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Chapter 1361

Levi smiled: “I didn’t want to escape!”

“But in the face of your grandmother’s face, I warn you-don’t mess with me, because you can’t afford it!”

As soon as Levi said this, everyone in the Logan family was taken aback.

Then they laughed.

are you crazy?

What is Levi?

The old lady is the sister of the helm of the Xishu clan.

A handicapped in a wheelchair, she can’t afford it?

Levi’s ruthless words are too untechnical, right?

The old lady’s eyes condensed, her face changed.

“I can’t afford you? Are you sure?”

The old lady said coldly.

“Levi, you idiot! Even if you are the god of war of God of War, the old lady will give you three points at most, so she won’t be offended by you!”

The others sneered.

Levi ignored the others and nodded to the old lady: “I’m sure!”

“Okay, then you show how I can’t offend you? I’m looking forward to it! If I can’t offend you, I will be happy for Sarah and Junjun!”

The old lady stared at Levi.

“If I can’t show it, I won’t let you see Sarah and Junjun in this life, but I will also teach you!”

The old lady turned her words and said angrily.

Levi thought for a while and said, “Three months! I’ll pick up Sarah and Junjun! Let you be convinced!”

He promised Colin for three months to pull out this dark force of Da Xia.

The next three months are expected to be very dangerous, but it is safer for Sarah and Junjun to stay with the old lady.

As a result, he will send someone to protect it.

Secondly, the Western Shu family will protect.

With double protection, it is safer.

It’s just that you can’t see Junjun and Sarah anytime.

But for the sake of Morendam and his future, he must endure it.

He has already planned.

Use three months to eliminate all forces or people that threaten Morendam.

He wants to clean it up.

So based on this idea, Levi booked a three-month period with the old lady.

In this way, why does the old lady prevent him from seeing the Ziranniangs? She will definitely strengthen her protection.

“F*rt! Levi is just a tactic to slow you down!”

“Deliberately set a deadline so that we can let you go now? Zonon!”

“Levi, don’t think too much, you can’t leave today!”

Everyone in the Logan family became Levi’s transfer target and wanted to get out of trouble.

But the old lady is very curious: “Oh? Three months later, can you still return to the position of God of War?”

“If you can return to the position of God of War War God, you will be qualified to talk to the Western Shu family!”

In the eyes of the four gate lords, they are all equal to or even higher than the God of War.

You can give three points of courtesy, but you must not lose your momentum and strength.

Even crushed.

Levi smiled and said: “No! Three months later, I will let you all understand that the four gate valves will be stepped on by me! I, you really can’t afford it!”

Levi’s words caused serious dissatisfaction among everyone.

The old lady laughed: “Okay, I’ll give you a chance, and wait for you to pick someone up in three months!”

“Go, leave!”

The Northern Heavenly King then pushed Levi away.

“Grandma, how could you let him go? He just said that on purpose!”

“Yes, before Levi came to this kid, he always made an agreement with others! These are all his words for getting out!”

Everyone said.

“What? Have I been fooled by this kid?”

The old lady exclaimed.

Chapter 1362

“Hurry up and chase this kid back!”

Nick shouted.

“If you chase him at this time, you will inevitably have a conflict with the goddess of war!”

“Well, if he dares to lie to me, never even think about seeing his children and his wife!”

The old lady said angrily.

After Levi arranged for the Lords of the Zhentian Temple to protect Sarah, he will start to plan.

“Hall Lord, recently many Lords in the North Liang gate are staring at us, they may be afraid of the Great Wall Army, they have not done anything!”

The Northern Heavenly King said.

Levi smiled.

It seems that Fan Shengnan arranges people to be by his side, which is also beneficial.

At least it frightened many people and concealed a lot of trouble.

“Are there any other changes?”

Levi asked.

“Not for the time being, the whereabouts of this group are too hidden! There is no clue at all!”

The Western Heavenly King shook his head.

At present, Levi used all the resources he could use to investigate this group as the king of one word.

It is estimated that it is only a matter of time before it is found.

Now foreign enemies dare not invade Morendam the slightest, but there are many hidden dangers inside.

Especially now that the major hidden forces are free, they are even more unscrupulous.

Already daring enough to start grabbing things in the realm of the capital.

God knows what they will do next.

“Order the ministries to pay close attention! I feel that they will definitely make big moves next!”

Levi already had this strong hunch.


By the way, Levi expected it very accurately.

They are going to do it!

Now, Woodrow wanted to know Levi’s physical condition, so he directly asked Fan Shengnan.

On the phone, Fan Shengnan claimed that one or two sentences were unclear and asked Woodrow to interview.

After all, both of them hope that Levi will recover as soon as possible.

The purpose is the same.

The place where the two met was chosen in Jiangbei.

“The whereabouts of Woodrow and Fan Shengnan are confirmed! They will meet tomorrow at Grand City Villa in Jiangbei!”

“Get ready now! You only need to succeed this time, not fail!”

“At the same time all resources are used to block Jiangbei secretly! I don’t believe that a king can save these two people thousands of miles away!”

“This time, we want to let Morendam know how terrible our Avengers are!”

Everyone thought that the king was in the north side by side.

The same is true for the information they received.

Besides, no one would have thought of their action this time.

It’s different from the previous action of grabbing genetic medicine.

That time, Colin had prepared in advance, so the king would appear side by side.

But this time is different.

After all, hunting down the two gods, this is an action that no one dares to think…

And the assassination was carried out suddenly.

No one could have expected it at all.

Even Levi couldn’t predict that they would be so crazy.

Will kill Morendam’s two war gods at the same time!

This is completely crazy behavior.

Overnight, a lot of super powers flooded in Jiangbei.

What is even more frightening is that Jiangbei was invisibly blocked.

Only exit, no entry.

It shows the strong background and resources of the Avengers.

The inside and outside of Grand City Villa is even more spread out.

Just wait for Fan Shengnan and Woodrow to come.

The next day.

Fan Shengnan and Woodrow both came to Jiangbei.

Because Levi’s recovery was slow, the two decided to discuss the solution face to face.

Soon, Fan Shengnan came to Grand City Villa for the first time.

Soon after, Woodrow also entered the villa.

The two didn’t notice it at all.


“There is no doubt that the two war gods will die today in Morendam!”

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