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Chapter 1369


Levi said angrily.

This group of people blocked it and didn’t talk about it, and deliberately embarrassed him.

The words are not astonishing and endless. When Levi said this, everyone in the Xishu clan was dumbfounded.

Someone actually let them go?

Is this crazy?

Provoked to the head of the Western Shu gate…


The servant behind Emperor Tang directly killed Levi.

This is a century-old Lord!

It’s better than the demon sword!

Back then, if these people couldn’t get out of the world, there would have been a time when the demon swords were rampant in Brandon Continent.


Just a punch.

Can have a mighty power!

It’s like a big mountain is coming under the pressure…

The terrible feeling of oppression is beyond description.

Most people are afraid that their organs will be crushed by the terrifying aura before the power of this punch…

This is the horror of a century-old Lord!

An ordinary punch with no surprise has the power to destroy the world!

This punch fell on the person, fearing that the flesh and blood would have to burst…

When he shot, everyone knew a result-Levi would undoubtedly die.


There was a dull loud noise.


The blue bricks under my feet burst one by one.

Everyone was forced to retreat by this powerful Yu Wei…

The most desperate thing is that Levi is all right!

He abruptly took this punch!

The punch hit hard with the punch of the servant of the century-old Lord.


The servant of a century-old Lord vomited blood, and the whole person flew out.


A blood hole burst into his body.

Just now, Levi’s punch blasted into his body, unable to disperse…


Very horrified!

Everyone’s eyes widened, and their eyeballs were about to fly out.

What power is this?

You must know that the top ten servants of the Western Shu Emperor, even in the entire Western Shu family, are the top-notch existence.

But it’s no match for a worldly hairy boy…

This is simply unimaginable!

“I come!”

Another century-old Lord moved instantly.

Do all you can to kill Levi!


Levi still punched.

He also flew out.

“I come!”

The third century-old Lord played.


He also lost.

“I don’t believe it!”

The fourth hundred-year-old Lord shot, and the result was equally defeated!


Absolute shame!

For hundreds of years, the four gate valves, I am afraid that there has been no such shame!

The personal guard of the Western Shu Emperor was actually lost to a kid.

Lost in consecutive battles…

“Let’s go together! Kill him!”

In the end, the remaining two servants also shocked and shot.

It is bound to kill Levi.

Otherwise, if this matter spreads out, the clan of Xishu will become a joke.

The two hold the belief that they will kill.

Use the most powerful combat skills.

Levi was still the same as before, motionless, blasting against their powerful combat skills with unpretentious fists.



But in an instant, these two servants all flew out.

Blood spilled all over the floor.

At this point, all six hundred-year-old Lord slaves fell to the ground.

In everyone’s eyes, it’s all incredible.

too frightening!

Is this young man a man or a ghost?

Is this still dunya?

Is this still modern society?

How could there be such a strong man?

The key is so young…


There are countless geniuses in the clan of Xishu, whose strength is comparable to that of a century-old Lord.

But this kind of easily defeated six hundred-year-old Lords at once, absolutely not!

Levi said with a cold face and looked at the two emperors and granddaughters of Xishu: “Do you still need me to kneel and apologize now?”

Chapter 1370


Everyone was taken aback.

No one thought that meeting a young man would be so horrendous.

Is this still dunya?

They encountered such an existence as soon as they were born.

“The six hundred-year-old grandLords are actually lost?”

“I was defeated so easily!”

“This son can be said to be against the sky! I am afraid that only Morendam Wulong had this qualification when he was young!”

The Western Shu Emperor exclaimed.

Who is Morendam Wulong?

Each one is against the sky!

Among these hidden forces, these five people are the martial arts ceiling!

The four main gates and the strongest martial arts among the major hidden forces!

Five people are myths!

It is also a legend!

Today, the Emperor Xishu thought of these five people after seeing Levi.

Unexpectedly, the miracle of Morendam Five Dragons can also be copied!

The four gate valves have been trained for so many years and no one has succeeded Morendam Wulong.

I did not expect to appear in the dunya…

It’s incredible!

However, the most frightening thing is that Levi is not succeeding the Great Xia Wulong, but is comparable or even the Great Xia Wulong.

Tang Yanran’s beautiful eyes were all incredible.

There are a lot of geniuses among the four main gates, and Tang Yanran also worships several.

But it was the first time I saw someone like Levi.

too strong!

I instantly convinced her who was arrogant!

He is just a worldly person!

“Is it the Xishu clan? Is anyone else coming?”

Levi glanced at the owners of the Xishu clan.

Everyone dared not touch Levi’s gaze.

Even the emperor of Western Shu.

No one dared to fight Levi at all!

“Little brother, this is a misunderstanding! We don’t have much contradiction, it won’t happen!”

The Western Shu emperor’s suit is weak.

Tang Yanran also agreed: “Yes, we don’t have much grudges! We won’t fight each other!”

Levi sneered and said, “There is no contradiction? There is no grudge? But you are going to kill me? You innocently blocked this place? Why is it a misunderstanding?


Facing Levi’s questioning, everyone was dumbfounded.

“We are not right about this matter. I apologize to you on behalf of the Xishu clan! Sir, you can mention it if you have any conditions! As an apology!”

The Emperor Xishu even apologized.

This is something no one else had expected.

Tang Yanran also looked incredible.

Their vision and knowledge are not as good as that of the Western Shu Emperor.

Underestimated Levi’s status in the minds of the Western Shu Emperor.

Also underestimated the value of Levi!

Fortunately, the Western Shu Emperor apologized, otherwise Levi would definitely pursue it to the end.

“Well, you have also learned a lesson, don’t let me meet it next time!”

Levi turned around and was about to leave.

“Hold on! Mr. Hold on!”

The Emperor Xi Shu rushed to Levi and stopped him.


Levi frowned.

“Little sir, I am Emperor Tang, the head of the Western Shu family! An extraordinary person like you should know the four main doors, right?”

The Emperor Xishu asked.

“Yeah. I know.”

“Mr., as the head, I invite you to join the Xishu Clan! I promise that as long as you join the Xishu Clan, your status is second only to me! In the future, I can even give you the Xishu Clan!”

“I promise you can use all the resources of the Western Shumen! You can do anything, with the Xishumen behind!”

The Western Shu Emperor actually made such a promise, which was even more unexpected to everyone.

Can actually become the second in command of the Western Shu gate…

They couldn’t understand the eagerness of the Western Shu Emperor’s desire for talents.

As long as Levi joins the Western Shu gate, the Western Shu emperor can sit on the top of the four gates.

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