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Chapter 1347

The black dragon mask smiled satisfied when he heard those few.

However, he also exhorted: “Everyone must be careful! Don’t show any clues! Over the past few years, we have colluded with foreign countries, if Morendam knows, we die a hundred times is not enough!”

“Hmph, that’s natural! I hate Morendam for a long time! I won’t expose it so early! I want to see them destroy with my own eyes…”

“I haven’t had my revenge yet! How could it be exposed?”

“Hehe, I am Morendam Sinner? I want those people to know what revenge is!”

At the mention of this, everyone showed extreme anger!!!

Terrible anger!

Don’t share it!

It seems that Morendam has done terrible things to them!

“Okay, go down and get ready!”

The black dragon mask asked.

The corners of his mouth rose, and he was very happy to see this scene.

Here Levi received an order from Colin.

Let him escort a batch of things back to the capital from the east.

This order was urgent and demanded that he set off directly.

Without Fan Shengnan, Levi easily threw off her guards and left.

On the way, Colin told Levi the details.

It turned out that a biological base on an island somewhere in the east was exposed and needed to be moved immediately.

This has been targeted by overseas countries and major forces.

They will act immediately.

The most important thing is that there is a genetic medicine in this biological base that is priceless.

It’s about Morendam’s future!

It needs to be transported to the capital by all means.

However, the transport operations have long been exposed.

Someone must be robbed on the way.

After all, this thing has too high value.

Everyone wants this kind of scientific research results.

It was the action that was exposed long ago, so it is very likely that the identity of the strong escort was also exposed.

Therefore, a surprise escort is needed to ensure success.

Colin thought about it and asked Levi to escort him.

No one doubts him at the moment.

But it is precisely that he is the most terrifying killer!

“I also thought about using heavy troops to escort the genetic medicine, but I was afraid that some bad news would be arbitrarily promoted by overseas media! I can only give up! The team should escort!”

“One word side by side king, this escort is escorted by the dragon group, wind group, wolf group, and tiger group under Colin!”

“For the time being, your identity cannot be revealed, we are afraid of spies! Please understand!”

Levi nodded: “Okay, I understand! I must escort things!”

Soon Levi arrived in the east.

This is a base.

The four teams under Colin’s command had already been prepared.

All of them stood in front of a password box.

Presumably there is genetic medicine in the password box.


Seeing Levi approaching, everyone was taken aback.

“Let him be the escort? Just kidding!”

“Isn’t this holding us back? Our attention is all on the genetic medicine. Should we have to separate our strength to protect him?”

Everyone knew Levi.

Although he respects him very much.

Someone once regarded him as an idol.

But this kind of knotty eyes, sent him to escort unexpectedly.

Is this a joke?

“You don’t have to worry about me, if there is any danger, you can go first!”

Levi, who was sitting in a wheelchair, smiled.


“No but! No matter what Garrison Zhan Shane said, his command is superb and he can arrange your positions reasonably! Present your combat effectiveness to the maximum!

Under the coercion of Colin, everyone said nothing.

Chapter 1348

Although everyone agreed.

But everyone is not convinced!

The command of God of War is indeed superb and has always won the battle.

But can the situation be the same today?

This is not war!

The escort team has a total of sixteen people.

There are seventeen people in Jiaye King.

And whether it is oneself or the other party, they are all first-class Lords.

The battle ended in an instant.

How do I order?

Isn’t it an army?

This is a real burden to throw in!

Still in a wheelchair!

After Colin left.

Tyrannosaurus, the person in charge of the dragon group, is the overall person in charge of this escort operation.

Tyrannosaurus said coldly: “Garrison Warshen, I admit that you were my idol before! I also respect you very much!

But nowadays you are sitting in a wheelchair and have no fighting power. This is something everyone knows! “

“Are you here to escort? What escort do you take?”

Huo Fenghuang, the person in charge of the phoenix group, sneered and said, “Yes, when the time comes, do you say we should take care of you, or should we take care of things? Your coming will only cause us trouble!”

The head of the tiger team, Zhan Tiger Urn, said with an aura: “Furthermore! Are they still worried about the strength of our four teams? Although we rarely shoot! We have our escorts, have they ever failed?”

“Yes, that’s right! We have done hundreds of missions in the past ten years, and we have never failed once!”

Others made dissatisfied voices.

If Levi was healthy, no one would say anything.

But in this way, it is clear that they do not trust them.

The head of the wolf team, the mountain wolf, sneered: “A superb command? I want to ask you, do you know the responsibilities and structure of our four teams?”

Levi shook his head.

He really didn’t know Colin.

Of course this is also confidential.

“Listen! The dragon team is responsible for coordinating the overall situation, the phoenix team is responsible for intelligence, the wolf team is responsible for the assassination, and the tiger team is responsible for military support! I don’t even understand this, and want to command us? How is it possible?”

Everyone is disdainful.

Levi’s value in this team is negative.

It will only hinder everyone!

The ice phoenix of the Feng group quickly said: “Well, since Colin sent Garrison Warshen to show that they had intentions, let’s set off quickly. This place will soon be exposed.”

Tyrannosaurus and Fire Phoenix sighed, “Hey, it can only be so!”

“But let’s say it in advance, in case something happens! I won’t care about him!”

“Neither will I! Don’t want to hold my hind legs!”

“Even if he is dead, I won’t take a look!”

This is the attitude of everyone.

“You follow me!”

Bing Fenghuang had a cold face, but his tone was still gentle.

Just because Levi is her idol.

If it were other people, the Ice Phoenix might have gone away.

“it is good!”

Levi nodded.

“Listen to my orders, the four members of the wolf group are responsible for exploring the road! The four members of the tiger group are responsible for the break! Others follow me to escort things!”

“This time it’s codenamed Baolong! Don’t fail!”

After the Tyrannosaurus arranged the task.

The convoy set off quickly.

The sea and the sky are not reliable.

Only walking on land is the safest.

Levi and Bing Fenghuang were in the middle car.

That box is still here!

This means that Levi, like the box, needs protection.

After getting in the car, Levi closed his eyes and rested.

He actually missed Junjun.

The little girl hasn’t seen her for several days.

The Fire Phoenix glared at Levi fiercely.

“Xiaobing, I know you have always regarded him as an idol, but does he look like an idol now? Take a look for yourself!”

The Fire Phoenix said dissatisfied.

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