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Chapter 1363

Fan Shengnan and Woodrow didn’t even know what kind of heaven and earth they were in.

It also shows how terrifying the Lords arranged by the Avengers are.

Even the gods of the two wars were not aware of it.

Although the two have always been very vigilant, they never thought that someone would be bold enough to kill them.

Still on the land of Morendam…

“You are waiting outside the door!”

Fan Shengnan ordered the two.

Woodrow’s three major apprentices and Fan Shengnan’s four female warlords were waiting outside.

“Levi’s injury is a bit difficult at the moment…”

The two began to discuss how to make Levi recover as soon as possible.

Seven kills outside the door chatted with a few of Fan Shengnan’s men.

“I don’t understand, Ming Levi is already the boss’s defeat, why does the boss want to fight him again?”

“Yes, I can’t figure it out? Is it because Fan Zhan Shane said that he believes in Levi?”

The four girls smiled and said: “We didn’t understand it at first, but later we found some clues… Maybe it was because of feelings?”

“Huh? Feelings?”

The face changed drastically when several people thought of Seven Kills.

Is it because Woodrow likes Fan Shengnan, but Fan Shengnan loves Levi?

That’s why there is such a situation.

“Hold on… it seems something is wrong…”

At this moment, Pojun noticed a clue.

“what’s happenin?”

Others asked.

“Don’t you think it’s too quiet? The atmosphere of this villa is a bit wrong!”

Breaking the army watched the surroundings vigilantly.

“Yes, there were a lot of people in the villa just now, how come they disappeared in an instant!”

“Yeah, if you don’t tell me, I didn’t even find out! It is indeed the case!”

“Everyone, be careful and be prepared!”

Seven Kills immediately came to the room and reminded Fan Shengnan and Woodrow.


The two were taken aback first.

Immediately afterwards, Woodrow laughed: “You are worrying too much, this is Jiangbei! What is the danger?”

“Besides, who are we? Who can bring us danger?”

He is the god of war in God of War!

He is so fierce at home and abroad, who threatens him?

“That’s right, what danger can we have?”

Fan Shengnan also smiled.

In their cognition and concept, they are god-like beings.

Where is the danger in your own territory?


But she just fell off.

Suddenly this building was hit by a terrible bombardment, and the whole building collapsed instantly.

Fortunately, all three of them are top Lords and react quickly.

Get out quickly before being buried in the soil.

Woodrow and Fan Shengnan looked at the collapsed building behind them with gray heads, smoke and dust billowing, and there were ruins in front of them.

“Watch out! Watch out!”

Several people exclaimed.

No one thought of the sudden scene.

This Grand City Villa is actually in danger…

The next second, a howling sound came out.

The sound of footsteps is heard.

The entire villa is densely packed with masked Lords inside and out.

Don’t leave any way for Woodrow to survive!


Everyone’s complexion changed wildly, and they looked at the surrounding Lords in disbelief.

Someone really wants to deal with them?

how can that be!

Too bold, right?

Don’t you know their identities?

Woodrow immediately said angrily: “Who are you? What are you going to do? Do you know who I am?”

Woodrow asked three consecutive questions.

The other party just smiled contemptuously: “Woodrow and Fan Shengnan, today is your death date! Stay here forever!”


Chapter 1364


“Kill us?”

“Have you eaten the courage of the bear heart and leopard?”

Even at this moment, Woodrow and Fan Shengnan could not understand that someone would kill them.

Of course, it was mainly because of the recent actions that Levi was doing.

This is a confidential order.

No one else knows.

Including them.

“Kill Fan Shengnan and Woodrow! Hurry up!”

The headed man in the golden tiger mask gave an order.

The Lords in the field are all dispatched.

What they want is a quick fight!

“So what? Want to kill me? Is it that easy?”

Woodrow is full of confidence.

The victory over the Northern Heavenly King not long ago brought him the ultimate confidence.

“Fight! Kill out first!”

Fan Shengnan shouted angrily.

A total of nine people were killed out.

One hand.

Woodrow’s nine faces changed wildly.


The opponent is too strong!

There are still so many people…

Everyone is strong to the extreme!

Woodrow originally wanted to kill the Quartet and sweep the army.

As a result, as soon as they fought, the two Lords entangled him.

Fan Shengnan’s combat power was a little weaker than Woodrow, and she was even more strenuous.

Not to mention the other seven.

The opponent can entangle them alone.

Not to mention that the opponent has hundreds of Lords…

“GrandLord! All Lord-level powerhouses!”

Woodrow’s face was extremely pale, and he kept breaking into cold sweat.

Soon, he discovered that all the Lords present were all of the Lord class.

This is unimaginable…

Almost dozens of Lords…

It’s too bad!

What is the origin of the other party?

Can gather so many Lords?

What’s more, there are hundreds of Lords around, which are not counted outside the villa.

GrandLords walk everywhere, god-level Chinese cabbage.

In order to kill them, I also took great pains.

Woodrow used the combat skills of the Northern Liang Clan to the extreme, and dealt with the major Lords.

Fan Shengnan played very hard, but he could still persist.

But the Seven Kills and the Broken Army were all wounded after only one round of attack.

There is no fighting power in an instant!

“Speed ​​up! Don’t give them any respite!”

The man in the golden tiger mask urged.

The attacks on the Avengers’ side became more fierce and impenetrable.

The Seven Killers flew out immediately, and could not get up again.

Had it not been for Woodrow and the two of them had just taken care of them, I am afraid that all these people had died.

At this time, Woodrow and Fan Shengnan were also injured. After taking the ancient medicine, they recovered a lot.

But the opponent is too strong!

The offensive is too strong!

The two didn’t last long at all, and they were all beaten out.

At this time, taking the ancient medicine is no longer useful.

Their combat effectiveness has basically been lost.

Only death is waiting for the two!


Woodrow and neither of them could imagine that the other side would have so many Lords to kill them.

What kind of terrorist organization is this?

So many Lords and god-level powerhouses?

“Kill them, we leave!”

Jinhu mask ordered.

“Wait, do you really dare to kill us? I am Woodrow, the god of war of God of War! Do you know the consequences of killing me?”

Woodrow said coldly.

Even now, he still feels that the other party can’t kill him.

His status is too high.

Who dares?

“I know, but you are the one I killed!”

The man said coldly.

“Wait! I want to know who you are?”

Fan Shengnan has given up.

What if reinforcements arrive?

This group is too strong, and reinforcements are no match for them!

Dozens of Lords, countless gods…

“You are not qualified to know!”

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