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Chapter 1337

“I have been treated for a month, and I haven’t seen any improvement! Well, you don’t let her go, I will go by myself!”

Sarah packed his luggage and left with Junjun.

Levi expected the outbreak of Sarah.

After all, no one can bear such a month.

Fan Shengnan was indifferent to Sarah’s departure.

She wondered: “Why? I used the ancient medicines of the gate clan of Beiliang and the gate clan of Nanjiang, and I also used ancient medical techniques. It is reasonable to say that recovery in one month is possible! Why is this not getting better in one month?”

This was naturally controlled by Levi himself.

Let her heal for a month, but it didn’t work.

For Fan Shengnan to leave.

With her by her side, Levi couldn’t start many things.

It will also affect his relationship with Sarah.

Now things have happened.

“Fan War God, don’t spend time on me, you can see, my body is like this!”

Levi Lin Tan Tan Tan Shou.

Fan Shengnan looked puzzled: “It’s impossible! It stands to reason that you should all stand up!”

“Maybe I was hurt too badly!”

Levi now only wants Fan Shengnan to leave.

Fan Shengnan shook his head: “No, I have to study and understand what’s going on! It really doesn’t work, I ask an expert to come and see what’s going on?”

Fan Shengnan is a stubborn person.

Levi almost vomited blood.

She’s not leaving yet?

He understands Fan Shengnan’s character, and he will not die until Huanghe.

In addition, Woodrow still pays attention to Levi’s situation from time to time.

She can’t go anymore!

Just when Levi was trying to get Fan Shengnan away, Dale and Edith came.

“Well, you Levi! The guy who eats inside and outside! How much does my family pay for you? Give you children and take care of them, you are like this, don’t dislike you for taking care of you and raising you!”

“What about you? Just treat Sarah like that? Let a woman live at home? Did you drive Sarah away?”

Dale also said angrily: “I didn’t believe it at first. Your personality doesn’t seem to let other women live in the house directly!”

“Now I saw it with my own eyes! You are really shameless! Are you going to abandon your wife and daughter? Even your mother can’t bear to run away!”

Levi was in a hundred mouths and couldn’t argue.

It did happen.

“Parents, I will give you an explanation for this matter!”

Levi approached.

Fan Shengnan was angry: “What’s the explanation? It’s Sarah who is making trouble by himself!”


“Obviously you are an outsider who lives in our house, and you said that Sarah made trouble out of nowhere?”

Fan Shengnan’s words completely angered Dale and his wife.

“Isn’t it? And I always feel that Sarah is not worthy of him at all! Just an ordinary girl, why should he treat it with such care!”

“On the other hand, you don’t know how to cherish and embarrass him in all kinds of ways! Are you worthy?”

Fan Shengnan is talking about his truest feelings.

She always felt that ordinary women were not worthy of Levi at all.

Especially during this period of contact, she feels that Sarah is unworthy.

“If Sarah had not given birth to a child, I would suggest that they divorce!”

Fan Shengnan is an outspoken person.

What to say.

But when these few words came out, Dale and Edith completely exploded.

“Okay, you Levi, you already have an idea, right? Then leave, you and her go over!”

“Besides, don’t think about seeing Sarah and your child!”

“It turns out that you don’t even want your wife and daughter in front of the goddess of war! Shameful!”

Chapter 1338

Dale and Edith left angrily.

Also smashed things on the ground.

Levi didn’t expect things to develop to this point.

Today, I am afraid that in everyone’s eyes, he is a person who admires vanity and abandons his wife and daughter for the sake of power and money, right?

The things that disappeared can still be explained.

But now, the facts are in sight.

Fan Shengnan hasn’t left for a month. It seems to others that this is a problem.

The key is that Levi can’t do anything.

In this way, his perfunctory attitude makes others think that something is going on!

This is also the main reason Sarah is angry with them.

You don’t need Levi, just stand on their side.

But Levi was almost neutral.

This makes them unhappy!

“Garrison Warshen, I really don’t think this woman is worthy of you!”

Fan Shengnan said straightforwardly.

Although she hates the patriarchy.

But she came from a clan in southern Xinjiang, and she had a sense of clan superiority in her bones.

In her opinion, it must be right.

Sarah and Levi are far away…

Levi sneered: “You don’t understand!”

“In love, there is no one who is not worthy of anyone! I will not dislike the identity of Sarah, and she will not dislike me in a wheelchair!”

Fan Shengnan shook his head stubbornly: “No, no, you are not in the same world. Let’s just say that? She can only take care of you, but can she recover you?”

“Okay, I won’t quarrel with you! Fan Shengnan, you should leave! My body is just like this, I will trouble you during this time!”

Levi said directly.

But Fan Shengnan refused: “No, I have to let you recover! I have ordered some experts to come!”

“Your body must recover! You must defeat Woodrow!”

Levi looked helpless.

Defeating Woodrow?

Isn’t it enough if you have a hand?

At this moment, Dale, who had gathered with Sarah, became more and more angry.

“That woman continues to live in my house?”

Sarah asked.

“Hey, yes, they are goddess of war! What can we do?”

Dale sighed.

“What’s Levi’s attitude?”

Sarah asked hurriedly.

“The one that irritated the most was Levi! He said that he would explain to us later! He didn’t say anything else!”

Dale stomped his feet with anger.

Edith even cried and cried: “I think this ba5tard is just determined to have a life with others!”

“Compared with the other goddess of war, my girl is really unworthy! Sarah forget it! Don’t live with him! From now on, you and your children will live with us!”

“Yes, Garrison Junxiu wants to see him!”

For a moment, Sarah’s face turned pale.

His body was trembling with anger.

Anyway, if Levi didn’t have an attitude and explanation about this matter, she would definitely not go back.

Fan Shengnan does not have her.

She does not have Fan Shengnan!

“Forget it, forget it, your grandpa called to tell us to go to Logan’s ancestral house tomorrow, saying it was an important matter to announce!”

Dale changed the subject.

He received a call from Doug earlier.


In the month when Levi had family disputes, Morendam and even overseas were not at peace.

Especially Da Xia, I don’t know why all the hidden powers have appeared one by one.

The first thing that appeared was the gate valve of Beiliang.

They had already arrived in Jiangbei, ready to do something against Levi.

It’s just that Levi has Fan Shengnan by his side, so he hasn’t done anything.

The other interesting thing is that there are hidden forces that have come to Jiangbei.

I don’t know what the intention is…

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