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Chapter 1351

“Yes, Levi, don’t you say that this path is dangerous? We have walked out safely! Where is the danger?”

“Also make us divert? Are you crazy?”

Several people from Fire Phoenix shouted coldly.

The four members of the wolf group and dozens of secret whistles also laughed out loud after learning about the incident.

“Do you really treat us as fools? The area around this road is under our control, there is no danger!”

“Are you here to find a sense of presence? This time escorting you didn’t make any difference!”

“Do you still think the proposal you just said is right?”

Several people asked Tyrannosaurus.

Levi nodded: “Yes, I firmly believe that this road will go wrong! So I asked you to change the road just now!”

“I really took it! Throw him here? Let him go back in a wheelchair by himself!”

Tyrannosaurus almost exploded in anger.

“Yes, I also think throw him here!”

Other people think the same way.

Levi repeatedly provokes their majesty!

“Forget it, just complete the task, there is no need to be affected by trivial things!”

“Yes, the first task is to send it back!”

Bing Phoenix persuaded.

Everyone just gave up.

“Okay, go ahead! It is safe to arrive in the capital, and it will be a success if it is handed over to Colin!”

The convoy, wolves, and secret whistle moved forward.

Now it has entered the boundary of the capital.

Everyone is laughing.

In their concept, no one would do it in the capital.

Capital = Forbidden Land.

This concept is indeed correct.

When Levi was the God of War, every inch of Morendam’s land was forbidden.

Not to mention the capital of the top priority.

No one took the long road ahead.

It’s even impossible to do it in Beijing!

But it’s just a concept, not a fact.

“Swish swish…”

In the next second, bursts of raging roars suddenly came out in the air.




I saw big buckets thick trees shooting from all directions.

Hit on a modified off-road vehicle and almost overturned the car.




After being hit, many secret whistles vomited blood and died on the spot.

The four wolves in the surrounding wolves were more or less injured!

Three high-speed cars were forced to stop abruptly.

This scene was caught off guard and happened instantly.

Tyrannosaurus face changed drastically.

Zhanhu’s face changed drastically.

Ice Fire Phoenix’s face changed drastically.

Everyone’s complexion became extremely pale at this moment.

Someone really did it?

Let Levi get it right…

This is the boundary of the capital!

Known as the forbidden area in the forbidden area!

Still choose to do it during the day…

Thousands of kilometers of road and the timing of heavy rain at night, they did not choose to do it, but chose to do it in the capital openly.

This is unexpected!

This is a possibility they never thought of!

Even Colin didn’t expect it.

Otherwise they had sent someone to greet them at the entrance of the capital.

The main owner believes that the capital is safe.

No one dared to do anything in the boundary of the capital even if he was killed.

But he has the courage.

It happened to be in the boundary of the capital.

Open hands…

The four members of the Feng group’s eyes fell on Levi with complicated eyes.

He was really right…

The key is that he persuaded in advance.

If he listened to him at that time and changed his course in time, these enemies would fall through.

They will complete the task silently!

There will be no casualties!


What a god!

How did Levi anticipate the danger on this road?

Chapter 1352


I regret it!

Let the enemy hit a surprise!

This time the damage is heavy!

At least the wolf group and the dark whistle are seriously damaged…

At this moment, they also understood why Colin would send Levi.

What do they mean by command?

Even if Levi was absent from the shocking force.

But his head is still there.

It’s definitely a military division level.

The faces of Fire Phoenix are hot…

A moment ago, they were still humiliating Levi.

It was fulfilled a moment later.

But regret is now useless.

“Everyone protect things and never lose them!”

Tyrannosaurus and Zhanhu have rushed outside to meet the enemy.

“How about casualties?”

Tyrannosaurus checked the casualties.

“Four people in the wolf group were slightly injured, twelve people were killed and four people were killed in the secret post, and the other eight people were all injured!

Mountain wolf said.

“Zhanhu, Ice and Fire Phoenix, you are optimistic about things! I will deal with the enemy!”

Tyrannosaurus led everyone to watch the surroundings vigilantly.

The smoke in the mountains and forests on both sides is not heavy, but it gives people a feeling of fear.

“Where is the bolder? Dare to rob things in the capital?”

The Tyrannosaurus roared.


The next moment, a killing aura surged.

Suddenly from both sides, Lords wearing various masks appeared.


They are in the shape of electricity, and they shoot out of the abyss like a dragon.




In one round of attack, all the other eight people in the secret whistle fell.

Fortunately, the four members of the wolf group are stronger, otherwise all the heads will fall to the ground.

The enemy appeared.

But it threatened the death of everyone in Tyrannosaurus…


Extremely strong!

But the truly terrifying people are still behind, and those wearing masks in front have given way.

Four people appeared from behind.

As soon as these four appeared, the Tyrannosaurus people took a breath.

“It turned out to be you!!!”

The Fire Phoenix exclaimed.

The four old men looked at each other and laughed, “Haha, I didn’t expect anyone to recognize us!”

“Feng Buqun, a renegade butcher who is a traitor of the East Velador Sea!”

“Tang Yulong, the hidden weapon of the traitor of the Western Shu family!”

“Fan Dongsheng, the traitor poisonous Bass Luo of the Southern Frontier clan!”

“West Yuezhen, the traitorous king of swordsman of Beiliang Clan!”

The Fire Phoenix called out their names one by one.

As an intelligence agency under Colin’s command, Feng Group naturally controls world affairs.

Especially these four people in front of me.

They are even more familiar.

Because of notoriety!

Everyone is extremely cruel, doing all bad things.

It is the demon that everyone fears.

They all entered the WTO privately, ignoring the agreement of the four main gates nearly a hundred years ago, harming the world, and doing great harm to the world.

He was hunted down as a sinner by Morendam.

Listed as a traitor by the four main gate lords.

But these four people are too strong, and they are all top in the four gate valves.

It’s hard to catch.

After exhausting human and financial resources, I haven’t caught it for several years…

However, the four of them were also forced to hide from the world by Colin and disappeared for decades.

Unexpectedly, it will appear at this time.

What’s more terrifying is that the enemy can call these four.

Colin tried hard to catch it.

If caught, it must be imprisoned in the highest-level and most mysterious prison.

Now someone ordered them to do something!

This is also terrible!

“We are not opponents! There is only dragging now!”

“Some people drag, some protect things, and then wait for the rescue to come!”

Encountering these people, Tyrannosaurus and the others did not even have the courage to fight.

He can only procrastinate.

Poison Bass Luo Fan Dongsheng smiled and said, “Give us things! We promise not to kill you!”

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