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Chapter 1349

“Once he was our idol too! But now he is here to add chaos!”

The Fire Phoenix angered.

Bing Fenghuang sighed and said, “What if he recovers? The former God of War! Suppress hundreds of nations!”

“It’s impossible for the time being! Look at him all asleep! Take a mission as a tour?”

Everyone was very dissatisfied with Levi.

Thinking about Levi gradually fell asleep.

I don’t know how long it has been.

It’s already raining heavily in the sky.

Thunder roared, and lightning flashed across the night sky from time to time.


Suddenly bursts of thunder sounded.

Scared Levi to wake up.

Because he had just dreamed, Sarah and Junjun were taken away.

Just when thunder rang out, he woke up.


The members of the Feng group laughed directly when they saw this scene.

Woke up from thunder?

Is this state to escort genetic medicine?


It makes people laugh when it spreads out.

How to escort a disabled person in a wheelchair who was awakened by thunder?

Bing Fenghuang sighed, “It seems that he has been the way he is now. It is estimated that he has suffered a lot of psychological shock. It is estimated that he will be afraid and anxious about such a loud voice!”

“Isn’t it, I fell from such a high position and turned into a useless person. Who can stand this blow!”

“But this kind of person is sent to escort us and command us? It’s ridiculous!”

As an organization under Colin, it represents the supremacy!

Each member has his own arrogance!

When Levi was sent from above, they felt that they were questioning their abilities.

In addition, Levi is in this state, making them even more angry!

“But we should be more confident! Sixteen of us are the strongest in the four major groups! We are escorted by us, no one can rob!”

The Fire Phoenix glared at Levi and said, “Even if there is such a burden, we are not afraid!”

In fact, people like Tyrannosaurus promised to bring Levi.

It wasn’t because of Bing Phoenix’s words.

But they have enough trust in their own strength.

There is no danger along the way.

“The first zone is safe!”

“Second zone is safe!”

“The sixteenth zone is safe!”

It’s not that there are only 16 escorts, there are many secret whistles along the way.

Responsible for the handover with the wolf group.

It was very close to the capital in one night.

“This road is not dangerous, only one area away, we succeeded.”

Bing Phoenix laughed.

“No matter how courage they are, it is estimated that few people would dare to robbery on the land of Morendam, right?”

Fire Phoenix said with disdain.

This is their confidence in their own strength.

It is also confidence in Morendam.

The voice of the Tyrannosaurus in front came: “The wolf group and the secret whistle have checked the area ahead and have not ambushed! We can reach the capital safely!”

“I think everyone can celebrate in advance!”


Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

The tightness was all relaxed.

After all, I was nervous all night.

“I thought there could be a big battle? It turned out to be that simple?”

The Fire Phoenix spread out his hands, with a face of fearlessness.

Bing Fenghuang smiled: “Maybe our name is really scared! Whoever eats the bear heart and leopard guts, dare to start in the land of summer!”

“Haha, although this task is important but simple! It always feels like winning the Medal of Honor like this!”

The others laughed.

“The more you do this, the less you should relax!”

At this time, Levi’s voice sounded.

Chapter 1350

This is what no one expected.

Since getting in the car, Levi hasn’t said a word.

In the end, they were told to be careful.

It’s ridiculous!

Fire Phoenix’s cold eyes fell on Levi’s body: “You can’t understand Garrison Warshen?”

“The Tyrannosaurus has just notified us, and the remaining area in front has been checked, and there is no ambush or danger! What are we careful about?”

Facing the suspicion of the Fire Phoenix.

Levi smiled: “Who is in charge of today’s team?”

“It’s Tyrannosaurus, what’s the matter?”

Bing Phoenix asked.

“The convoy stopped immediately and called the Tyrannosaurus over. I have something to tell him!”

Levi said in a commanding tone.

The Fire Phoenix suddenly lowered his voice: “You… are you ordering us?”

“Isn’t it? Colin asked me to come and commanded you! So you all must listen to me!”

Levi said seriously.

“Listen to you? How is it possible?”

Fire Phoenix several people were angry at once.

Ice Phoenix stood up to make a relief: “Tyrannosaurus, you order the convoy to stop first, Garrison Zhanshen has something to tell you!”

Tyrannosaurus ordered the convoy to stop.

Bring the other members to the middle car.

“What do you want to say?”

Tyrannosaurus asked impatiently.

“If you don’t want to cause casualties, immediately change your route and enter the capital from another direction!”

Levi said.


When these words came out, everyone was stunned for a long time.

“Let me change my route and enter the capital from another direction?”

Tyrannosaurus pointed to his nose.

“Garrison Warshen, if it weren’t for respecting you, I really want to scold you!”

“Yes! Are you using us as fools? We are almost in the capital, and change our way?”

Zhanhu looked at Levi incredulously: “You haven’t figured out the situation, have you? The area in front is under control, the wolf group has been occupied, and the road is unimpeded. There is no danger, why are we changing?”

“Are you suffering from persecution delusions? Our people are in control of the next road! Where is the danger?”

Levi sneered: “You believe me! There is no danger on this road, don’t you think it’s abnormal?”

“Since this thing can be competed for by major countries! Will they let go of such a good opportunity?”

“Hmph, Levi, you’re just guessing, we have to actually speak! The path we are walking now has been repeatedly confirmed, and it is safe!”

Tyrannosaurus was almost angry.

“Trust me! Otherwise there will be a lot of casualties!”

Levi insisted on his opinion.

“Say it, I will throw you here! Shut up! Keep going!”

Tyrannosaurus ordered.

Levi shook his head helplessly.

Why don’t some people believe it?

These four groups are indeed talented people.

Regarding experience or something, Levi dumped them ten streets.

He wants to be the words of the God of War.

Everyone can believe in any fallacy.

But now it’s not the god of war, it’s just an ordinary person, still sitting in a wheelchair.

No one would believe it, even if it is said to be broken.

It’s a pity that people say nothing!

No one believes it!

“I’ll see what danger is next?”

Fire Phoenix glared at Levi.

The convoy continued to set off.

Everyone was cold.

Levi was ruined just now when he was in a good mood.

With the last area left, the convoy went unimpeded.

The wolf group and the secret whistle have been cleaned up a long time ago.

The crowd waited for the convoy at the entrance of the capital.

When the convoy arrived at the entrance of the capital, Tyrannosaurus stopped and shouted at Levi: “Danger? Where is it?”

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