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Chapter 141

Levi was deeply impressed by the ridicule of the classmates and the failure of the partners on that day.

It almost said that the faces of Wang Xuelong were branded deep in their hearts.

They can’t forget these people!!!

Besides, Zhong Yao did not quit after the failure of his business.

But then she went to take care of the family business.

Later, Levi broke contact with these people, not knowing how their development was.

However, after leaving the team that year, several people continued to start their own businesses, and they are now quite successful.

Zhong Yao and Lin Mei are the best, both of whom run companies with a market value of one billion.

The other three Wang Xuelong are not bad, all worth several hundred million.

After all, being able to become Levi’s partner is naturally not bad.

Nevertheless, in front of Levi, they are not worth mentioning.

No matter how hard they work, there is an insurmountable gap with Levi six years ago.

After hearing the news of Levi’s imprisonment, Wang Xuelong and the others were so happy that they ran down the well.

Levi greeted, “Zhong Yao, Lin Mei, are you here too?”

Did not wait for the two girls to speak.

Boyd Haosheng and West Bingxu said: “Why can’t we come? Zhong Yao and Lin Mei are worth more than one billion, young elites of Case York enterprises. We are close, but worth several hundred million. It is Xiao Jiazheng’s eighth. I’ve been invited!”

Wang Xuelong sneered and said, “Yes, we must be able to come! It’s you, what qualifications do you have to come here?”

“You have just been released from prison. You don’t want to run a company, and you are penniless. How did you come here?”

The three sang a harmony.

West Bingxu saw the invitation card in Levi’s hand and snatched it.

“Miss Sarah? Hahaha, I see, you came with your wife’s invitation card?”

West Bingxu laughed.

This is really true, the Sarah is written on the invitation.

Wang Xuelong sneered again and again: “It turned out to be your wife! Sarah, I heard that I recently took on a promising project, and I barely qualify!”

Boyd Haosheng also smiled and said, “We the number one young man in Case York, Garrison always, will have a day to rely on women for food?”

Facing the cynicism, Levi remained indifferent.

These clowns were vulnerable in his eyes.

It was far worse than Garrison Family.

Not to mention the comparison with today’s giant Xiao family.

However, Levi’s appearance changed in the eyes of Zhong Yao and Lin Mei.

In their opinion, the domineering man who used to be invincible and instructed Jiangshan turned out to be like this after six years in prison…

Decreased to rely on women for food, and even tolerate insults.

How energetic Levi was when he started his business!

At that time, Zhong Yao loved Levi deeply into his bones. Even if he failed to start a business, he never left, and wanted to be with him all the time.

At that time, Levi’s words and deeds hit Lin Mei’s heart like a bullet.

Lin Mei was very bold and pursued Levi many times and even tempted him several times.

But they were all rejected by Levi, which was the main reason why she left after failing to start her own business.

But in any case, this is the man that two people once loved so much!

Seeing Levi’s appearance, the two were deeply moved.

But it is more of rejoicing and joy!

Lin Mei left after being rejected, in order to work hard to make herself better and make Levi regret rejecting this decision.

Zhong Yao’s mentality is about the same. If Levi is still aloof, and Sarah is happy and happy, she will be sad, otherwise she will be happy.

Chapter 142

In a word, as long as Levi is worse off, their hearts will be more happy and satisfied!

As long as Levi is now declining, it proves that their decision to leave was right!

It proves that Levi is not worthy of them!

The two looked at each other, and their thoughts were similar.

But unlike the three of Wang Xuelong, they are more sighing, not going to ridicule Levi or something.

“Well, let’s just say a few words! At least they are all former partners. Although Levi refused to join us at the beginning, he did not help us less.”

Lin Mei said.

She is full of aura, like a queen.

The three of Wang Xuelong were quelled at once.

Unlike Lin Mei, Zhong Yao paid silently.

“are you fine?”

Many words only turn into four words when they reach their lips.

“Well, I’m fine.”

Levi answered.

Zhong Yao looked at Levi with mixed feelings.

What about the man who used to swallow the mountains and rivers?

It turns out that time can really change everything, and it can prove that her vision was wrong.

Prove what her parents said: Levi will die when he is young, and is not worthy of Zhong Yao’s.


Everything is right!

