The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 1331 – 1332

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Chapter 1331

“This souvenir is absolutely fake!”

“How about Levi? It feels uncomfortable to be dismantled by me, right?”

Concubine Mann Jun looked at Levi coldly.

Very satisfied.

“Furthermore, how do you prove to me that this souvenir is real?”

Concubine Mann Jun changed her view.

Levi smiled: “If you say it’s fake, it’s fake, it doesn’t matter!”

Sarah immediately echoed: “Yes, we can keep the fake ones by ourselves! And don’t sell them!”

“you guys…”

Concubine Mann Jun is going to be angry.

After she left here, she told Melina and Mann Jianguo the matter.

The two of them were originally soldiers, and when they heard of the souvenir of the ceremony.

The eyes of both of them lit up fiercely.

This kind of thing is a collection value to others.

For them, in addition to value, there may be feelings in it.

It is impossible to value in their hearts.

As long as they are within the tolerance range, they will be willing to buy everything.

So when the two heard it, their hearts began to agitate.

“Really? They really have it?”

Melina’s teeth were already trembling.

“Yes, Levi brought three souvenirs, but all of them are fake!”

Concubine Mann Jun insisted.

“Yes, only the guests at the ceremony! Where did Levi come from…”

Melina subconsciously said.

Mann Jianguo said: “No, no, no, it’s really only for guests at the ceremony! But souvenirs are more than these! Usually there are more souvenirs, and they will be given to some people or staff!”

“What Levi brought may be real!”

As soon as Mann Jianguo reminded, Melina’s eyes lit up fiercely.

If it’s true.

That’s great!

Even if you look at it, you are qualified to brag in the circle.

“Jun Fei, please go and confirm that the souvenirs are real and fake! Mann sent you the confirmation method, you can just follow the above!”

Melina urged.

Concubine Mann Jun returned to Levi’s residence after getting the solution.

At this moment, Jun Jun is playing in the yard.

There are souvenirs next to it.

When Jun Jun saw Concubine Mann Jun coming, he squeezed his face vigilantly.

“Jun, let’s play together!”

Concubine Mann Jun smiled.

“Aunt is a bad person, Junjun doesn’t play with aunt!”

Jun Jun immediately avoided.

Hold the souvenirs in your arms.

Concubine Mann Jun thought of something, her eyes rolled, and she smiled and said, “Jun Jun, do you want to prove that the souvenir your father brought is true?”

Hearing this, Jun Jun nodded fiercely: “Yes!”

Concubine Mann Jun said that the souvenirs were fake, and Jun Jun was very unhappy.

“Well, Auntie has a way of identification. After I have done the identification, I can prove that the souvenirs your father brought are real.”

Mann Junfei said.

“Okay, then I’ll give it to you!”

Jun Jun gave up the souvenirs to Concubine Mann Jun.

Concubine Mann Jun began to identify according to the method.

“Huh? This one is real!”

“The texture is correct!”

“The sign is right!”

“The security code is also correct!”

After the identification, Mann Junfei discovered that the souvenir brought by Levi turned out to be real.

She confirmed it again.

The souvenir is real!!!

Is Levi so capable?

Mann Junfei then left.

All told Melina and Mann Jianguo.

“Really! It turned out to be true!”

Melina and Mann Jianguo were very excited.

“Hahaha, this Levi is a bit capable!”

“However, we have to get this souvenir back! It is only valuable in our hands!”

Chapter 1332

I heard that the souvenir was real.

Melina and Mann Jianguo immediately got their ideas.

After all, this kind of thing can be met but not sought.

Something you can’t buy for a billion!

If this kind of thing is not in their own hands, they can’t sleep.

“Grandpa and grandma, do you need me to bring you things directly?”

Mann Jun asked.

“No, you don’t have that ability. How is it possible to take it back from them?”

Melina said.

Concubine Mann Jun also thinks about it.

Although I bullied them every time, I never took advantage of them.

The souvenir, relying on her, will never get back.

“We will do this by ourselves! Seeing this thing makes my heart itch!”

Melina and Mann Jianguo can’t wait.

The two hurried to Jiangbei from the provincial capital.

They bought a lot of children’s clothes, toys and snacks.

Although Jun Jun likes these things very much, he will only look at them eagerly and will never take a step forward.

This is the result of Sarah and Levi’s education.

Of course, Jun Jun has a certain grudge against the Mann family.

They don’t usually get what they give.

“Sarah and Levi are back? We bought something for Junjun! Junjun, come in my arms!”

Melina also embraced Junjun enthusiastically.

Sarah and Levi were cold.

These two obviously came with a purpose.

Sure enough, Melina asked: “I heard that Levi brought back the souvenirs for the ceremony of the king, where is it?”

“Yes, is it true?”

Mann Jianguo also echoed the Tao.

Levi and Sarah looked at each other.

Sarah still brought the souvenir.

Melina hurriedly threw Jun Jun aside, picked up the souvenir and turned it over.

The same goes for Mann Jianguo.

The eyes are shining.

It’s the same as looking at beautiful women.

“It’s true! It’s true!”

Once the commemorative medal was started, the two of them couldn’t calm down.

Exclaimed again and again!

While showing their enthusiasm, they also glanced at Sarah from time to time.

The two are suggesting that she…

Seeing the crazy appearance of the two, Sarah felt a little embarrassed.

When he was about to give the two a set, Levi pulled it.

Sarah could only hold back and let the two of them suggest.

Finally, Melina couldn’t help it, and asked, “Levi, how many sets of souvenirs did you bring with you this time?”

“Three sets, one set for my mother, wife and daughter!”

Levi answered.

“Oh, Junjun also has it? What does such a small child know?”

“How about this? Give me Junjun’s set! How about me, I will customize some children’s souvenirs for Junjun. How about?”

Melina asked expectantly.


The three of Levi were stunned.

Is there such a shameless one?

Do you want to be straightforward?

Mann Jianguo even looked at Ollie and smiled: “My wife, this souvenir is not worth collecting! What do you like, I will change it with you? We have a lot of collections!”

Mann Jianguo also expressed his thoughts.

“Yes, and Sarah too! A young girl, what’s the use of collecting? The value of this souvenir should be reflected in our hands!”

“That’s right! Only retired soldiers like grandparents can know the value of this souvenir! This thing can shine in them!”

“You can only waste it in your hands, you are all used as toys by Jun Jun!”

“So you guys let the souvenirs out!”

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