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Chapter 1355

The strength of these four is unfathomable, and they are definitely not the enemy of the God of War at his peak!

Otherwise, the four demons will not be listed as the ultimate sinner by Morendam to hunt down!

In addition, there are a group of mask Lords with an unknown strength.

How to fight this?

More powerful than thousands of troops!

Levi is alone.

The same is also going to die!

It’s useless…

Hope is also desperate!

The tyrannosaurus smashed the ground with their fists.

They are not as good as others!

They are too trash!

“Now you have two options in front of you—”

“First, surrender on your knees and hand over things!”

“Second, I will kill you guys to get things back!”

“Choose one! I suggest you choose the first one!”

No one thought that Levi would say these words calmly.


Everyone was taken aback.

Did you make a mistake?

Levi is clearly in danger, right?

Why is it the other way around?

Instead, Levi gave them a chance.

Is this Levi stupid?

Even the Tyrannosaurus felt so.

Did Levi fail to figure out the situation?

Several people in Poison Yama were also very angry.

Never seen such an arrogant young man.

“Presumptuous! You provoke us?”

The four demon heads were blown up with anger.

“Four adults, Levi is delaying time, right? Let’s fight quickly!”

Seeing this, a mask Lord couldn’t help reminding.

“Yes, this kid is probably delaying time!”

“Kill him! Let’s go quickly!”

Toxic Yama gave an order.

More than 20 mask Lords rushed to Levi.

These twenty-odd people are all first-class powerhouses, and they were unscathed in the first battle.

Tyrannosaurus they dare not watch the next battle.

If Levi had an accident, they would fail completely.

Levi, don’t die!

Everything is gone!

“No one can go!”

Levi grabbed a saber casually and said coldly.


In the next moment, he turned into a flash of lightning, pulled out afterimages, and shuttled among the crowd.


Dao Senhan’s knife light flashed.

In an instant, Levi passed through the team of more than twenty people and stopped in front of the four demon heads.

Everyone was stunned.

In the next moment, more than 20 masked Lords suddenly shot bloody arrows and fell to the ground one after another.

There is a thin blood stain on their necks!


The four demon stunned.

The members of the four major groups including Tyrannosaurus were all stunned.

so horrible!

Kill more than 20 Lords in one move!

Tyrannosaurus they just fought against each other.

In addition to the four demon heads, these twenty-odd mask Lords, they just got a tie.

Doesn’t it mean that Levi killed the sixteen Lords of their four major groups with one move.

This is too scary, right?

Just now everyone said he was a burden!

I didn’t expect them to be the real burden, waste!

There is no Levi.

Their mission will definitely fail!

Now there is Levi, and there is still a glimmer of hope.

“As expected to be the God of War! Sure enough, there are two times! But we have eaten more salt than you have eaten!”

“What are you using to fight us?”

Each of the Four Demons is a Lord-level powerhouse for nearly a hundred years.

It is equivalent to the existence of four Dongdao Demon Sword level!

He can kill a demon knife!

Four demon knives are fine too!

“Hurry up and kill the God of War! Take your things and go back. It is not appropriate to stay here for a long time!”

Overlord West Yuezhen said solemnly.


All four moved.

Chapter 1356

The king of swordsman West Yuezhen carried a large knife weighing several hundred jins, opened it wide, and slashed it down.

Feng Buqun, a 10,000-person butcher, smashed down with a pair of iron fists, and the car was smashed into scrap.

Both Poison Yama and Hidden Weapon Wizards did not choose to shoot.


Levi didn’t evade in the slightest, but hit Feng Buqun’s iron fist with a fist.


Suddenly, a terrible vigor penetrated Feng Buqun’s arm to his body.



Feng Buqun opened his mouth and vomited blood, and his body flew out.

The Lloyd Jin just passed from Levi’s fist directly shattered the inside of his body.

Feng Buqun smashed to the ground fiercely and died on the spot.

The king of swordsman West Yuezhen slashed with a big knife.

But Levi didn’t evade at all, holding his arm in front of him.


Just listen to a dull sound.

Dadao was shocked and returned.


Immediately, the audience took a cold breath.


It’s terrible!


What kind of physique is this?

Isn’t it defying the sky?

A big knife of several hundred catties is extremely sharp.

Can’t cause any harm to Levi?

Even West Yuezhen was stunned.

The material of his knife is made of extremely hard metal.

It hurts less than a minute?

How terrifying is this?

When West Yuezhen wanted to cut the second knife, he found that he couldn’t lift the knife anymore.

It seems that there are tens of thousands of tons of weight pressed on it!

I saw Levi’s fist pressed against the knife.



What was even more frightening was that Levi hit the knife with a fist, and the knife snapped in half.


The Tyrannosaurus people are going crazy.

This is too bad!


Levi grabbed half of the giant knife and slammed it on West Yuezhen’s head.

West Yuezhen died on the spot.

The remaining poisonous Yama and hidden weapon wizards panicked.

“Hurry up! We are not opponents!”

Poison Yama took the password box and ran first.


Tang Yulong threw a large number of hidden weapons.

Attempt to block Levi.

“Boom boom boom…”

These hidden weapons were so powerful that they exploded on the ground, turning the area in front of them into a sea of ​​fire.

But the two did not see Levi.

When I looked at Levi, he had already appeared in front of them.

“Your hidden weapon can’t hurt me at my speed!”


Levi slapped Tang Yulong with a slap.

Tang Yulong flew out immediately!

Although Poison Yama ran fast, Levi was faster.


Kick him out with one kick.

Poison Yama is good at using poison, but martial arts is average.

Levi’s kick made him lose all abilities.

Can’t move!

Before the password box in his hand could be destroyed, it was taken by Levi.

“Although you got the password box, it is already covered with toxins, you are dead!”

Poison Bass Luo sneered.

Levi smiled: “Really?”

He raised his hand.

There was an invisible glove on his hand.

It turns out that he had already prepared!

Not to mention being prepared.

After Levi was baptized with poison in the Palace of the Blood King, he was almost immune to most of the poison.

Toxic Yama was stunned.

The hidden weapon wizards were also stunned.

Tyrannosaurus and they were also dumbfounded.

None of these four demon heads, Colin, had ever been caught.

When Levi was here, they were all easily defeated?

How powerful is Levi?

Isn’t he poisoned and injured?

How can it be stronger than before?

Is this injury or enhancement?

Levi captured Poison Yama and Hidden Weapon Wizards together.

“Come on, who is the person behind you?”

“Speak out, I can spare your lives!”

Levi asked.

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