Boyd Haosheng looked at Levi and smiled: “Levi, I want to interview you. How do you feel when you see Zhong Yao and Lin Mei, who are worth a billion?”

“Surely regret rejecting them in the first place, right?”

Boyd Haosheng smiled.

“Leave aside, Lin Mei and Zhong Yao are much better than Sarah! Sarah almost went bankrupt a few days ago!”

West Bingxu said.

Wang Xuelong smiled and said, “You regret it? If Zhong Yao or Lin Mei help you now, you will definitely make a comeback, but do you have this opportunity? You are not worthy of them!”

Hearing this, neither Zhong Yao nor Lin Mei interrupted.

Especially Lin Mei put her hands around her chest, high above her.

If Levi confessed to her now, she would ruthlessly refuse!

She even replied: “You used to be ignorant of answering me, but now you can’t afford it! Levi is not worthy of you!”

Zhong Yao’s mentality is similar.

Give her another chance, she won’t like Levi!

Xiao Qin saw this scene, ran over, took Levi’s arm and sneered: “You, after all, are short-sighted laymen! My brother-in-law is still amazing, you are like ants in his eyes, but you don’t want to care about you. That’s it!”

Although Xiao Qin didn’t fully know the identity of Levi.

But the 50 million room was written as her name at random, and the people who bought the revolving restaurant in the Case York Center at will definitely not be provoked by people like Lin Mei.

“Hahaha… Levi, is this your sister-in-law? But it’s so cute!”

Lin Mei smiled and glanced at Levi contemptuously.

Today’s entrepreneurial environment is difficult, more than a hundred times more difficult than six years ago.

With her current worth, Levi could catch up with her for a lifetime.

Lin Mei smiled and said, “I heard that you don’t seem to have a job yet. If you didn’t come to me as the technical director, I would offer you a high salary.”

I thought of the man who stood on the top and rejected him, working under him.

Lin Mei feels very cool thinking about it.

But Levi refused: “No, after today, everything about the Garrison Group and the Garrison Family will be returned to me, even the Xiao family’s property will be mine. I will have a job at that time!”

The speech is not surprising, and the audience is dead as soon as Levi said this.

Chapter 143

Levi said this, let alone Lin Mei and they didn’t believe it.

Even Xiao Qin didn’t believe it.

My brother-in-law is great.

But to take back the King’s Landing Group, but also to bring down the Xiao family.

How can it be?

Even the brother-in-law who was in his prime six years ago can’t do it!

He is just like the ants in front of the Xiao family.


A few seconds later, Wang Xuelong and the others laughed first.

Lin Mei and Zhong Yao looked at each other and laughed.

This is the funniest joke they have ever heard.

A waste that just got out of jail was going to wipe out the Xiao family of tens of billions of industries?

Since they have worked with Levi, Lin Mei and Zhong Yao are very clear about Levi’s temperament.

In the past, Levi was used to saying “big talk” like this.

Always say casually to do something impossible.

He really did it one by one later.

But that was Levi who rebuked Fisher Qiu for pointing the country six years ago.

Ability, motivation, and connections.

It’s easy to do things.

Levi now has nothing to do.

How could he do a blockbuster thing?

What’s more, it is necessary to break the wrist with the tens of billions of assets of the Xiao family!

This is absolutely impossible!!!

If there is, then the sun is definitely coming out from the west.

In other words, dreaming!

However, Lin Mei didn’t expose Levi’s Spring and Autumn Dreams on the spot, but smiled and said, “Then I will congratulate Garrison Zongqi on his victory in advance! Recapture the Garrison Group and win the Xiao family!”

Others also laughed and said, “Yeah, Mr. Garrison, soon you will be worth 50 billion. When the time comes, help my brothers a little, just come with a 500 million billion!”

What everyone didn’t expect was that Levi took it seriously.

Levi said to Lin Mei: “Okay, thank you, I will consider you if you have cooperation at that time.”

Zhong Yao looked at Levi with a pity.

At this time, Levi was so pitiful in her eyes.

Once the first day arrogant has reached the point of using bragging to satisfy one’s own psychology.



I Zhong Yao has a unique vision for more than 20 years and has never seen the wrong person or thing.

The only time I missed him was Levi.

Thinking that Levi was the king, he turned out to be a waste!

