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Chapter 1333

Concubine Mann Jun tried their best to persuade.

The purpose is simple. The lion opens his mouth and asks for three souvenirs.

Melina and Mann Jianguo said: “Yes, that’s right! We are the one who can best reflect the value of souvenirs!”

“Let us, we exchange it with money or other things!”

Melina persecuted them.

“Levi, too, you know that grandparents will love this thing, can’t you take it back? It doesn’t mean filial piety at all!”

Concubine Mann Jun stared at Levi coldly.

“No way!”

Levi said straightforwardly.

“This is a gift I gave them. You won’t be able to change anything. Just die!”

Levi’s attitude was something that everyone did not expect.

A disabled person in a wheelchair, dare to have such confidence?

“Levi, what are you talking about? Still not sure about your situation? What qualifications do you have?”

Everyone scolded.

Levi smiled: “It doesn’t matter, you don’t want to take this thing anyway!”

Sarah also nodded: “Grandma, although I really want to give you souvenirs, but this is a gift from Levi, and it is not appropriate to send it out again!”

“Then Levi, have you ever thought of us? Give your mother a gift instead of your father-in-law’s mother-in-law? Do you still have us in your eyes?”

Accompanied by the voice, Edith and Dale came.

The two were staring at Levi angrily.

After Ollie heard it, her face was a bit ugly.

Levi didn’t prepare gifts for Melina and others, but he didn’t prepare for his father-in-law.

Edith directly said to Sarah: “Sarah sees it, right? Except for his mother, he doesn’t have us in his eyes!”

Ollie immediately said: “My family, I will give you my share! This thing is useless to me!”

“Who wants you…”

As soon as Edith was about to refuse angrily, Melina’s voice sounded: “Okay! Just give up your share!”

“Yes, Sarah will give your share to your father! This is reasonable!”

Mann Jianguo also echoed the Tao.

“Okay, I’ll let it out! Give you the Junjun share!”

Sarah angrily threw all three souvenirs to Melina and the others.

She is really angry!

Who can’t see this trick?

Obviously, I want to return the souvenirs!

“Alan, Dale, it’s useless if you want this thing! Why don’t you give it to us?”

“Yes, let me arrange a real estate for you! This thing is useless for you to hold!”

Melina and Mann Jianguo said so.

The two said nothing, and gave up the three souvenirs.

Melina’s goal was achieved, and they laughed from ear to ear.

They stopped talking about things like buying things with money or exchanging things.

“Levi will remember from now on, the affairs of Logan and Mann’s family can never be determined by your disability!”

“Whenever there is the next time, family law will take care of it!”

Everyone sneered.

They used to bully like this when Levi was healthy.

Not to mention that Levi’s body is now like this.

“The unfamiliar white-eyed wolf!!!”

Dale and Edith took a bite and left.

Now, everyone thinks that Sarah is raising Levi’s family.

It’s a pity that there are children and there is no way to drive them out.

Junjun watched the people leave eagerly, his small face was aggrieved, and he almost cried out.

“That’s Junjun’s souvenir!”

“Junjun wants to come back!”

Jun Jun shouted.

Chapter 1334

Jun Jun was already crying.

Little baby is so wronged!

My own things were taken away by two old guys!

In fact, Levi could stop them on the spot.

But according to the order, he cannot be exposed.

It must not be exposed to ordinary people when it is less than a last resort.

For example, forces or figures like the Xiangjing Garrison Clan can be exposed because they have the ability to keep this secret.

But ordinary people like Melina may not.

Once it is known that it is likely to leak out, and it is extremely easy to bring death to oneself.

The less common people know, the better.

The more you know, the closer you are to death.

Besides, this is top secret!

Others can’t know!

So just now Levi could only open one eye and close one eye, and let them go.

“Junjun don’t cry! Dad will give it to you again, there are some of these things!”

Others may not be able to buy it for a billion, but doesn’t Levi have everything he needs?

Junjun didn’t cry now. He opened his eyes wide and looked at Levi: “Dad, are you telling the truth?”

“Of course, Dad won’t lie to Junjun!”

Levi approached.

Sarah wanted to tell her not to lie to the child, but she resisted it.

At night, when three souvenirs appeared in front of him, Sarah was even more speechless.

He actually brought three more souvenirs…

But thinking about his identity before, Sarah didn’t think much about it.

Next, everything went as usual, and Levi was waiting for news from the hidden powers of the Northern Liang Clan.

However, Woodrow and Fan Shengnan were the first to find him.

Both of them obtained many ancient medicines and even ancient medical techniques through their own means.

The two urgently needed Levi to recover.

This made Levi flattered.

But it also made him helpless.

He had all asked as the king of one word side by side.

“If you leave things behind, you can leave!”

Levi approached.

Unexpectedly, Fan Shengnan shook his head: “No! I have to look after you for a while! And ancient medicine must be performed by me!”

Even Woodrow exhorted: “Well, that’s right, let God of War Fan look at you, you have to recover as soon as possible.”

Levi couldn’t refuse, and the two of them would doubt it any more.

Next, Woodrow left, and Fan Shengnan took ancient medicine to Levi.

This time, the ancient medicine they brought was even more domineering.

At the entrance, surging medicinal power hits the limbs and hundreds of skeletons.

The whole person is strong and full of energy.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that when used on the elderly, it will be much younger for the time being.

Next, Fan Shengnan used ancient medical techniques to explore Levi’s body.

At this time, it was necessary for Levi to act to create the illusion of physical damage and deceive Fan Shengnan.

“Your body is indeed seriously damaged. I must at least give you a course of treatment before I dare to leave!”

Fan Shengnan said.

Levi was startled: “How long is a course of treatment?”

“One month less, three months or six months more!”

Fan Shengnan replied.

Levi almost vomited blood.

“Fan War God, don’t you care about the Great Wall Army?”

Levi asked the difference.

“Not for the time being, it’s time for them to experience themselves!”

Fan Shengnan also asked someone to bring in a few boxes of luggage.

When Levi saw it, he was stunned: “Are you going to live in?”

“Yes, in order to look after you, I have to live in! Otherwise, where am I going?”

Fan Shengnan asked back.

At this moment, Sarah and Ollie came back holding Junjun to buy vegetables.

Seeing a strange woman moving things, she asked: “Who is this?”

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