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Chapter 1339

The next day.

Sarah hugged Junjun and followed his parents to the house of Logan’s ancestors.

Several people think that today’s atmosphere is a bit wrong.

But it can’t be said specifically.

“Dale, Sarah, today, you will see a person who is thinking about it all day and night! Surprise, it’s such a surprise!”

Doug said excitedly when he saw the two of them.


This made Dale and Sarah stunned.

Who makes them think about it?

As far as the Logan family is concerned, there is only one person-Sarah’s grandma.

“Is it a mother?”

Dale asked excitedly.

Unlike Doug, grandma loves Logan Ziyan very much.

Among these children and grandchildren, the one she loves most is Sarah.

Of her sons, Dale is the one she loves most.

Because Dale is honest, not as clever as the others.

But when Sarah was ten years old, the old lady disappeared.

The Logan family searched for a long time but couldn’t find it.

It was agreed that she was missing.

It never appeared again until more than ten years passed.

Even Levi didn’t even know that such a person existed.

He still wondered why Doug had no wife…

“Grandma is back?”

Sarah’s deepest memory of Logan’s childhood is his grandmother.

Because it was so good to her.

If grandma were there, the Logan family’s oppression of their room would never happen.

“Father, where are you? Take us quickly!”

Dale was already impatient.

Doug hurriedly brought a few people into the hall.

There are many people in the hall.

There was an old lady in the upper seat, dressed in jewels and silk.

There is a strong aura on his body.

Although his face was not old, Sarah recognized at a glance that it was his grandmother.

“Grandma (mother)!”

Dale and Sarah immediately pounced on them.

“My Sarah, my Dale, and my daughter-in-law…”

The old lady embraced several people in her arms.

Several people hugged and wept.

After crying, the old lady hugged Junjun in her arms and looked up and down: “Is this your child? He looks really like you, a beauty!”

“Grandma, where have you been during this time? It has been nearly twenty years since you disappeared! I thought you…”

Plum dye choked.

“Yes, mom, I miss you so much!”

Dale is just like a kid.

The old lady smiled and said, “Let your grandfather talk about it!”

Doug looked excited: “Sarah, your grandma really scared me, her background is too big!”


Sarah were all taken aback.

“Some time ago, after I got to know the first family, the Garrison Family in Beijing, I thought it was the strongest family I could know in my life. I don’t know that there are hidden influences such as sects!”

“Your grandmother is from the four gate sect of Xishu! She has not disappeared in these years, but returned to the Xishu sect!”

“The most important thing is that your grandma has the highest status in the gate of Xishu!”

Doug smiled.

It turns out that Sarah’s grandmother is the clique that has recently been active in Jiangbei.

After listening to Doug’s detailed introduction, Sarah and the others were shocked.

It turns out that grandma has a background!

Even the first family in the capital is nothing.

The old lady touched Sarah’s head and smiled: “Sarah, don’t worry, no one can bully you with grandma in the future! You are the princess of the clan of Xishu, especially Junjun!”

Dale and Edith cried with joy.

With the appearance of the old ladies, their identities have risen.

Chapter 1340

The Logan family was full of joy.

Because of the existence of the old lady.

Logan’s family became a phoenix from a second- and third-rate family in the north of the Yangtze River.

The status is even higher than that of the Garrison Clan in Beijing!

This is a grand event in the Logan family!

Sarah looked at the old lady and asked, “Grandma, I have doubts!”

The old lady glanced at her and said, “You’re afraid you want to ask why I haven’t appeared in the past ten years?”


Sarah nodded.

“The four main gates signed a secret agreement, and those inside the door are not allowed to enter the world! I ran out privately that year and disappeared that year. In fact, I was arrested and returned!”

“Because the Xishu clan was afraid that I would destroy the agreement and took me back after I was found. However, my status is high, so I can’t do anything to me.”

The old lady explained.

What did Sarah think of, and said in surprise: “Now that grandma can come back like this, does that mean the agreement is ruined?”

“Yes! The agreement of the four gate valves is torn up! It means that the four gate valves are now free! So it’s okay if we show up!”

The old lady said.

Although Sarah didn’t know why the agreement was torn, she vaguely felt that something big was going to happen.

Where did she want to get it, the tearing up of this secret agreement was all because of one person-Levi.

The four gate valves have thousands of years of heritage and inherit the ancient things of Morendam.

For ordinary people, their martial arts, medical skills, and other aspects have an amazing effect.

If these people live with ordinary people, most of them will be messy.

Under the influence of power and money, it is inevitable that some people will do some dangerous things.

In addition, they are too strong to be controlled by the time.

It is likely to make Morendam mess up.

After all, once these people become presumptuous, the consequences will be disastrous.

For stability.

So long, long ago, Colin signed a secret agreement with the Four Gate Valves.

Levi couldn’t find the secrets.

The content of the agreement is simple-the four gate valves must not interfere with the lives of ordinary people, that is, they cannot join the WTO, let alone do threatening things to Morendam.

Similarly, Colin would not restrain the four gate valves.

This agreement has been complied with for hundreds of years.

In fact, it is not that the four gate valves did not enter the WTO, it was just because there was an agreement to hold it down.

Otherwise they would have run out long ago.

Of course, there are still quite a few people from the four main gates sneaking out.

It’s like Fu Shenlin, who ran out in violation of the agreement.

But the overall situation will not affect anything.

But this time to tear up the agreement, it was all because of Levi.

After learning that Levi had eliminated several people from Fu Shenlin, the gatekeeper of Beiliang attributed all the sins to Levi.

It was he who didn’t abide by the agreement and killed people wantonly.

This incident was added fuel and vinegar by the North Liang Gate Valve and spread to the other three gate valves.

The four gate valves collectively agreed to tear up the agreement.

Of course, the unanimous charges point to Levi-he broke the rules first.

So now the four gate valves are free…

The old ladies are all swaggering to find relatives.

In fact, this problem is very big.

Levi broke the rules that both sides had kept for hundreds of years.

This is to be blamed, this guilt cannot be taken.

Obviously, Fu Shenlin had the fault first, colluding with Watanabe Tenner to harm his compatriots.

As a result, he fought back and became Levi’s first choice, breaking the rules.

But the result has appeared…

When Levi got the news, he was also very surprised: “There is such an agreement? I have never heard of it before!”

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