Wang Xuelong patted Levi on the shoulder and sneered: “Old Garrison, don’t be discouraged. We believe in your abilities. To be honest, the core medical technology developed by the Xiao family is only a small part of it. Do you know? It’s your technology that they have earned more than 20 billion!”

Lin Mei smiled: “It’s really horrible! It’s enough to create a giant!”

Lin Mei also looked at Levi: “I am sincerely hiring you to be my technical director in Levi. What about you, you have the strength, but your heart has been wiped out. I am optimistic about you, I can give you a future!”

“Yes, you can also find me. Your medical technology really made the Xiao family a fortune!”

Even Zhong Yao wanted to take in Levi.

It was so refreshing to step on this tall man under his feet.

“Yaoyao, what are you talking about?”

Suddenly a stern voice came.

I saw a tall man in a suit and leather shoes appearing with a look of displeasure.

His name is Lloyd Lin, a senior member of the Xiao Family Group, the super henchman of Xiao Ruofeng, the second room of the Xiao family, and his position in the Case York circle is very good, which is equivalent to representing Xiao Ruofeng.

Lloyd Lin and Zhong Yao have a very good relationship, and it is rumored that they are boy and girl friends.

Actually, the relationship has not been determined yet, but Lloyd Lin is the candidate for Zhong Yao’s first husband.

Chapter 144

Even if the former male god appeared in front of him, Zhong Yao was not shaken in the slightest.

The key is now that Levi and Lloyd Lin are very different!

After seeing Levi today, Zhong Yao became more determined to be with Lloyd Lin!

I greeted Lloyd Lin, Lin Mei, Wang Xuelong and others immediately.

Lloyd Lin’s status is too high, more than enough to crush them to death.

Make friends a lot.

Zhong Yao smiled and asked, “Lloyd Lin, what’s the matter?”

“You talked about the Xiao family’s taboos just now…”

Lloyd Lin looked around and couldn’t help saying.

“Huh? Taboo?”

Zhong Yao’s face changed.

Lloyd Lin nodded: “Who told you that the profitable business of Xiao Family Medicine is related to Levi’s core technology? Don’t listen to those rumors! The core technology is independently developed by the Xiao family’s technical team, and it doesn’t have any money from Levi. relationship!

Don’t say these stupid things in the future. I heard it and it’s okay, but if the rest of the Xiao family hears it, you won’t be able to eat! “


Lin Mei and others were already shocked in a cold sweat.

Zhong Yao also nodded.

In fact, everyone understands what medical technology is all about.

But you can’t speak out.

Levi heard it clearly.

I can only sigh the shame of the Xiao family.

Obviously I made a fortune by stealing my own technology, but I think it is my own, so I won’t let anyone say.


Zhong Yao saw that there were more than a dozen bodyguards behind Lloyd Lin, and the middle assistant was holding a password box in his hand.

She asked curiously, “Lloyd Lin, what are you giving away?”

Lloyd Lin smiled and said, “This is a gift for Major General Alton! It is very valuable and must be guarded by myself!”

All of a sudden, Lin Mei and the others came with curiosity.

Even Levi was a little curious.

The Xiao family would give Alton that ba5tard something.

Zhong Yao smiled: “What is Lloyd Lin inside? Can you tell me?”

Lloyd Lin whispered: “The gift to General Kirin is a watch! It’s a Patek Philippe custom star model. There is only this one in the world, worth tens of millions!”


Everyone took a breath.

As expected, the Xiao family was wealthy and gave such an expensive gift to Major General Alton.

Speaking of the watch, Levi thought of his friend Erick.

When a man is rich, his hobbies are usually the same-cars, beauties, antiques and the like.

Erick’s favorite is watches.

He has a variety of world-famous watches in his family, many of which are limited editions.

It’s naturally gone now.

Lloyd Lin smiled and said: “I’ll tell you a little secret, don’t tell it! This watch is actually owned by Erick, the vice president of Garrison Group. He specially customized this watch from Patek Philippe headquarters that year. It is the most in his thousands of collections. An expensive one.”

After hearing Lloyd Lin’s words, everyone looked weird.

They looked at Levi one after another.


Levi is very angry!

Don’t tell me the things of the brothers are divided, but they are still used as gifts?

