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Chapter 1317


When these words came out, Sarah and Ollie were stunned.

I didn’t react for a long time.

What does Levi mean?

Tomorrow the beneficiation ceremony will be held in the capital beneficiary platform.

He just went to the capital?

Does he want to accept the kingship?

How can it be possible?

Levi has been sitting in a wheelchair, not to mention that he is with them these days.

His achievements are definitely not enough to be crowned kings!

Ollie and Sarah Dye looked at each other.

Ollie thought for a long time but didn’t think of a reason.

But Sarah reacted.

Even if Levi is not Morendam’s God of War, he is an ordinary person.

But he always cares about Morendam, how could he miss this moment of crowning the king?

Afraid you want to witness it with your own eyes?

At the beginning, I was afraid that I was not at ease when I handed over the position of God of War.

Now he wants to see the ceremonial ceremony of the king of the king with his own eyes. When he sees this person, he will feel relieved in his heart.

So Sarah didn’t ask the reason, and directly replied: “Okay, I will send someone to take you tomorrow!”

“it is good!”

Levi nodded.

For the first time in this century, the king-sealing platform was opened.

This is of great significance to Morendam!

Almost all the big figures in the Great Xia Army came.

The commander-in-chief of the Ninth War Regiment, the four guardians of the country, Woodrow and the Shura Army, the God of War Iron Brigade, and the Tiefutu Army all arrived.

The old men of Levi, including Wesley and Owen, all arrived near the Fengwangtai in the capital the night before.

The Grand Ceremony of Feng Wang has a special significance, and it is broadcast to the public almost in its entirety.

As a result, we will inform the world and enhance the cohesion and self-confidence of the people of Morendam.

Secondly, it frightens all the villains at home and abroad.

In the third place, only such a grand ceremony is worthy of the word side by side.

The next day, early in the morning.

Sarah sent a private jet to send Levi to the capital.

After eight o’clock, he had already arrived in the capital.

Colin secretly picked up Levi and went to Fengwangtai.

“One word side by side, you will need to be wronged in the future. After all, the enemy has not been relieved, and you will have to hide for a while.”

Colin looked at Levi sorry.

“It’s okay!”

“Furthermore, Da Xia has already given me such a supreme honor, which is not a grievance at all! As long as Da Xia, I Levi do everything!”

The ceremonial ceremony for the king will begin at ten o’clock.

Therefore, during this period of time, more and more big figures gathered in Fengwangtai to watch the ceremony.

Not everyone can go to the ceremony, only with the gift certificate in hand.

These people include big figures in the Great Xia Army and those who have made outstanding contributions to Great Xia.

Such as Qin Beishan, the dean of medicine!

Qin Beishan was talking with the Wesley people at this moment.

The faces of several people were full of regrets.

“Hey! This glory may have belonged to the boss!”

Owen clenched his fist tightly.

“Yes, I also think that in time, Brother Garrison can be crowned king! What a pity!”

Qin Beishan actually knew everything, but he signed a confidentiality agreement and could only hide it.

Alton smiled and said: “But it’s okay! With the word side by side king, Woodrow can’t be so arrogant! He is also under the side by side king!”

“Yes! But I guess Woodrow is absolutely unacceptable! This person is very arrogant and will never be reconciled to being led by others! I hope that the king can teach Woodrow a lesson!”

Wesley Road.

Woodrow on the other side really thought so.

He really wants to see how strong a word side by side is?

“Boss, just got the news, Levi is here too!”

Seven Kills told Woodrow the news.

Chapter 1318

“Huh? What is he here for?”

Woodrow’s face changed.

“I don’t know, maybe it was here to watch the ceremony, right?”

Seven kills.

“Well, where is he, let’s go over and see.”

Under the guidance of the seven kills, everyone came to Levi’s presence.


Woodrow sighed when he saw Levi.

“In the past, you were invincible and invincible. But things are different, but now you are like this!”

“Have you taken the medicine I gave you? Recover as soon as possible! I hope you will recover to your peak! Then you will fight with me again. If you win, you still have the place of God of War!”

Although Woodrow said so, he never thought that Levi would win.

Po Jun explained by the side: “You can understand the boss’s words as he wants you to recover. As for a fight, you will undoubtedly lose. Even the Zhentian Temple was trampled underfoot by the boss…”

The meaning of breaking the army is very simple, you only need to recover, defeat Woodrow, don’t dream.

Levi said lightly: “No, you should keep the position of God of War!”


“No way! The defeat is like a mountain, and Levi’s psychology is also the same! These things have hit him too much, and it is estimated that all his fighting spirit has been worn out! A generation of God of War has really fallen!”

“Boss, I guess he doesn’t even have the courage to challenge you!”

Everyone sighed.

Levi back then!

How incredible!

Who can think of today!

As everyone knows, Levi is not interested in the position of God of War because he is about to become the king of the word side by side!

The God of War War God is also under his command…

“Xiao Bei, let’s leave!”

Levi approached.

The Northern Heavenly King behind him was his true face, so no one knew who he was.

“it is good!”

The Northern Heavenly King was actually breathing fire in his eyes.

He was brooding about the matter of deliberately losing to Woodrow last time.

Sooner or later, he will defeat Woodrow.

“Hold on! Did you let you go?”

Greedy wolf said coldly.

“You must promise to fight the boss before you can leave!”

The three of them stared at Levi.

For Woodrow, Levi really didn’t have any interest.

Even his Lord and senior brother, he can explode, and Woodrow really doesn’t want to hit him.

It’s just a waste of time.

“Not interested in!”

Levi refused.

“This is not your decision! As long as your body recovers, you must accept the boss’s engagement!”

“Otherwise, don’t even think about leaving!”

The crowd stopped Levi and refused to let him go.

“What are you doing?”

“Are you looking for a fight? Come on!”

There were bursts of voices.

It turned out that Wesley and the others came.

“My boss is bullied by you? Woodrow refuses to accept the two of us to try?”

Owen was full of hostility and approached Woodrow.

Others stared at them angrily.

The war is about to start.

Woodrow could only gritted his teeth and watched, and said nothing.

“Boss, it’s great that you are alive! We also hold a funeral for you…”

After such a long time, seeing Levi, everyone was full of emotion.

“You didn’t cause trouble for me, did you?”

Levi smiled.

He was actually worried that the brothers could not control their emotions.

“Boss, we don’t have one!”

“It’s great to see you!”

Everyone greeted the past.

Soon after, the ceremony of enforcing the king will begin.

Everyone needs to go back to their respective viewing positions.

Levi let the Northern Heavenly King push away.

“Well, I don’t seem to see Levi anymore, isn’t he here to watch the ceremony?”

Woodrow looked puzzled.

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