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Chapter 1327

Soon Levi appeared as the king of the word side by side.

In addition to his old ministry, there are Woodrow, Fan Shengnan and others.

Everyone is convinced of this king of the word side by side.

Everyone wants to know what the face under the Bass mask looks like.

“I have only one purpose for calling you together. I warn you: spend your time and energy on the right path, and don’t waste it on trivial things!”

“As Morendam’s God of War, the purpose is to protect Morendam and protect the mountains and rivers! Don’t do other unnecessary things!”

Fan Shengnan and Woodrow were both stunned when the words of the word side by side king came out.

When others hear this, they don’t feel much.

When the two heard this, they felt shocked.

Didn’t they just do something unimportant?

Waste time and energy on Levi…

This seems to be talking about them?

Do not!

Just warning them!

But this is what just happened.

How did the word side by side king know?

A fear came to my heart.

Is he being watched?

While they are more curious about the word side by side, they are more convinced at the same time!

Levi really didn’t want these two goods to waste things on himself, so he could only use this method to remind him.

However, the two would naturally not give up this matter.

“If there is a task, I will notify you in a specific way! Okay, let’s go!”

After Levi instructed everyone, he left quickly.

“Woodrow, haven’t you always been unruly and rebellious? Don’t anyone accept it? Why? Are you now?”

Fan Shengnan sneered.

The Woodrow she is familiar with is not like this…

He should be the first to jump out.

Woodrow looked helpless; “Facing him, I don’t even have the courage to challenge! Am I still not convinced?”

“Have you ever thought about his origin?”

“I guess he mostly came from the four gates, and even more terrifying! Otherwise I can’t imagine anyone in the dunya can reach this point!”

This is the first time that Woodrow has truly subdued!

The gap is too big!

Woodrow knew that he couldn’t be defeated again as soon as his momentum came out!

Can’t catch up at all…

He didn’t even have the slightest bit of courage.

Levi is the only motivation for him to stick now…

This is the only place where he can find his presence.

“Count you acquaintance!”

Fan Shengnan snorted coldly, preparing to leave.

“Wait, why do you support Levi so much?”

Woodrow asked.

He is a little upset!

In terms of friendship, he and Fan Shengnan are a little deeper.

Why does Fan Shengnan and Levi support him like this because of only one fate?

This makes him very depressed.

“You do not understand!”

Fan Shengnan left a word.

the other side.

Levi and Beitian Wang returned to Jiangbei.

Due to the ceremony of the king, private routes were not approved.

So the two drove back to Jiangbei.

In the car.

Levi smiled: “It’s better now, besides Zhentiandian, I have other permissions! It’s even more convenient to do things!”

Levi is already planning what to do next…

Especially the secrets of Morendam’s biggest hidden danger and the resurgence of the Blood King Palace were found out.

Gradually at night, the car drove into a remote place.

The Northern Heavenly King also began to be alert.


At this moment, suddenly two big rocks smashed down from the mountains on both sides, coming towards the car.

Levi smiled and said, “Oh? Someone ambush me here? Interesting!”

Chapter 1328

The Northern Heavenly King avoided two boulders with superb driving skills, but the road ahead was also blocked.

In the next moment, a group of people appeared around.

They came to Levi deliberately.

Although Levi was an ordinary person on the surface, he was the god of war in God of War after all.

Who dares to move him in Morendam?

But someone wanted to move him.

Who is the one?

A few breaths are restrained, but they contain surging power like a sea.


Several people are Lord-level powerhouses!

Not weaker than Fu Shenlin’s existence.

“Huh? Beiliang gate valve?”

Because Levi felt the same breath as Woodrow from them.

That’s for sure!

This group belongs to the North Liang family.

“You know me?”

Levi asked.

The leader said coldly: “Of course, the former God of War war god Levi!”

“What are you coming to do with me?”

Levi asked.

“Let’s investigate an incident. Five members of our Beiliang gate sect died innocently in the capital! No murderer has been found yet!

But the five of them are related to you when they came out of the mountain, so we specifically come to ask you! What are we asking, what are you answering! Understand? “

The disciples of Beiliang Clan Clan are all domineering, with a condescending posture.

“Did Fu Shenlin die?”

“Yes, that’s right! You know it!”

Everyone’s eyes of the North Liang Clan stalked with cold light.

Levi smiled: “Then you ask the right person, I killed him!”


If the language is not shocking and endless, the North Liang family members are going crazy.

They investigated for a long time without results.

I wanted to take Levi away and ask to see if he could find any clues.

But no one would have thought that King’s Landing would be the murderer when he digs for it!

“Outrageously, dare to kill me, a member of the Northern Liang family?”

Several people immediately showed anger and stared at Levi.

“Fu Shenlin colluded with an adulterer and killed my Morendam people! He also tried to use means to control the position of the God of War. The sin deserves it!”

Levi glared at everyone.


“I’m a member of the North Liang family, do I still need to abide by these rules?”

“Yes! We do whatever we want!”

Several people are arrogant and domineering.

It’s the style of being a celebrity.

“So you don’t know what to do? You don’t have Da Xia in your eyes?”

Levi asked coldly.

“Haha, Fa? We are King Fa! Don’t use your rules to restrain us! No one in this world can restrict us!”

The attitude of the North Liang family is resolute.

Levi was even more angry: “As long as you are on the land of Morendam, you have to abide by everything Morendam! This is the minimum!”

“Follow the F*rt! This is the era of the weak and the strong! Whoever is strong has the final say!”

“Even in the dunya, we want to control us? We just go down the mountain with a middle-class disciple and become the god of war! That’s it? We still want to control us!”

This is the deep-rooted thinking of these big influences.

They are all unfettered!

Levi sneered and said, “If you are safe and stable, no one will take care of you! But if you want to make things happen, I am the first Levi not to agree!”

“For example, like Fu Shenlin, I will punish him on the spot!”

Levi was cold all over.

“Only you! Want to control us too?”

Several people laughed.

Not to mention that Levi had a humble background, without good background and resources.

Just say that he is obviously useless now, but he is so arrogant?

“Looking for death! Kill him and bring it back to life!”

Several Lords of Beiliang’s gate clan stared at Levi.

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