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Chapter 1367

The other three gate valves are also ready to move.

The appearance of the King of Xishu this time has aroused widespread discussion.

Levi came here and let the ministries track down the news of the Avengers.

Levi was taking a walk on a certain lake in the north of the Yangtze River, followed by the Western Heavenly King.

“There are clues that a certain prince of War Eagle Nation has close contact with this group. The others are still being investigated!”

The Western Heavenly King gave an important clue.

“War Eagle Nation???”

When mentioning this country, Levi’s eyes burst with anger.

Once suffered a loss in their hands.

This is a race known for its despicable and insidious methods.

All kinds of methods are used to extremes.

There was a tragedy at the border that was related to them.

One hundred and fifteen of his brothers died tragically.

This is what the Eagle Nation did.

They were persecuted by their trickery and murdered in cruel ways.

He only hates this race!

The key is that the war Eagle Nation secretly designed everything, and there is no clue.

Knowing that they did it, they set aside everything.

In those days, Levi disregarded the order and killed one person to the War Eagle Nation for revenge. That time he was almost dismissed from his post.

Later, he could only give up, and could only watch them at large, but could not take revenge.

Because there is no evidence to prove that it was made by the Eagle Nation.

He has no reason to shoot…

“Sure enough, a group of nasty people got together!”

Levi said angrily.

“Check! Check it out for me!”

Levi said angrily.

This time, if there is a reason, he will take revenge.


Everyone shouted.

“I’ll go for a while alone! You go back first!”

Levi ordered.

Levi was in a bad mood when he mentioned the War Eagle Nation.

He waited a long time on this day.

But there is no reason to do it.

I don’t know who the latter is…

Hope this time by catching the Avengers, all the enemies of the Eagle Nation will be found out.

Before he knew it, he had already circled the West Lake in Jiangbei.

Come to a place with beautiful scenery, there is hardly anyone here.

I only saw a few people not far ahead.

One of the old men was wearing a black Tang suit with a dusty temperament on his body.

Next to him was a young girl, about 18 or 9 years old.

With a high ponytail and a proud face.

The Lady of the Sky!

Ten meters behind an old and a young, six people closely followed, all in white.

The word Xishu is embroidered on the chest.

These six people are extremely terrifying.


Six Lords whose strength is above the Demon Sword of the East Island!

Calculate according to the year.

The six are all century-old Lords!!!

Looking at this posture, the six are just slaves.

Levi saw through the strength of the six at a glance.

He was also horrified.

What is the identity of this young and old?

How about six hundred-year-old Lords as servants?

What Levi didn’t know was that this was the Western Shu Tang Gate, the Western Shu Emperor Tang Emperor and his granddaughter Tang Yanran.

They just arrived in Jiangbei.

Come to appreciate the charm of West Lake…

After all, because of the agreement, he has been trapped in the land of Xishu and has never been born.

Curiosity turned to curiosity, but Levi didn’t think much, and continued walking.

“Stop! Isn’t this where you should be?”

But he didn’t take two steps before he was stopped by a few people.


Levi squinted his eyes.

“Because this area is a private forbidden area, no people can enter!”

Several people said coldly.

Levi understood in an instant.

This area is sealed off.

No wonder there is no one in the bustling West Lake.

But Levi ignored him and went on…

Chapter 1368

“Stop! You don’t understand human words, do you? Didn’t I tell you to stand still?”

Several people shouted coldly.

The king of Xishu, who was the clan of Xishu just now, came, and they were responsible for clearing the field.

After the identity was revealed, everyone in the room was evacuated in an orderly manner.

No one dared to say no.

As a result, there was such a stunned green.

Still have to push in…

“Get out, don’t get in my way!”

Levi said solemnly.

Now his mood is extremely gloomy.

Blocking his way is tantamount to angering him.

“Do you know who we are? The Western Shu gate clan…”

A few people just showed their identities and shocked Levi.

How many people were pushed away by Levi in an instant.

“I do not want to know!”

Being pushed away easily, the eyes of a few people were full of horror.

“Come on! Stop him!”

Several people exclaimed.


Soon, the Lords of the Xishu clan hidden in the dark appeared one after another, stopping Levi.

“If you don’t want to die, let me go!”

Levi roared angrily.

“Presumptuous, dare to be so presumptuous in front of the Xishu clan? Do you want to fight?”

Someone shouted coldly.

“I’m hitting the celebrity!”

Levi shot directly.

He punched hard.

Fist to the flesh.

Everyone complained endlessly.

Soon a large swath of people fell in front of him.

The movement here attracted the attention of the Emperor Xi Shu and his granddaughter not far away.

How could the two of them never think that someone would make trouble in front of the clan of Xishu as soon as they were born?

Impatient to live?

“There is such a bold person in this dunya? How dare to break ground on Tai Sui?”

The Western Shu Emperor said solemnly.

“what happened?”

When everyone came here, they couldn’t help but sternly said.

Tang Yanran stared at Levi with her beautiful eyes.

“Lord, this kid doesn’t listen to our dissuasion and wants to enter here forcibly!”

Emperor Tang looked cold after listening.

“the host…”

All the members of the Western Shu gate arched their waists together, with a panic look on their faces.

I’m afraid this is angry…

After all, he is the helm of the gate of Xishu!

In their eyes, this is the ruler of one party!

Just like the ancient emperor.

Now there is a kid who is provoking?

“You don’t know who we are?”

Tang Yanran shouted coldly.

Levi said with a cold face: “I don’t know, and I don’t want to know!”

This scene stunned all the members of the Xishu clan.

They have always been aloof.

Now that he joins the world, he is regarded as a god-like existence.

Hearing that the emperor of Western Shu was coming to Jiangbei, the celebrities from the south held a super big banquet to welcome him.

Everyone respects him like a god.

In the end, he was so provoked by a hairy boy…

“You are looking for death! You will die when you finish speaking!”

One of the six servants behind Emperor Tang said angrily.

In Xishu Gate, there is a strict rule.

Anyone who provokes the top, kill!

To be in the gate of Xishu, Levi just finished saying this and he immediately fell to the ground.

“Little Liu, don’t be so reckless! This is not our turf. You have to adapt to this world, and don’t fight and kill at every turn!”

Emperor Tang said coldly.

“Bass Ran, what do you think should be done? This matter?”

Emperor Tang looked at his granddaughter.

“Grandpa, let’s do it! Let him kneel down and apologize, this thing is over!”

Tang Yanran suggested.

“Have you heard that! Kneel down and apologize, this matter has never happened before, you are so lucky!”

“Yes, otherwise all my life will be lost!”

“Quickly kneel down and apologize! Spare you!”

Everyone scolded.

Levi shook his head helplessly.

Why is there always someone looking for death?

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