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Chapter 1341

“Mainly this agreement is too confidential! With the authority of the Lord, you do not have the right to view it!”

“Only you can view it now with the authority of one-word side by side!”

The Western Heavenly King is by the side.

“I wanted to uncover these hidden forces one by one to find out the hidden dangers to Da Xia, but I didn’t expect to tore up such an important agreement!”

Levi shook his head.

This is something he never expected.

Now he is in trouble.

It may lead to unpredictable consequences!

The Western Heavenly King shook his head: “Hall Lord, it has nothing to do with you! I am afraid that the four gate valves have long wanted to tear up this agreement! You are just letting you be a gunman!”

“Yes, they must have torn up this agreement in my name! Everything is on my head!”

“But because of the consequences of this matter, I will bear it!”

At this time, Levi gave a wink, and the Western Heavenly King quickly disappeared.

Because Fan Shengnan is here.

With Fan Shengnan present, Levi’s communication with Zhentian Temple was greatly reduced.

After all, Fan Shengnan is not an ordinary person, it is easy to find clues.

“Sarah and they have been here again?”

Fan Shengnan asked.

She has noticed that someone has come.

“Who are behind you?”

Levi couldn’t help asking when seeing a few people standing behind her.

Only then did Fan Shengnan explain: “Garrison Zhan Shane has heard of the four main gates, right? These are the genius doctors of the southern Xinjiang gates. I will show them your physical condition!”

“Yes, yes!”

Levi didn’t say anything.

Now the four main gates really tore up the agreement and let the four main gates enter the world at will.

Asking a few genius doctors to check his physical condition, Levi naturally tried his best to cover it up.

However, he handed over the poison that had been hit by the Blood King Palace to several people for study.

“No, no, this kind of poison should come from Morendam!”

The several gods and medical experts in southern Xinjiang were so knowledgeable that they even recognized this poison.


Levi’s body was shocked.

It turns out that the poison in the Palace of the Blood King comes from Morendam?

Didn’t it mean that this poison was studied by the Blood King Palace itself for decades?

“Are you sure?”


“Although this poison was later processed and mixed, the most basic kind of poison came from Morendam. I have seen it in an ancient book!”

Several people are very sure.

Levi was shocked.

This kind of poison came from Morendam, which he did not expect.

It turns out that some compatriots are dissatisfied with Morendam.

Collaborate with outsiders, deliberately, and do a series of things.

I’m afraid it’s because I have been a god of war for many years, blocking the way of many people.

And Levi was sure that this person was powerful.

It should come from a hidden world force, perhaps within the four main gates.

At the beginning, Watanabe Tian didn’t want to say it when he was about to die, that means there is a trick.

But whoever it is?

How powerful is it?

Levi will definitely take care of anything that threatens Morendam.

He must get these people out!

However, according to the current situation, it is right for the four gate valves to enter the WTO.

In this way, Levi had a much higher chance of catching that person.

It’s really going to be lively now.

In the ancestral home of the Logan family, the atmosphere is lively and happier than the New Year.

But in the next second, the old lady’s face became gloomy.

“What? Your husband abandoned his wife and daughter and let other women live together?”

The old lady was angry.

“What about the god of war? I am not afraid of the god of war?”

“I want to see what kind of people dare to abandon my granddaughter? Outrageous!!!”

Chapter 1342

The old lady has this capital.

After all, look at Fan Shengnan and Woodrow who came out of the four main gates to become gods of war.

But the status in the doorstep is average.

They are not afraid at all!

Especially the old lady is almost at the top level in the gate of Xishu.

A Fan Shengnan, she would not take it seriously.

“Yes, really bullying! The woman said that Sarah’s status is humble and she is not worthy of Levi at all!”

“I think Levi is nothing more than a trash sitting in a wheelchair. Is Sarah not good enough?”

“It’s all right now, mom, you are back, Sarah has a backer, let me see who is not worthy of whom?”

Sarah was afraid that things might cause a big problem, and said quickly: “Grandma, we just had a little conflict, it’s okay!”

The old lady looked majestic.

“If this kid is still the God of War of God of War, I would give him three points of face because of the clan in Xishu! But now he is like this, why should I give him face?”

At this time, Junjun made a milky voice: “Dad is the king of the word, even more powerful than the God of War!”

“Look, what is Jun Jun being taught by Levi? Full of lies!”

Dale scolded.

“What do you do in the Spring and Autumn Dreams, they are all like this, and they are kings side by side? You are not even a god of war!”

Mike sneered.

The old lady looked solemnly: “We know about Da Xia’s canonization of the king, and the four gate lords have also speculated and investigated the identity of the king.”

“The results of it?”

Everyone looked at the old lady suspiciously.

The whole world wants to know the identity of Da Xia as the King of Side by Side.

“The clues are very vague! But one thing is certain-one word side by side king was born in a famous family, and his background is overwhelming, and he may have a stronger background than the four gates!

Only a family power of thousands of years can cultivate such a genius that has not been met for thousands of years! “

The old lady was very sure.


Everyone sucked in cold air.

As a result, the King of Words Side by Side became more and more irrelevant to Levi.

Levi is just an orphan who was abandoned on the street, how could he have anything to do with the Tianjiao who had been cultivated by the thousands of Year-end Yun?

There are clearly two extremes!

“From now on, I will stay here. There is no need to go back to the Western Shu family!”

The old lady was very sure.

Although she didn’t know why she tore up the agreement.

After all, this belongs to the highest level of the four gate valves to know.

Involving the ultimate interests of the family.

“That’s really great! I see who would dare to say that my Logan family is not a word in the future?”

People like Mike and Alfred jumped up in excitement.

The arrival of the old lady is destined to take off in the Logan family!

Sarah asked with his eyes red, “Grandma, is there a genius doctor by your side?”

The old lady was taken aback, and replied: “Although Xishu clan is good at using poison, there are many genius doctors! If we talk about ancient medical skills, we have to win the other three big clan!”

“That means someone stronger than Fan Shengnan? More chances for Levi to recover?”

Sarah asked.

“Of course! She is just a clan in Southern Xinjiang. In this respect, she is definitely better than her!”

Sarah smiled with joy: “That’s good.”

It turned out that there was a comparison in her heart.

She can do what Fan Shengnan can do.

She also has the identity of Fan Shengnan.

“Levi, right? I want to see him! See what qualifications he has to abandon my granddaughter?”

The old lady said coldly.

“Okay, let’s find him now!”

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