have begun to use a large number of human resources to investigate the identity of the king.

He is always a hidden danger…

It must be thoroughly investigated!

So everyone is waiting for the ceremony to be crowned the king three days later.

It is possible to see the true face of Lushan Mountain.

Know the true identity of this king.

Time passed quickly.

The next day is the ceremony of enforcing the king!

The Capital Fengwang Terrace has made all preparations.

Just waiting for Levi to attend the ceremony of enforcing the king.

“It is said that tomorrow’s ceremonial will be broadcast live! We are blessed! Can witness the birth of the King of Words Side by Side!”

Sarah said excitedly when he got the news.

Everyone loves Morendam very much.

Such a grand occasion can be witnessed, naturally excited.

“Tomorrow we will wait in front of the screen!”

Ollie was also full of expectations.

“You must watch it too! You must watch it too!”

Jun Jun clamored.

At this time, Levi said suddenly: “Mom, Sarah, I will go to the capital tomorrow!”

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