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Chapter 1321

The eyes of the whole world are focused on this moment.

Everyone wants to know who the word side by side king is…

Especially Woodrow and Morendam’s enemies want to know more.

Where is this sacred?

How much threat and danger it will cause them.

So for this, they must know what is the sacred word side by side king?

The next second is the moment for the king to take the stage side by side!

“Please Wangpao!!!”

Colin shouted, and the king’s robe was invited to Taichung.

The unicorn on the robe is as lifelike and vigorous as a mountain.

Seeing the robe is like seeing the word side by side the king!

“Please one word side by side king!!!”

In the next second, surrounded by Colin, a tall figure appeared on the Conferring King Terrace.

The figure is tall and straight like a mountain, and the momentum is straight into the sky.


He just stepped forward, and a majestic breath filled the audience.

It suppressed everyone’s breathing, almost unable to breathe.

The strong!

Super strong!

Woodrow, these Lords can feel it.

The existence on the king’s stage is simply invincible.

Even Woodrow had a trace of fear in his heart.

As soon as he saw the king of the word side by side, he had no idea of ​​any challenge.

This person gave him the same feeling as those of the strongest in the Northern Liang Gate Clan.

Just exuding a little momentum, it oppressed him without a trace of courage.

But when everyone wanted to see who he was, the Bass mask covered it.

His speed is too fast.

Almost the moment he appeared, he grabbed the Bass mask and put it on.

No one caught this shot.

Especially the naked eye.

Just about to see his face, I missed it in an instant.


More than that.

The people staring on the screen did not see clearly, Levi had already put on the mask.

“It’s too fast, right? We didn’t see it clearly! What is the origin of the word side by side?”

Melina asked while holding the reading glasses.

“I didn’t see it clearly! We can only look for the lens!”

Everyone pinned everything on close-up shots.

See if you can capture it.

It is impossible to rely on the naked eye and live broadcast!

Jiangbei is here.

After Junjun saw that tall figure appeared, Junjun immediately shouted: “Dad, it’s Daddy! Daddy has appeared!”

Seeing Jun Jun’s excitement, Sarah and Ollie looked at each other helplessly.

“Look! This is the consequence! Levi said casually, Junjun really believed it! Hey!”

Sarah sighed.

When children grow up, they will be deeply impressed by the words and deeds of adults.

Will take these as real to see.

“Jun Jun, that’s not a father, let’s keep watching!”

Sarah said.

“Oh fine.”

Jun Jun stopped talking, sitting on a small stool, looking at the screen.

At this time, Levi also put the Bass Ring on his finger.

Colin put on his royal robe!

He is holding the Bass Sword.


One pulled out the Bass Sword, and the golden sword glowed dazzlingly.

The golden light was so dazzling that people couldn’t open their eyes.

Levi’s sword points to the sky!

A wave of invincibility in the world, overwhelmingly overwhelmingly present!

This is his time!

This era is called the King of One Word Side by Side, also called Levi!

The one word side by side king canonization ceremony is about to end!

“From now on, Morendam will be canonized side by side with the king!”

“Who has objections?”

Colin asked towards the bottom.

Everyone was silent.

Woodrow is powerless.

He is not as good as…

He can only shut up and not speak.

“I have objections!”

Suddenly a voice resounded through the audience.

Chapter 1322

This is a live broadcast for the whole world!

Almost everyone can see it!

This sound rang.

The scene was silent.

There was dead silence.

Everyone was stunned.

The countless audiences in front of the screen were also silent.

No one thought that such a scene would happen.

For the first time in hundreds of years, there are people who are not satisfied with the ceremony for the first appointment of the king?

This is the king of the word side by side!

Although he put on a mask when he appeared, his momentum suppressed everyone in an instant.

Even Woodrow was convinced.

Woodrow probably guessed that the word side by side king came from a powerful man from a famous sect.

For example, four gate valves.

Only such a hidden power can cultivate such an invincible powerhouse.

So he can’t take it anymore!

Only he knows the most how terrifying the powerhouses from forces like the Four Gate Valves are…

Even he took it.

But some people refuse to admit defeat!

This is equivalent to violating Colin’s meaning.

Everyone in the field was looking for the source of the sound.

Even Levi was very curious.

Who is not convinced by himself?

The first thing he thought of was Woodrow.

But Woodrow didn’t say anything.

“Who is not convinced?”

Colin shouted.

“I’m not convinced!”

One person stood up.


It turned out to be a woman!

No one thought of this!

But this woman, few people present dared to provoke!

Because she is one of the three major army groups in Morendam, the leader of the Great Wall Army that is as famous as the God of War Iron Brigade and the Shura Army!

She is not well-known internationally, but she has a fierce reputation within Morendam.

Also the only female god of war!

But her edge was concealed by Levi and Woodrow.

Let her not have any room to play.

So now few people know.

But no one who knows her dares to ignore her…

Including Woodrow!

The Great Wall Army is famous for its iron and blood!

And as the leader, the goddess of war is even more domineering and iron-blooded, the famous female Shura!

Otherwise, how can we command such an iron-blooded team!

The battlefield has always been dominated by men, and it is a man’s romance to charge with a gun on horseback.

You can hardly see women.

But a woman can win the army and suppress the Quartet, which shows how terrifying this woman is!

Her name is Fan Shengnan!

The meaning of the name couldn’t be simpler.

The family hopes she is stronger than men!

The most important thing is that Fan Shengnan is about the same age as Levi, which is even more terrifying.

A woman so young can be a god on the battlefield.


When everyone saw Fan Shengnan appear, they all gasped.

It’s just the Iron Lady of the battlefield!

Dare to stand up at this time!

When Woodrow saw her, his face became a little weird, as if he had thought of something.

Fan Shengnan is tall and tall, with a total of 175.

A face is extremely cold.

The body exudes an iceberg-like breath, making people afraid to approach half a step.

Levi is actually not familiar with Fan Shengnan.

Most of it is heard.

Only met once!

So he was curious why Fan Shengnan refused to convince himself?

Colin asked sharply, “Why do you refuse to accept Fan Shengnan?”

Fan Shengnan said coldly: “The reason is as follows–“

“First, the king must be a man of great accomplishments, but I haven’t heard of him in front of him?”

“Secondly, the king has to come up with the true ability to make us surrender!”

“Third, I always think that there is only one person in Morendam who is closest to the king-that is Levi!”

Fan Shengnan had three reasons.

The whole audience was stunned.

Woodrow is going crazy.

Levi looked incredible.

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