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Chapter 1325

This is what everyone is curious about.

What will be the content that can be convinced by just a glance at a rebellious God of War!

Fan Shengnan glanced at everyone and said: “Confidentiality!”

From the moment she saw the merit book, she probably knew Colin’s plan.

“If you want to know, you can go and see if you are not convinced like me!”

Fan Shengnan said coldly.

Levi echoed: “Yes, anyone who doesn’t agree with me can come and see!”

Levi’s sharp and domineering eyes swept across everyone’s face.

No one in the audience dared to object.

Even if I have an idea, I dare not say it.


“Things are here! Come if you want to see!”

Levi suddenly lowered his voice and shouted to everyone.

Everyone looked up at the merit book on the stage from time to time, but no one dared to go up and look at it.

“Okay, here’s a chance for you, put things away!”

Levi said coldly.

In the end, no one took another look.

Colin looked at Levi with more admiration!

Fan Shengnan’s sudden attack was originally an accident.

But he was saved by Levi abruptly.

Not only that, but also more confused and deterred the enemy.

Because no one except Fan Shengnan knows what the merit book is…

In this way, the more mysterious Levi can be covered!

More confusing!

Fan Shengnan did so but promoted the effect!

“Then I announce the end of the ceremony of enforcing the king! From now on, the king will take office side by side! Guard the northern city! Protect Morendam and raise the country’s prestige!”

In this way, the ceremonial end of the king’s seal.

The word Morendam appeared side by side!

The whole country celebrated in Morendam, but the morale of the overseas countries was greatly reduced.

For a long time in the future, they will only go to find out who the king is.

The ceremony was over, and the king was gone.

This wants to make those who want to know him plan to no avail.

Fan Shengnan was stopped on the way by Woodrow.

“What are you going to do? You are a little higher than me in terms of position! I’m not afraid!”

“As far as strength is concerned, I am not afraid! Come if you want!”

Fan Shengnan stared at Woodrow.

Woodrow snorted coldly: “No, I won’t beat women! I’ll come to you for other things!”

“Do you want to know what I saw?”

Fan Shengnan asked.

Woodrow shook his head.

He was convinced of the word side by side king.

So what Fan Shengnan sees, he doesn’t care.

“No, come with me and find an acquaintance!”

“it is good!”

Fan Shengnan followed.

Unexpectedly, this acquaintance was Levi.

“Levi, even Fan Shengnan feels that I am inferior to you! That’s good, I will give you a war note! As long as you recover that day, I will challenge you! I defeated you for the second time!”

“Fan War God Witness!”

“Next I will do everything possible to restore you to the top!”

Woodrow couldn’t bear this tone.

He must tell Fan Shengnan and his like that he is the closest to the existence of a word side by side king!

Not Levi!

“Forget it, you are not my opponent, it’s boring to beat you!”

Levi looked indifferent.

“Levi, don’t be too presumptuous, don’t do whatever you want because of your disability! Do you really think you can be my opponent?”

Woodrow shouted angrily.

Seven killing a few people is even more angry.

However, Fan Shengnan looked at Levi with a complicated expression: “Last time I hurriedly said goodbye, I didn’t say a few words, now we meet in this way!”

“However, I believe you will get better, and I will do my best to help you recover!”

“I still think you are better than Woodrow!”

Chapter 1326

Fan Shengnan’s words were decisive, but Woodrow was blown up.

Do not!

Every effort must be made to restore Levi!

Let him return to the top!

He has to defeat again to break all doubts!

Woodrow decided to go to the gate of Beiliang by himself, to personally ask for ancient medicine and ancient medical techniques to treat Levi.

Fan Shengnan had the same idea, and he wanted to treat Levi as soon as possible so that he could defeat Woodrow.

Coincidentally, Fan Shengnan also came from the four gate valves.

South Xinjiang gate valve.

It is different from Beiliang Gate Valve only by inheritance, and its strength and composition are almost the same.

This also explains why Fan Shengnan is less than 30 years old, but can become the only female god of war in Morendam.

She comes from a famous family-the four gate valves.

No matter how resilient and talented other women are, they can hardly be successful on the battlefield without training.

Fan Shengnan was born into a famous family, but the more such an ancient hidden power, the more traditional and ancient concepts it possesses.

For example: patriarchal preference.

Fan Shengnan has no children under her father’s knees, and only a few girls, so it can be seen from the name that Fan Shengnan trains boys from a young age.

But no matter how hard Fan Shengnan tried, he couldn’t win the favor of the high-ranking officials in Nanjiang.

Always feel that she is inferior to a man!

Even suppress everywhere!

In this circle where everyone advocates patriarchy, it is difficult for Fan Shengnan to have a place to survive.

Fan Shengnan came to the dunya and made meritorious deeds in a rage.

Want to break out of a world.

Tell the entire southern border clan—the daughter can also go to the battlefield to kill the enemy, and also make contributions!

She adheres to a principle-to break this outdated concept of the Southern Jiangmen clan!

As expected of a famous family, Fan Shengnan broke into a world.

Become the only female god of war in Morendam.

Therefore, Fan Shengnan also has ancient medicine and ancient medical techniques in her body.

She also wanted to cure Levi.

“Garrison Warshen, this battle is imperative! Of course, if you get better, I will help you! It seems that Woodrow will help you too! It is estimated that you will get better soon!”

Fan Shengnan seems to have full confidence in Levi.

Woodrow immediately said: “Okay, that’s it! I will do my best to treat! We will fight a fair and just fight at that time!”

“Well, it’s booked.”

Fan Shengnan nodded.


Levi was really speechless.

Decided for him?

He hasn’t spoken yet.

“Relax, I fully support you! You will take the position of God of War at that time!”

Fan Shengnan smiled at Levi with a gentle spring breeze.

This scene made Woodrow and others dumbfounded.

He has known Fan Shengnan for a long time.

Where does this lady go, isn’t it all cold?

It’s a frosty gesture to anyone.

Only smiled at Levi.

Still support him so much…

Woodrow clenched his fists tightly, his nails embedded in the flesh, and he was about to bleed.

Levi was also curious.

Is this woman so supportive of herself?

I only had a relationship with her…

“Listen to my orders, Woodrow and Fan Shengnan take their men down to meet the King of One Character! He has important instructions!”

At this time, Colin conveyed the order.

After all, the king took office side by side, and he wanted to meet his subordinates.


The two left after being ordered.

But before leaving, Fan Shengnan said to Levi: “You wait here first, and I will come to you when I’m done!”


Levi was curious.

Isn’t the famous goddess indifferent and ruthless?

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