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Chapter 1319

They were looking for Levi’s place to watch the ceremony, and so did Wesley and the others.

Why did Levi disappear suddenly?

The most important thing is that the seats for watching the ceremony are quickly filled up.

Levi never appeared!

This shows that there is no place for Levi to observe the ceremony.

Everyone looked at the list of ceremonies, and there was no Levi’s name on it.

This shows that there is no him at all!

How did he come?

No one stopped him?

Where did he go!

“Forget it, let’s wait for the ceremony to begin!”

Everyone’s attention is on the ceremony.

At this moment, the ceremony is ready, and it is about to proceed.

And it is live broadcast throughout.

In Jiangbei, Sarah and a few people sat in front of the screen and waited.

Junjun slapped his little hand and shouted: “Dad, Dad!”

Sarah said seriously: “Junjun, if Dad is not injured, he can really show up!”

“You must remember that Dad is a hero!”

Junjun nodded: “Well, Junjun understands, Dad is a hero!”

“After a while, let’s take a closer look. Is there a father on the viewing platform?”

Sarah smiled.

“Okay, okay!”

For Sarah and Ollie, it is also an honor for Levi to attend the ceremony.

Because everyone knows that those who can go to the ceremony are those who have contributed to Morendam.

Even if other people are rich and powerful, they cannot do it!

Going to the ceremony itself is a kind of supreme glory.

So they all look forward to seeing Levi on the viewing platform.

Many people watched the live broadcast.

Almost everyone in Morendam is watching.

Melina is also watching.

Since they were also Morendam fighters before, they have a little feeling.

A large group of people was also organized to watch.

Everyone was waiting in front of the screen.

Melina also gave a speech to everyone, plausibly: “With the existence of West War God and the King of One Word, I am stable in Morendam. Only when we are stable can we become prosperous and our family can develop! We have to thank these people!”

“Yes, this is, no matter how we develop, we must have great stability. We should really thank these heroes!”

Mann Jianguo sighed: “If you can go to the ceremony, then there will be no regrets in this life!”

“It’s a pity that everyone who can go to the ceremony of honoring the king must have made outstanding contributions to Morendam, and it can even be said to be a national weapon to be eligible!”

Melina is also very sorry.

With their abilities, it is simply impossible to go to the ceremony.

So I can’t even think about it.

But to have such an experience, it would definitely blow up.

Even those giants dare not despise it.

Concubine Mann Jun smiled contemptuously: “I heard that Levi also went to the ceremony, but Sarah sent it.”

“What? He can also go to the ceremony? What qualifications does he have?”

“He’s just a cripple! If he is really qualified, he should be let go to the elders! What’s the use of him?”

Everyone said coldly.

“Impossible? How can Levi go to the ceremony? I haven’t heard anyone invite him before!”

“Yes, if you are invited to the ceremony, you need an invitation letter! Levi didn’t receive it here!”

“Forget it, we will know it when we broadcast it immediately! There are not many guests watching the ceremony, basically everyone can see it! Levi’s presence or absence, you will know at a glance!”

There are many people waiting for the ceremony.

Whether it is Morendam or the world.

At this time, Levi was taken to the designated place by Colin, changed his clothes, and prepared to serve as the ceremony.

At ten o’clock, the much-anticipated ceremony of enforcing the king officially began…

Chapter 1320

The supreme king-sealing platform is guarded by hundreds of Bass guards.

This is the symbol of Morendam!

It is the supreme glory!

The king-sealing platform, which has never been opened in this century, has finally opened!

After all, there are few real kings in the history of Morendam!

Especially the word side by side king!

“Today, the Great Xia Fengwang platform opens! Canonization one word side by side king!”

“Please keep things!”

Soon, the three tokens were brought to the top of the king’s confinement platform.

The token is simple.

One ring.

One mask.

A long sword.

The ring is called Bass Ring, and a dragon head is vivid on the golden ring.

The mask is called Bass Mask, and the golden mask is in the shape of a dragon.

The long sword is called the Bass Sword, and there is a dragon shadow on the sword.

These three tokens have been kept in the treasury for hundreds of years…

Only the existence of the king can be worthy of it!

A token that has been in the dust for hundreds of years is finally born!

The three tokens are the symbol of the king side by side!

Seeing the token is like seeing the king side by side!

A token can mobilize thousands of troops!

Even the Bass Sword can be cut first and then played!

This is the king of the word side by side!!!

When the three tokens came out, the audience was silent to the point where the needle dropped!

Everyone stared at the three tokens fiercely!

Woodrow only feels dry mouth and shortness of breath.

Who doesn’t want to be the king?

He has a new goal instantly!

Must become a highly anticipated existence!

For the rest of your life, you must be crowned king!

The ceremony is being broadcast live, and the camera has been swept over the three tokens one by one.

The people of Morendam are going crazy.

He kept three tokens in his mind.

This is the symbol of Morendam!

It belongs to everyone’s glory!

Sarah pointed to the screen and taught by example: “When Junjun grows up, he will be a useful person to Morendam.”

Soon, the camera shifted, and every guest of the ceremony fell on the viewing platform.

The camera flicked across their faces.

Sarah and Junjun are looking for Levi.

It’s a pity that the camera passed everyone from start to finish, but Levi was the only one to see.

Sarah carefully confirmed that there is indeed no such thing.

She has an ugly face, and her mood is a little lost.

Could it be that Levi doesn’t even have the qualifications to observe the ceremony now?

People who have achieved such glory can’t even witness this kind of moment.

Really embarrassed.

I’m afraid that Levi is not far from the Conferring King Terrace at the moment, watch it silently…

Thinking of the lonely figure and lost expression, Sarah felt distressed.

“There is no dad…”

Junjun’s little face also lost his smile.

Mann’s house.

“Haha, we’ve seen it, and it’s been replayed once, but Levi is not here to watch the ceremony!”

“Haha, you are all deceived by Levi! What qualifications does he have to go to the ceremony?”

“Didn’t I tell you? Guanli is the most important weapon of the country, Levi is a handicapped woollen ceremony!”

Everyone laughed.

“Yeah, it’s probably the kid who fooled them! It’s a pity that he didn’t expect to have a live broadcast, and every guest of the ceremony was in the camera!”

Melina sneered.

“This kid is really unscrupulous in order to attract the attention of others. I can think of reasons such as watching the ceremony.”

Mann Jianguo was extremely disappointed with Levi.

“If he really appears on the viewing platform, it will not only be a shame for us, but also a shame for Morendam!”

“Forget it, don’t talk about him, the king will appear side by side immediately! Let’s look at it!!!”

Everyone focused their attention on the screen again.

Immediately, the one who stood side by side with the king appeared…

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