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Chapter 1365

“Kill them!”

“Then put their heads on the highest point in Jiangbei!”


Endless despair!

Woodrow never expected this day.

The main reason was that his journey was so smooth that he sat in the supreme position.

He hasn’t really settled down in this position yet.

Many things have not been done yet.

Is he going to die?

He is unwilling…

Unwilling to die like this…

Woodrow tried to delay time, but the other party didn’t pay attention at all, the butcher knife in his hand had already been cut off.

“Are you going to die…”

The two had already felt the killing intent attacking their bodies.


At a critical moment.

A pebble shot out like a bullet, crossed an arc, and struck quickly.

Suddenly, the person wielding a butcher knife was hit like a car accident, and the whole person flew out.

The butcher knife in his hand snapped…

The sudden scene interrupted the Avengers’ position.

“what’s the situation?”

Everyone looked around, everyone was already panicked.

“Want to kill my general? Have you asked me?”

At this time, the door suddenly opened.

Several people walked in from outside.

The leader, wearing a mask, also has a striking ring on his hand.

The person next to him is holding a sword!

“Bass mask, Bass ring, Bass sword?”

“What? You are the king of the word side by side?”

The faces of everyone in the Avengers changed drastically.

Looking at Levi incredulously.

According to their information, the king is in the capital or the north.

It will never appear in Jiangbei.

But I saw it.

Damn it!

When Woodrow and Fan Shengnan, who were on the verge of death, saw Levi, joy burst into their eyes.

They are saved!

The king appeared side by side!

“That’s just right! Then today, kill it with you!”

On the Avengers side, after the panic, they were all murderous.

“Order, everyone besieged and killed the king side by side!”

The man in the golden tiger mask ordered.

“Lord Jinhu, there is no movement outside…”

Subordinates report at this time.

“Don’t waste your effort, all the people outside are dead!”

Levi smiled.

“That’s the same to kill you!”

With an order from Jinhu, all the hundreds of Lords present moved.

It is really rare for dozens of Lords to shoot together.

The fighting power is so desperate!

But they happened to meet Levi!

He had done this long ago on the East Island…

An unprecedented battle is on the horizon…


Woodrow was dumbfounded.

Fan Shengnan was stunned.

The king is too damn strong!

Simply invincible!

Hundreds of Lords in the Avengers fell one after another in front of him.

What about dozens of Lords?

How about all god-level Lords?

I, Levi, beheaded with a single sword!

After a while, the Avengers all fell.

Jinhu also committed suicide immediately.

All dead…


Too shocking!

One word side by side Wang Qiang is outrageous!

Like the capital before, the faces under these people’s masks have long been completely different.

Their faces cannot be recognized at all!

Levi had anticipated this a long time ago and didn’t feel strange.

But this shocked Woodrow and the others…

“Who are these people?”

The two who reacted immediately knelt in front of Levi: “Thank you for your help!”

“However, my subordinates have questions, why did you appear in Jiangbei, the king of the word side by side?”

Woodrow was full of doubts.

Chapter 1366

If it weren’t for Levi’s appearance, he would die without a place to be buried.

Originally, Levi would not have noticed this action by the Avengers.

The main reason was that they secretly blocked Jiangbei, no matter how secretive they were, it was under Levi’s nose after all.

Almost all the eyes of Zhentian Temple are in Jiangbei.

So when the Avengers took action, Levi knew it.

But this happened in Jiangbei, but it will happen elsewhere.

Levi couldn’t save it either.

“I have been in Jiangbei!”

Levi answered.


Both Woodrow and Fan Shengnan were taken aback.

Are Wang and Levi in the same place?

What a coincidence…

However, the two people admire the king of the word side by side.

“Woodrow, neither can you…still too bad!”

Levi said coldly.

This is his objective evaluation.

Woodrow thrown into this group of people, they are only average.

But he is the god of war in God of War!

This is simply a shame!


Woodrow looked ugly.

But he clenched his fist tightly: “But I am at least stronger than Levi! Now that the Lords of the major hidden forces appear, it is normal that I am not as good as them!”

“Ha ha…”

Levi sneered.

This Woodrow’s obsession with him is deep enough.

Is he inferior to him?

Ha ha!

He can crush Woodrow with a single finger!

He still thinks so?

But Woodrow didn’t have much shame.

The word side by side in front of him is stronger than him, he is convinced.

“Why did you come to Jiangbei? Is there any mission? Why don’t I know?”

Levi began to question.


Woodrow and Fan Shengnan looked at each other and didn’t know how to answer.

Regarding Levi, they didn’t dare to tell the king one word.

“I told you not to spend your time and energy on useless things! Okay?”

Levi said coldly.

“Ok, I see!”

Everyone nodded.

This time, it also taught them enough lessons.

“Dare to ask one word side by side king, who shot us?”

Fan Shengnan asked.

“This matter has nothing to do with you! Don’t ask too much!”

Woodrow and several people left.

“We must be careful in the future, Morendam is not safe anymore!”

Woodrow sighed.

“No one expected this to happen…”

Fan Shengnan broke out in a cold sweat.

“Now I finally know my gap! I will work harder! But Levi is still my obsession, he is not my opponent, I must beat him again!”

There was light in Woodrow’s eyes.

“Hall Lord, this time they finally showed their feet! After all, they secretly blocked Jiangbei! So we caught a clue!”

Xitian Wangdao.

Levi smiled: “Well, I know! This time, their biggest mistake is to choose to start in Jiangbei!”

“Notify the ministries and check for me!”

The Avengers did not expect that someone would suddenly come out.

Their perfect plan failed again.

However, the biggest news recently is that Emperor Tang, who is the helm of the Western Shu gate among the four gates, was born.

He will come to Logan’s house in Jiangbei.

This allowed the Logan family’s status to skyrocket again.

Faintly became the first family of Morendam, and even the Garrison family was even better.

“Sarah, my brother wants to see you! In the future, your status will become nobler and nobler! You are not worthy of Levi!”

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