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Chapter 1329

Now that the murderer is found, just kill it directly.

“Only you?”

Both Levi and the Northern Heavenly King laughed.


The disciples of Beiliang Clan Clan were taken aback for a moment and looked at the two of them incredulously.

Is this the opposite?

Shouldn’t they say it?

“Take it!!!”

The Lords of the North Liang family moved.

Turning into a bolt of lightning to kill Levi.

“Little North!”

Levi whispered.

At the same time, light a cigarette and smoke.

The Lords of the Northern Liang family fought against the Northern Heavenly King.

The two sides fought hard…

But no one at the gate of Beiliang could get close to this car for half a minute.

There were more than a dozen Lords in Beiliang’s gate this time looking for this together.

Seeing that the Northern Heavenly King was so terrifying, all the Lords in the dark appeared together.

“my God?”


“Damn me?”

The subconscious exclamations reflected the inner shock of the Lords of the Northern Liang family.

They would never have thought that the low-level world in their eyes actually had such a terrifying Lord…

It’s terrible.

The king of the Northern Heavens was in charge of killing and killing, and his force was surging like a mountain and the sea, and the dozen Lords of the Northern Liang clan could not breathe.

The fighting between the two sides has become fierce.

Levi’s cigarette was slowly about to finish.



After smoking the last puff, the last Lord of the North Liang Gate Valve fell to the ground.


This makes it unacceptable for the princes of the Northern Liang family…

There is such a horrible existence in the world?

Hanging them to fight?

No wonder Fu Shenlin could die for them.

So did Levi still have such Lords beside him?

For a while, they regarded the Northern Heavenly King as Levi’s bodyguard.

After all, Levi had been sitting in a wheelchair and did not show any abnormality.

“Hall Lord, I have sent someone to take them back!”

The Northern Heavenly King wiped his hands.

Levi shook his head, “No! Let them go!”


This time, all the members of the North Liang family were taken aback.

Let them go?

Is this brain flooded?

Not afraid to let the tiger go back to the mountain?

Once the Northern Liang Clan knew about this matter, he would definitely investigate it to the end.

How dare he let these people go back?

Levi looked at them with a sneer and said: “Go back and tell the person in charge of the North Liang gate-in Morendam, you have to abide by Morendam. If you break the rules, you have to bear the consequences. I said Levi!”

“Okay, we’ll pass on the words as they are! Levi, you just wait to die!”

“Don’t think that if you have such a Lord around you, you can punish anyone! The background of the Northern Liang Clan is much stronger than you think, and there are countless such Lords!”

“Just wait for the disaster to come! The North Liang Gate Valve will never let you go!”

A group of people yelled to leave.

“I didn’t expect that Levi, the disabled, would have such Lords around him to protect him!”

“Yeah, this person can reach a very high position even at the gate of the North Liang. How could he be aggrieved by Levi as a guard?”

“In the past, Levi had high prestige, and it is not surprising that there are Lords to follow!”

In the eyes of everyone, Levi was still a useless person, and the reason why he was arrogant was because of the presence of the Northern Heavenly King.

“We will go back right away and tell Lord and them everything! The Northern Liang Clan is about to be born! Then take Levi to sacrifice to the sky!”

A group of people left violently.

The Northern Heavenly King looked at Levi a little puzzled.

Why let them go back…

Levi smiled: “Morendam’s hidden danger lies in the forces in the dark, so let them surface.”

Chapter 1330

The Northern Heavenly King immediately understood: “Hall Lord, you want the Northern Liang Clan to be born first, so that with the joint response, other dark forces will surface one by one! It will be much easier to eradicate the hidden dangers of Morendam!”

Levi nodded: “That’s right, it’s the reason! Let them surface first, so we can investigate!”

Of course, Levi has another meaning: as a citizen of Morendam, he must accept Morendam’s rules.

He is now increasingly suspicious that the hidden dangers of Great Xia mentioned by Colin are these hidden forces.

They are powerful, secretive, and unfettered.

They are the easiest to do a series of things that threaten Morendam.

So when the Beiliang Gate Valve appeared, Levi forced it out first.

And it will definitely pull out the other hidden forces one by one.

It will be easy to check at that time.

After all, this is his task, to eliminate everyone and forces threatening Morendam.

Finally, Levi reached Jiangbei.

Sarah took Junjun to pick him up at the door.

“Dad, I saw you on TV!”

Jun Jun threw into Levi’s arms.

Sarah and Ollie looked helpless.

The child kept saying that he saw Levi.

They are also helpless.

Levi smiled and said, “Daddy sees you too!”


Jun Jun looked very excited.

“Dad also brought you a gift, Xiaobei, bring it here!”

Levi instructed.

The Northern Heavenly King took out three gift boxes from the car.

This is a souvenir for the ceremony of the king, and it is available to all the guests present.

Levi took three copies and gave them as gifts to Junjun and Sarah.

Souvenirs include some commemorative medals and picture albums.

The cost is very low.

But priceless!

The daughter can’t buy it back!

It is not an exaggeration to say that a set of gift boxes for the ceremony of the king is priced at 100 million, and there are definitely people queuing up to buy them for collection.

After all, this thing is too rare!

You can’t buy it at all.

Only for those who go to the ceremony…

Jun Jun looked at the gift box very excited.

Sarah and Ollie were also very happy.

This is their glory, something worth collecting for a lifetime.

Sarah smiled.

I felt relieved a lot.

It seems that Levi did not go to the capital for nothing.

Also brought back souvenirs.

Those people are still very human.

“I’m afraid it’s not fake, right?”

There was a cold shout.

I saw Concubine Mann Jun came to the court.

“My husband brought me souvenirs, dare you say they are fake?”

Sarah scolded angrily.

“Sarah, did you also watch the live broadcast? There are not many guests watching the ceremony. Everyone has a camera, but have you seen Levi?”

Mann Jun asked.


The plum dye is stuffy.

She did not see it.

“Junjun saw Dad! Junjun saw it!”

Jun Jun shouted.

Concubine Mann Jun coldly snorted disdainfully; “Look at Sarah for yourself, the children have been educated like this, open your eyes and talk nonsense! It’s all right!”

Sarah’s complexion is also very ugly.

Indeed, Jun Jun said when he saw people now.

Educating her by himself, Jun Jun also refuted that children should not lie.

Can only tell the truth.

Concubine Mann Jun stared at Jun Jun and continued: “As we all know, souvenirs are only given to every guest who goes to the ceremony! So the souvenirs are fixed, but your family Levi did not appear at the viewing platform. Where did his souvenirs come from?”

“It must be fake!!!”

Concubine Mann Jun sneered: “Levi, you only have this little trick!”

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