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Chapter 1353

The other three laughed and said, “Yes! Don’t think of other tricks! It’s useless! Before your reinforcements arrive, we can definitely kill you and take things away!”

“It’s better to hand over it obediently, we only need things, not human life!”

In their view, stealing things is just a momentary thing.

“Don’t think about it!”

“Take things away from us? Are you joking?”

Tyrannosaurus sneered.

Zhanhu roared: “Yes, that’s right! Let things rely on real skills!”

Sixteen Lords in the four major groups are ready to die.

But everyone understands.

The opponent is too strong.

It will take a long time for reinforcements to arrive.

They are in danger during this period.

It is possible that the thing has been robbed.

“At the beginning we should have listened to Levi, and there would be no such thing as a change of course!”

Bing Phoenix said dissatisfied.

“Yes, he expected it! But in that case, who could have predicted it?”

The Fire Phoenix said dissatisfied.

“Also, Levi should insist on changing his course just now! You see that he compromised again later! It means that he himself is not firm!”

“If you want to blame this thing, you must blame Levi for causing us to lose so many people!”

Other humane.

Levi kindly reminded him, but it turned out to be his fault.

“Yes! He just said it casually! Besides, the time has come for him to be really used, how about him? Can sitting in a wheelchair help us?”

“Isn’t it a burden now?”

“Listen to my orders, no one can protect Levi later! Only responsible for things!”

Tyrannosaurus ordered.

“Then you are looking for death!”


The four demon heads led all the mask Lords to kill together.

All the tyrannosaurus rushed forward and fought together.

As soon as the two sides played against each other, they felt a huge gap.

The fighting power of these sixteen people of Tyrannosaurus is equal to those of the masked Lords.

But they still have four big monsters here…

They are the point!

But who can stop it?

The opponent’s offensive was impenetrable.

They couldn’t break out with things at all.

In layman’s terms, you can only wait to die.

The battle between the two sides has become fierce…

The four in the wolf group were the first to be knocked to the ground.

Immediately after the dragon group three people could not support it.

In the end, the tiger group and the phoenix group all fell to the ground.

In the end, only Tyrannosaurus, Zhanhu, Ice, Fire and Phoenix were left to hold on to things.

But the four of them were already seriously injured.

“Hand over things?”

“At this time, what are you still resisting?”

Feng Buqun, a 10,000-person butcher, and West Yuezhen, the king of swordsmen, came step by step.

“Impossible! Even if things are destroyed, they won’t be given to you!”

The Tyrannosaurus shouted.

“Hurry up and activate the destruction device! Even if things are destroyed, they can’t fall into the enemy’s hands!”

Ice Fire Phoenix takes the box to operate.


But in an instant, a hidden weapon struck, and it shot everyone’s wrists and arms.


Everyone screamed.

The box in his hand fell to the ground.

The Tyrannosaurus people no longer have the ability to control it.

Poison Bass Luo Fan Dongsheng came over and wanted to pick up the box.

The Tyrannosaurus people tried their best to stop them, but they were all knocked to the ground in an instant.

Several people struggled to get up, unable to get up at all.

Can only watch Fan Dongsheng pick up the box.

The fighting time is too short.

Not enough to get reinforcements here.

Watching the pace of Fan Dongsheng’s departure.

The Tyrannosaurus people are desperate.

Their mission failed.

“Things are in hand, let’s leave!”

“Have you asked me about things?”

Suddenly, a voice came from inside the car.

Chapter 1354

The four demon heads and mask Lords are all leaving.

I didn’t expect a voice to come…

“Huh? There are still people?”

Poison Bass Luo Fan Dongsheng said curiously.

Everyone stopped and looked into the car.

The eyes of the dying tyrannosauruses who were lying on the ground flashed a touch of anger.

This is the time, what else do you add to the chaos?

Do you think you are living too long?

Everyone is gone.

You are out of the limelight and want to give away a person.


“What an idiot!”

The Tyrannosaurus scolded.

Soon, everyone opened the door and saw Levi sitting in a wheelchair.

“You? So familiar!”

Toxic Bass Luo Fan Dongsheng was surprised.

“Former God of War war god Levi!”

Overlord West Yuezhen called out Levi’s name.

Levi smiled.

Sure enough, as he expected.

He got in the way of the dark forces like Morendam.

“Why didn’t you find him just now?”

“What? Are you going to stop us?”

Feng Buqun, a 10,000-person butcher, sneered.

“No, just kill you!”

Levi smiled indifferently.

The gene liquid medicine and the lives of these people are dead for him.


The four demon heads and other mask Lords all laughed out loud.

This is simply a dream!

Levi, a person in a wheelchair, kill them?

How can it be?

Even if he was the God of War at his peak, the four demon heads were not afraid.

Not to mention now.

“It’s really looking for death!”

“It’s so stupid, it’s a burden!”

The Tyrannosaurus scolded.

Originally, the mission failed and things were lost, and the mood of the few people sank to the bottom.

Now that Levi did such a stupid behavior, everyone was going crazy.

The hidden weapon wizard Tang Yulong smiled and said, “You are all disabled, why would you kill us?”

“Who told you that I am disabled?”

Levi said with a smile.

The language is not surprising and endless.

The words came out.

Everyone present was stunned.

The four demon heads and the masked Lords had weird faces, chewing on the meaning of Levi’s words.

As for the Tyrannosaurus people looked at each other, everyone showed an incredible look.

Could it be…


Poison Bass Luo didn’t say a word, but Levi stood up.

He got out of the car.

Steady footsteps, where’s a little useless?


Everyone is going crazy if they are struck by lightning.


Everyone was deceived!

It turned out that Levi was fine at all.

Everything is a scam!

The eyes of the Tyrannosaurus people were about to fly out.

Until this moment, they did not understand Colin’s intention.

Colin is not a fool.

How can such an important task be a burden?

The fact is that Levi’s body has recovered!

The complexion of the four monsters changed.

Some things seem to come to mind.

Many forces at home and abroad have been eliminated recently.

Their inquiries were made by the one-word king who had just taken office.

Now it seems…

“Levi turns out you are okay! You deceived everyone!”

Poison Bass Luo sneered.

“Otherwise, how can you show your feet?”

Levi smiled.

However, the four demon heads looked fearless: “Even if you recover? What if you reach the previous peak?”

“We are not afraid of you!”

“It’s only a matter of time before you kill you!”

The four demon heads and all mask Lords are the pinnacle of combat power.

There is no fear on his face.

Everyone in Tyrannosaurus panicked.

There was a glimmer of hope.

But even if Levi recovers, he is not the opponent of the Four Demons.

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