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Chapter 1323

Fan Shengnan, who only had a relationship with himself, felt that he was the most hopeful to be crowned king.

She was also cited as the reason.

Why is this?

Levi didn’t understand.

Woodrow doesn’t understand it!

It’s okay to say that he is not worthy of being a king.

It can be said that he is not as good as Levi!

He defeated Levi and then suppressed the Temple of Heaven.

But even Fan Shengnan felt that Levi was the closest to being the king of the word side by side.

Isn’t that just thinking that Levi is better than him?

He is dissatisfied!

Thousands of dissatisfaction!

A battle with Levi is imperative!

You must prove that you are better than Levi!

“Fan Shengnan, are you wrong? With me, do you dare to say that Levi is the closest to the king?”

“He is my defeated man! I even defeated the Zhentian Temple, which is stronger than the Blood King Palace!”

“I can do what he can do, and I can do what he can’t do better!”

“Do you dare to say that he is the closest? Where do you put me?”

Woodrow, who cannot tolerate sand in his eyes, questioned Fan Shengnan on the spot.

“Hehe, don’t you know how to win? You have the advantage! Anyway, in my eyes, he is better than you!”

“No, in many people’s hearts, he is still better than you! You are at best a fierce general, he is the commander-in-chief! This is the difference!”

Fan Shengnan said coldly.

When I said it, my eyes flashed with confidence.

She has a mysterious admiration for Levi!

Even Levi didn’t feel it himself.


Woodrow was about to explode.

But there is no way to prove it.

“I’ll talk about you later! This is not the time to argue with you, mother-in-law!”

Fan Shengnan glared at Woodrow.

The eyes of the field focused on Fan Shengnan and Levi.

However, most of the three reasons for Fan Shengnan were supported.

Especially for the first two reasons, everyone is even more supportive!

The titled king must have merit and strength in hand.

Otherwise, why persuade the public?

This is a character who suddenly appeared, and he was named the king of the word side by side.

Everyone is curious, or dissatisfied.

In fact, Colin could directly announce the identity of the King of Side by Side.

But they have their own considerations.

As a result, let Levi continue to purge the enemy in secret.

Second, it can disrupt and deter the enemy.

After all, no one knows who the word side by side king is?

What is the background?

How strong is it?

What kind of achievements have you made?

How big is the threat?

Everything is unknown.

The unknown is the most feared!

If you don’t understand, everyone will not dare to do it lightly.

Everyone will investigate who it is, which will consume a lot of manpower and financial resources.

At the same time, it will become more fearful.

This is Colin’s secret to Levi.

Fan Shengnan is really a woman.

She stared at Levi, and said loudly: “Please give me a reason to be convinced! Give everyone a reason to convince!”

“Yes, we also want a reason!”

Someone came out and everyone supported it.

All have a reason!


Even Colin was at a loss in this situation.

They even considered someone sabotaging the ceremony.

But this situation is really not considered.

In their opinion, no one will question.

As a result, a goddess of war appeared…

They all looked at Levi and threw the problem to Levi.

Let him solve it.

Levi also looked helpless.

This Colin wants to prove himself to convince the public…

Chapter 1324


Big problem!

Colin actually threw it to himself!

Colin also had his own considerations.

At present, one word side by side king must not expose too many votes.

Especially status and strength!

It is best not to expose, and leave the unknown to the enemy!

But Fan Shengnan’s persecution made them helpless!

So Colin expects Levi to solve all this by himself!

This matter is of great importance, not only Fan Shengnan and the others want to know, but also overseas and threats to Morendam.

This is a good opportunity for them!

Even if you know a little bit of clues!

But according to Fan Shengnan’s persecution, Levi’s true identity must be forced out.

“Come on! Give me a convincing reason!”

Seeing everyone stunned, Fan Shengnan roared.

The major powers of the major countries around the world who are watching want to know more urgently.

They are more anxious than Fan Shengnan!

Levi slowly retracted the Bass Sword into its scabbard.


Suddenly he raised his head, his eyes gleaming like a thunderstorm.

That’s a look in the eyes of the world!

At this moment, anyone who came into contact with Levi’s eyes was almost frightened!

This look is terrible!

It’s something everyone has never seen before…

Everyone had a numb scalp and blood flowed back.



Even Woodrow was overwhelmed by this momentum!

This is far beyond oneself!

“Are the others dissatisfied?”

Levi asked coldly.


“We serve! We all serve!”

Just now I followed Fan Shengnan for reasons, and all was shocked at this moment.

No one objected again!

This is momentum!

Colin nodded again and again.

Levi’s handling method was really good, first he used his aura to suppress everyone.

Now there is only one Fan Shengnan left!

Just convince her!

It’s much easier to deal with this way!

The others were all frightened, which caught Fan Shengnan off guard.

It stands to reason that as long as someone comes out, everyone will jump out.

It’s just that something is not right, and I was frightened.

She is the only one left…

“You are the only one who refuses to accept Fan War God!”

Levi looked at her and said.

“You…I just don’t accept it! If you have the ability, you can use your merits and skills, or take off your mask!”

Fan Shengnan never backed down.

“Okay, then I will give you an explanation!”

Levi beckoned: “Come with me!”

Fan Shengnan followed.

Levi handed her a book, which recorded the forces and people that Levi and Zhentian Temple had eliminated within one month!

Colin suddenly reacted, what Levi showed her.

It is worthy of being the king of the word side by side, this is all prepared in advance.

At this moment, everyone present was short of breath, and couldn’t wait to know what was in the book.

Overseas forces and countries want more!

It’s just that this is a secret thing, and naturally it won’t appear in the lens.

“Huh! Huh!”

Fan Shengnan panted heavily and read the book of merit.


Uppercase service!

The merits in this book of merits alone are enough for him to be crowned king.

But who is under this mask?

Fan Shengnan is very curious!

But this is not important anymore!

The important thing is that she was convinced!

No matter who he is!

“I served it!!!”

“I apologize!”

Fan Shengnan could afford to let it go, and took the initiative to admit his mistakes.


After hearing this sentence, everyone present changed their faces.

“Fan War God, what did you see?”

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