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Chapter 1345

“I really didn’t expect Sarah to have such an identity?”

“This old lady is the sister of the current helm of the Xishu clan! She can completely represent the Xishu clan!”

Fan Shengnan was shocked.

Levi was also shocked.

The old lady turned out to be such an identity.

“Fan War God, you see, there is no need for you to be by my side now!”

“The few genius doctors from the Nanjiang clan have nothing to do for the time being!”

Levi took the opportunity to say to Fan Shengnan.

Fan Shengnan looked hesitant: “But your body obviously improved before?”

“Yes, that’s right! The body has been improving, but the speed is relatively slow! In the final analysis, the poison of the Blood King Palace still remains in my body. If this poison is not removed, my body cannot recover!”

Levi said.

In fact, the poison of the Palace of the Blood King had long been relieved.

The reason why he said this is to let Fan Shengnan investigate this kind of poison.

So go back to the source and see who is from Morendam.

Sure enough, Fan Shengnan said: “Okay, I will personally check the poison in the Blood King Palace, and try to let you recover as soon as possible!”

“But I will still be responsible for your safety, and I will send guards to protect you!”


Levi touched his nose.

It’s better than Fan Shengnan staying here.

The remaining guards are much easier to deal with.

Logan family ancestral house.

Looking at the mighty people who came back, Sarah immediately asked: “Nothing happened, right? Grandma, did you care about Levi?”

“Levi is really mad at me! A big man hides behind a woman!”

“Before Sarah, now relying on that female god of war is to eat soft food for a lifetime!”

Dale was very angry.

The old lady shook her head: “I didn’t do anything to him, the goddess of war is protecting him! I’d rather do it for him, but also fight against our Xishu family!”

“What did Levi say?”

Sarah asked anxiously.

“Except for hiding behind that woman, nothing said! Besides, what can he say?”


Sarah’s pretty face got a little bit cold again.

What she cares most about is attitude.

The key is that Levi has no attitude.

The old lady exhorted: “Sarah, I have set a rule for him!”


“For the time being, Levi don’t want to meet you and Junjun! When will he be qualified to talk to me, his identity matches your Xishu clan princess, and then come pick you and your child!”

“Huh? What level?”

Sarah was taken aback.

“Before the identity of God of War War God! I don’t say anything, let him pick you up!”

The old lady was extremely majestic.

“Ah? How is this possible? It would be nice if he can recover from his current situation! It is impossible to get back the position of God of War War God!”

Sarah was a little anxious.

I feel that the conditions for Levi are a bit harsh.

“This rule was made by me in the name of the West Shu gate clan! It must not be abolished!”

“Furthermore, he was standing behind the woman. When you were wronged, did he say a word for you?”

The old lady asked rhetorically.


Thinking of what Fan Shengnan did and Levi’s silent attitude during this period of time.

Sarah gritted his teeth and said, “Okay, grandma, if I listen to you, I will treat him as punishment!”

But after agreeing, Sarah regretted it again.

In this way, would you never see Levi for the rest of your life?

After all, the old lady’s current ability can completely isolate them for a lifetime.

Junjun leaned in front of Sarah and smiled: “Mom, don’t worry, Dad will see us soon.”

Chapter 1346

Jun Jun actually understands everything.

Although I don’t know exactly what happened to the Western Shu gate clan.

But she believes that her father’s identity as the king of the word is absolutely qualified!

Sarah smiled helplessly.

I thought Junjun would cry because he couldn’t see his father.

Unexpectedly, Jun Jun would console himself in turn.

Everyone looked at Jun Jun.

No one has debunked Jun Jun.

From everyone’s point of view, Levi would never hope to see them in this life.

The strong entry into the WTO of the Western Shumen clique represented the official rise of the Logan family.

In Jiangbei this one-third of acre of land to be respected!

Even the entire South!

The Logan family has the final say.

The identity of the old lady is terrible!

The sister of the helm of the Xishu gate clan.

Who dares to mess with?

Sarah and Junjun have also become the jewels of the clan of Xishu!

The status is prominent and daunting!

Suddenly, the third and fourth-rate Logan family turned out to be comparable to the aristocratic existence.

This is the influence brought about by the entry into the WTO.

They can turn ordinary people into nobles.

Can make a crow turn into a phoenix!

The Western Shumen Clan even issued that rule specifically for Levi…

Not only the Western Shu gate clan, but the other three gate clan groups have established their own power and territory after entering the WTO, and they have also supported many family powers.

The once glorious families of the Garrison Clan in Beijing are no longer there.

After the four gate lords entered the WTO, Levi let people check their every move.

Not only the four main gates, but also many hidden forces have joined the world together.

It seems that this agreement also restricts others.

Now they are all free again…

“Now this environment should be conducive to the actions of that group! The previous four gate valves and the hidden powers were all limited by the agreement, and it is absolutely difficult for them to act!”

“Now that the agreement is torn up and the restrictions are lifted, it is much easier for them to act!”

Levi analyzed.

The Western Heavenly King sneered: “They think they can enter the world freely, but they can hide to a great extent. They don’t know that they give us the opportunity!

“En, I have a hunch that they will be exposed soon!”

Levi wanted to get these people out the most, he still wanted to see Junjun.


In a villa on the outskirts of Beijing.

A group of people gathered.

Everyone has a common feature, wearing masks of various shapes.

It seems that like the members of the Zhentian Temple, they can’t show their true colors.

They are the people Levi and Da Xia Colin want to pick out the most.

The culprit is them!

The leader wears a black dragon-shaped mask.

He said coldly: “Three news!”

“First, who is the king of the word side by side has not been found out yet!”

“Second, it is difficult for Levi to recover, and the genius doctors in Nanjiang can’t help it!”

“Third, we must rob the things that Prince William of the Warhawk Nation needs!”

Others nodded one after another: “Well, we are finally free to join the WTO, and we can breathe the freshest air!”

“Yes, it is a good thing for us to tear up the agreement by the four gate valves this time!”

“Let us sinners in Morendam no longer have to hide! We can act with integrity!”

Everyone looked very excited.

“Don’t be happy too early! The Bass Guard personally escorted what Prince William of the Warhawk Nation asked for! To rob them from their hands, we also need to pay the price!”

The man in the black dragon mask said coldly.

“Hehe, what are you afraid of? We only need to send those people to robbery!”

Several people disdain.

“That’s true! Get the things, and Prince William promised us that it will come true too!”

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