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Chapter 1343

The Logan family is in power, and Hart’s worry has no place to show its power.

Just about to take Levi’s surgery.

“I won’t go!”

Sarah held Junjun at Logan’s house.

She was very angry now and didn’t want to see Levi.

In the villa, several genius doctors from the Southern Xinjiang family have just left.

The Logan family came in mighty.

“Who? Stop! This is a private realm, you can’t enter!”

The guard arranged by Fan Shengnan here stopped everyone in the Logan family.


Several strong men around the old lady directly shot the guards flying and forcibly broke into the villa.

“whats the matter?”

Fan Shengnan and Levi heard the news.

“Huh? Is it you?”

Levi saw people familiar with Mike.

Of course he didn’t know the old lady surrounded by everyone.

“You belong to the clan of Western Shu?”

Fan Shengnan was very familiar with the four main gate lords, and recognized the identity of the other party at a glance.

“The little girl has a bit of vision!”

The old lady sneered.

Levi was taken aback.

Why did the Logan family get involved with the Xishu clan?

“Why are you here?”

Fan Shengnan stared at everyone with a cold face.

“Little girl go aside, we are here to find Levi!”

The old lady was powerful and majestic, and she actually suppressed Fan Shengnan.

“Levi will introduce to you, this is grandma, she is actually a big figure in the clan of Xishu! She loves her son the most!”

“You, a conscientious dog, abandon your wife and daughter! You also said that Sarah is not worthy of you! Now let’s see who is not worthy of whom?”

Nick sneered.


This result stunned Levi and Fan Shengnan.

No one thought that Sarah’s grandmother turned out to be a prominent figure in the clan of Xishu.

Fan Shengnan’s face changed.

She did say before that Sarah was not good enough for Levi.

But now with this status, she is absolutely fine!

“Now grandma Qinzi is dyed as the princess of the clan of Xishu. Her status is noble. How can you match her as a god of war in the past, but now a cripple?”

“Yeah! Levi, we always thought that you were in Sarah at Gaopan! You are a waste. Sarah doesn’t despise you, but takes care of you and gives birth to you. What about you? How do you treat Sarah?”

“Let strange women live in the house and drive them away? What the hell do you have?”

The Logan family scolded Levi angrily.

The old lady said: “If you are still the God of War, that’s okay! My Xishu clan will also include you as a guest, the best son-in-law!”

“But you are like this! What do you take into my eyes? What qualifications do you have to abandon my granddaughter?”

Levi shook his head helplessly: “I did not abandon Sarah and Junjun, there is a misunderstanding! I can give them an explanation in the future!”

“What’s the explanation? Don’t you just look at the female god of war? Do you think she can bring you everything in the past, restore your body, and restore your previous identity?”

“Yes, on the other hand, Sarah was a little girl before, and he can’t give you any help, and it will drag you down! So it’s normal for you to choose a goddess of war!”

Dale pointed to Levi’s nose and shouted: “But I tell you, Sarah you can’t afford to climb high! You are not qualified anymore!”

“Mother, shall we go?”

Dale asked for instructions.

The old lady was angry: “How can I leave my granddaughter like this? If you don’t teach her a lesson, what is the face of the Xishu clan?”

Chapter 1344

The old lady was majestic.

Levi was taken aback.

This is Sarah’s grandma?

How does Doug deserve it?

Back then the old lady didn’t like the rules of the Xishu clan and came out privately.

Love and agree with Doug…

“Yes, that’s right! Must teach this kid a lesson!”

“Otherwise he thought we were so bullied!”

The villains of the Logan family are determined, and they all show off their strengths.

“At least I don’t want to see him sitting! This kind of person can only lie on his stomach or kneel!”

The old lady snorted coldly.

The big powers around her are about to do it.

“Who dare I see?”

There was a cold drink.

Fan Shengnan and her men stopped in front.

“Little girl, are you sure you want to stop me? You are also from the four main gates. According to the rules, you have to kowtow to me!”

The old lady snorted coldly.

“Even if you are a member of the Western Shu family? I’m not afraid!”

“Whoever wants to move him, pass me first!”

Fan Shengnan looked firm.

“The Great Wall Army is here, who dares to be presumptuous?”

The guards shouted together.

The Lords of the Xishu clan stared at Fan Shengnan.

Just wait for an order from the old lady.

The old lady narrowed her eyes, weighing the pros and cons.

She is not afraid of a Fan Shengnan!

But Fan Shengnan’s identity is the leader of the Great Wall Army.

That is Morendam!

Even if the four gate valves tore up the agreement and entered the WTO for legitimate reasons.

But who dares to face Morendam head-on?

Are you looking for death?


“Levi next time you won’t have such good luck!”

“Also, don’t even think about seeing Sarah and Junjun. When you are qualified to talk to me and match Sarah’s identity, you come again!”

“This is what I mean, and it is even the meaning of the clan of Xishu! I am waiting for you in the clan of Xishu to take your wife and daughter back home!”

Although the old lady has withdrawn.

But make such a decision.

Don’t let Levi see his wife and daughter goodbye!

Unless you have the strength to talk to her…

In the eyes of people like Mike, Levi has no chance in this life…

Want to be on an equal footing with the clan of Xishu?

At least it has to be the level of God of War!

But is it possible?

Levi is sitting in a wheelchair by himself!

Even action is a problem, and I still want to be at the level of God of War…

It’s a dream!

Levi was thinking about eating soft rice now, hiding behind Fan Shengnan all his life.

Just this, what chance?

“Haha, old lady wise!”

“In this way, Levi will never see his wife and daughter in this life!”

Everyone in the Logan family laughed presumptuously.

Dale and Edith also clapped their hands and said, “We agree!”

Dale even stared at Levi with a sneer: “You only deserve to hide behind a woman in this life. If your wife and daughter are gone, you don’t even dare to hum!”

“You are not worthy of being a man! Dale, I despise you in my heart!”

“Yes, this kid is not a man! Go with your goddess of war! Let someone protect you forever!”

Edith snorted coldly: “Levi, can I still see you come to meet Sarah and Junjun?”

Subsequently, the old lady took the Logan family and left.

This is really a magical day.

Levi was still wondering why Sarah’s grandma never showed up.

So she still has such an identity?

Turns out to come from the four gate valves.

This identity is really amazing.

Levi smiled helplessly.

She wants to cut herself off to see his wife and daughter?

How can it be?

Do you need qualifications?

I don’t know if Bass Ring is qualified?

Does Bass Noodles have it?

Where is the Bass Sword?

Levi jokingly smiled.

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