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Chapter 1335

Even if Sarah is considerate, he can’t calm down when he sees this scene.

She stared at Fan Shengnan with a cold face.

He didn’t ask her directly, but asked Levi.

Waiting for an explanation from him.

“She is…”

As soon as Levi was about to speak, Fan Shengnan spoke: “Hello, I am Fan Shengnan, we are comrades in arms!”

“At the same time, I am a military doctor. I am here to help him recover. I will need to live here for some time to come!”

Fan Shengnan did not ask Sarah for advice at all, and directly caused people to continue carrying their luggage.

Come and treat Levi, Sarah is of course welcome.

But Fan Shengnan’s domineering manner made Sarah very upset.

Even Ollie felt that there was a problem.

Fan Shengnan was in the villa and chose a room by herself.

This room was Sarah’s study, but Fan Shengnan occupied it, and many things were moved out.

Ollie saw Sarah’s dissatisfaction and immediately said to Levi: “Can Levi let her leave?”

“We can let her stay in a five-star hotel!”

Levi was helpless, and he wanted Fan Shengnan to leave too.

However, he discovered from short-term contact that this feminine Gray is resolute and the decision will never be changed.

“Well, I will take care of you next, and promise to restore you in the shortest time possible, my hero!”

Fan Shengnan spoke to Levi regardless of others.

There is nothing wrong with what she said.

Levi had high prestige in the hearts of Morendam fighters.

Is a hero in the minds of many people.

But when Sarah heard these words, the taste changed.

Sarah kept his face cold and did not speak.

It was strange that a woman suddenly appeared at home.

Now that Fan Shengnan is like this, she feels that she has no sense of existence.

She is a woman and very sensitive.

You can see different things in Fan Shengnan’s eyes.

The look she looked at Levi was like a young girl in spring…

This makes her have to doubt!

Sarah was about to get angry, but when she saw Fan Shengnan treating Levi, she abruptly held back.

She is a person who understands the big picture, and can’t lose big because of small.

“Come on, these medicine dregs are for you, which is good for your health!”

Fan Shengnan couldn’t help but put the medicine dregs directly into Sarah and Ollie’s mouth.

The next two were shocked by the terrible effect of the medicine.

Ollie seems to be several years younger, and Sarah only feels energetic and full of blood…

Isn’t it amazing?

What is Fan Shengnan’s identity?

After a while, the big figures from Jiangbei gathered here.

“Meet Fan War God!”

Everyone shouted.

When I heard that Fan Shengnan was coming, everyone came to see him.

Only then did Sarah understand the identity of Fan Shengnan—the leader of the Great Wall Army, Fan Ares!

Not to mention the influence, the level alone is the same as the original Levi.

No wonder Fan Shengnan has such terrifying medical skills.

It turns out that she is the God of War!

And so young and beautiful.

A man would choose her, right?

Especially Levi is like this now.

Fan Shengnan descended like an angel, healed him, protected him, restored him, and returned him to the past.

On the other hand, he couldn’t do anything except to cause trouble to Levi and upset him.

It also caused him to be humiliated again and again.

If it were for Fan Shengnan, this situation would never happen.

She is the goddess of war, she protects Levi, who dares to bully?

For a time, Sarah felt more crisis!

She can’t compare this woman!

Chapter 1336

Plus Fan Shengnan is very strong!

Let Sarah feel the pressure doubled!

If she were a man, she would choose Fan Shengnan!

“Mom, Jun Jun doesn’t like this aunt!”

Jun Jun leaned into Sarah’s arms and whispered.

“It’s okay, Auntie will leave soon!”

Sarah touched Junjun’s little head.

When Fan Shengnan heard this, he smiled and said, “I won’t leave for the time being. I’m probably going to live for a few months!”

Sarah: “…”

She is so direct!

Next, Fan Shengnan moved in. As an iron lady on the battlefield, she has always been clean and tidy.

So she strictly controlled Levi’s daily life, and even reorganized the security of the entire villa area.

All arranged as her own.

To put it bluntly, everything must be subject to her arrangements.

Not only that, Fan Shengnan claimed that for the sake of Levi’s recovery, he was restricting Junjun’s noise and Levi’s closeness.

Living in this environment, Sarah felt extremely uncomfortable.

She almost didn’t even have the ability to whisper to Levi.

She even felt that Fan Shengnan seemed to be repelling her intentionally or unintentionally.

Sarah looked at the opportunity and took Levi to a remote place.

“I think we need to have a good talk! Now that she is like this, it has seriously affected our normal life, and even Junjun is complaining to me!”

“We are happy for her to treat you, but when is this the head? She now limits the number of times you can meet with Junjun!”

Sarah was very depressed and depressed during this period.

The main reason was that Levi’s painless attitude made her very angry.

But if Levi was tougher, she wouldn’t be like that.

Levi naturally had his considerations.

At this point, he must not be exposed.

Because Fan Shengnan came here with such a high profile, I don’t know how many people are staring at it.

If there are clues, the plan may fall short.

Another one, in case Fan Shengnan has a problem…

This is the severity of the top secret order

This is all within Levi’s consideration.

Therefore, he pretended not to see Fan Shengnan’s recent domineering behavior.

“I can’t do anything with her, please bear with me!”

Levi said.

Currently Levi really let Fan Shengnan toss.

Levi had his own considerations, but this attitude changed in Sarah’s eyes.


Is this the Levi she is familiar with?

If it is based on his past character, he will definitely find a way to deal with it.

But now facing Fan Shengnan, Levi actually closed one eye.

She cared about Levi’s attitude, but Levi disappointed her.

Ollie saw everything from the side and also persuaded Levi.

But Levi gave the same answer.

He can’t help it.

Let Fan Shengnan come.

“Mom, Sarah, I am also forced to be helpless! Mainly I am not sure what Fan Shengnan means…”

In fact, Levi had a way to transfer her away directly as the king of the word side by side.

But what if Fan Shengnan has a problem?

In that case, isn’t it all exposed?

So during this time, he first had to make sure that Fan Shengnan was fine.

The Western Heavenly King is already investigating Fan Shengnan.

I believe there will be news soon.


The feeling of the family is getting weaker and weaker.

Even Junjun didn’t go to Levi very much.

Not to mention Sarah, she lives a three-point-one life.

He hurriedly said hello to Levi every day, and even left after a glance.

Finally one day, Sarah broke out.

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