“Well, you can’t say anything, I have to go in!”

After Lloyd Lin finished speaking, he took his watch and bodyguards and left here.

Xiao Qin whispered beside him: “Brother-in-law, don’t get too angry! But grandpa and I won’t come back for the gift to General Alton.”

Levi said indifferently: “It’s okay, anyway, I will get the watch back later!!!”


Lin Mei laughed again.

“What do you rely on to get it back?”

Zhong Yao asked with a sneer.

“Do you think you are Major General Alton?”

Everyone questioned.

Levi said faintly: “The Alton will personally get it in front of me then!”

Chapter 145

“Too disappointed!!!”

Zhong Yao shook her head and looked at Levi in disgust.

Do you have to rely on mouth addiction to find psychological comfort now?

Lin Mei and the others regarded Levi as a joke.

Boyd Haosheng smiled and said, “Did Levi see Lloyd Lin just now? That’s Zhong Yao’s boyfriend. Can you compare? They are even better than you at the peak six years ago!”

“Haha, Zhong Yao, look at how bad your choices were back then? You used to have bad eyesight!”

“Now that you choose Lloyd Lin, you really escaped a disaster!”

Zhong Yao’s heart is still very refreshing.

How many times she fantasized about Levi’s regrets.

Now it’s successful!

“Brother-in-law, let’s go and ignore them!”

Xiao Qin listened again, she was going to beat these two women to death.

“To tell you the truth, once he was at the top, but now he is still at the top!”

Xiao Qin left a sentence and left with Levi.

But as soon as I left the meeting room, I ran into the Xiao family and his party who entered the meeting room.

Naturally headed by the domineering Xiao Guopu, followed by Xiao Ruoyu, Xiao Ruomei and others.

“Grandpa, uncle and uncle, mom and dad…”

Xiao Qin smiled.

However, the eyes of Xiao Guopu and others fell on Levi.

“Levi? Hahaha…”

Xiao Guopu smiled suddenly.

Xiao Ruoyu reached Levi’s ear and sneered, “I promise you won’t leave the venue alive today!”

Naked threat!

Levi also smiled: “Why didn’t I see Xiao Tianlong, my old classmate, come? Can’t he come in the hospital?”

Xiao Ruomei and Mann Xuecheng didn’t know the truth, and immediately said, “Levi, what are you talking about? Tianlong is fine!”

However, Xiao Guopu was not calm anymore.

He even wanted to split, wishing to kill Levi!

He is provoking the majesty of the Xiao family!!!

Levi continued to smile and said, “Take a good treatment, I have many famous doctors in Velador, so I don’t need to hire some foreign doctors!”

As soon as this word came out, the scene became deadly silent.

Xiao Guopu’s faces changed wildly.

Levi knew about the Swiss doctor!!!

No one knew about this except the Graham family and the person who robbed the doctor.

Everyone looked at Levi’s eyes changed.

Could it be that Levi robbed the doctor?

how can that be?

Use military helicopters, use mercenaries?

Can Levi do all this?

impossible things!

They also carefully checked everything about Levi, and the only backers were Old Nine Third Lord.

It can only be said that Levi knew the news of the doctor’s arrival.

“Ha ha…”

Levi smiled mysteriously and left with Xiao Qin.

The few people who left Xiao Guopu were puzzled.

But they insisted in their hearts that Levi only knew the news, but the doctors were definitely not hijacked by him.

At this time, the servants of the Xiao family ran over and said, “There was a problem with the Lord’s dinner, and someone needs to go over and solve it.”

The dinner is as important as the celebration, but it must not happen.

Xiao Guopu urged Xiao Ruomei and Mann Xuecheng: “You go to solve the dinner party! Nothing goes wrong!”

“Okay, Dad!”

The men of the Xiao family must attend the celebration ceremony.

The only one who could be sent out was Xiao Ruomei.

At this moment, almost all the guests came in.

Everyone came to the designated seats to sit down. Due to Levi’s relationship, Xiao Qin did not sit very far in front, but in the middle back.

The Xiao family absolutely did not allow Levi to sit in front.

Lin Mei, Zhong Yao and others were sitting in the front position in the middle.

Before they sat down, they greeted Levi to show their seats in the front row.

It’s not that big, the guests are already filled with hundreds of seats.

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