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Chapter 1371

This is what Emperor Xishu has thought about all his life.

Xishu Gate Valve is the last of the four gate valves.

But if there is a Tianjiao like Levi to join, it will definitely take off.

Therefore, the Western Shu Emperor must do everything possible to win Levi!

With him, the next hundred years, or even hundreds of years, will belong to the era of the Western Shu family.

The Emperor Xishu bent down in front of Levi, waiting for his answer.

This is beyond the imagination of other people in the Western Shu family!

The emperor of Western Shu actually put on such a low posture…

“Mr. Little must ask you to join the Xishu Clan, I can agree to any conditions! The Xishu Clan is very sincere!”

In the eyes of everyone, the conditions given by the Emperor Xishu were too attractive, and no one would refuse.

Levi raised his eyelids and sneered: “Not interested!”

Levi left after speaking.

“Sir, don’t, you can discuss any conditions! I can agree to whatever you want…”

The Western Shu Emperor was in a hurry.

“No more nonsense, kill you all!”

Levi showed his killing intent, like a devil.

Everyone in the Western Shu gate was frightened.

If Levi were to make a killer move, no one would escape.

Levi frightened everyone.

The Western Shu Emperor also stopped talking.

Everyone can only watch Levi leave.

The Emperor Xi Shu’s throat turned, but after all, he didn’t say anything.

When Levi left, the coercion he brought to everyone disappeared.

Everyone was gasping for breath.

“Grandpa, why are you begging him to enter my Xishu clan in such a manner? I admit that he is amazing, but he is not so good, right?”

Tang Yanran looked puzzled.

The same is true for others.

“Morendam Wulong knows, right?”

The Emperor Xishu asked.


Everyone took a deep breath.

That is the legend, that is the ceiling!

That is everyone’s lifelong dream!

But a hundred years have passed, and even the successor of Morendam Wulong has not appeared.

They are too strong!

It’s too hard to catch up with them!

“That young man should be the person closest to the Great Xia Wulong in this era! He will definitely reach the level of the Great Xia Wulong in the future!”

Said the Emperor Xishu.


Everyone looked crazy.

“I have never seen someone at this age and in this state! He can definitely be the successor of the Great Xia Five Dragons! If he joins the Xishu gate, we will definitely be the first of the four gates in the future!”

The Emperor Xishu explained.

“That’s it! It’s terrible!”

Several people in Tang Yanran opened their mouths wide, and their faces were full of disbelief.

“Bass Ran will give you a task next. Be sure to find out all his information! I can’t let go of this person! If you let others know, I will definitely win them! Whoever wins it will be the era of whoever wins it in the next hundred years!”

Said the Emperor Xishu.

“Understand! I must find out everything and try to let him join the Xishu clan!”

Tang Yanran said.

The Emperor of Western Shu glanced at Tang Yanran and said, “If he hasn’t married yet, it would be better if Yanran you marry him! There is no limit to the future!”

Hearing this, Tang Yanran’s face blushed.

For those who have practiced martial arts since they were young, they generally worship and admire the strong.

Levi fits so well!

“Okay, it’s so decided!”

The Emperor Xishu also smiled.

He is already dreaming about Levi becoming his grandson-in-law in the future…

At this time, the old lady brought a large group of people from the Logan family to the shore of West Lake.

“Brother, we’re here to pick you up!”

Shouted the old lady.

The people behind him were excited and nervous.

Chapter 1372

This will be the great backer of the Logan family’s prosperity for a hundred years!

You can’t call your ancestors too much!

“Do you want to kneel down?”

Doug couldn’t help asking.

They all want to perform well in front of the Western Shu Emperor.

“You don’t need to kneel, everyone else should kneel down!”

The old lady said.



The Logan family knelt down one after another.

“Big brother, this is my husband Doug, these are the younger generations of the Logan family!”

Introduced the old lady.

The Western Shu Emperor didn’t think about them at all, just nodded dumbly.

As for Tang Yanran and others, there is no interest in the Logan family at all.


The indifference of the Xishu clan made Logan Jia panic.

Is it because the reception work is not done properly?

Even the old lady was taken aback.

However, she immediately pulled Sarah’s mother and daughter to the front and introduced: “Big Brother, this is my grandson and her daughter Junjun, haven’t you always wanted to see you?”

Sarah and Junjun also greeted politely.

However, the Emperor Xi Shu completely ignored him, he was surprised: “Sister, guess what I just met…”

“Huh? What happened?”

The old lady was taken aback.

“I met a peerless genius! The strongest young man I have ever seen in my life!”

The Emperor Xi Shu exclaimed.

“What? A young man who can praise you so much, brother? It’s hard to imagine!”

Tang Yanran added, “Grandpa’s six major servants were easily defeated just now! If he was really murderous, we might all have died just now!”

“Yes! I can say that, he can be the successor of the Great Xia Wulong! The future achievements will be comparable to the Great Xia Wulong!”

The Western Shu Emperor was still immersed in the shock in front of him.

“What? Is there anything else?”

The old lady naturally knew Morendam Wulong.

The four gate valves have been cultivated for so many years, but they have never cultivated a successor to Morendam Wulong.

Actually appeared?

“He…where is he?”

The old lady swallowed fiercely.

The Western Shu Emperor shook his head: “He has just left. The most surprising thing is that he turned out to be a man of the world! It’s unimaginable!”


“In the dunya, there are young people who can succeed the Great Xia Wulong? There have never been four big gate lords!”

The old lady’s surprised eyes were about to fly out.

“I really didn’t expect that the first day I joined the WTO, it would give me such a shock! It was terrible!”

The Emperor Xi Shu took a breath.

“I put forward the conditions that the Xishu clan would give him in the future, but he rejected it! If he joins the Xishu clan, we will definitely be number one in the future!”

The old lady nodded fiercely: “That’s definitely it!”

“I planned like this. After checking his identity, I will betroth Yanran to him so that he will be the successor of the Xishu clan! I will bring him over at all costs!”

The Emperor Xi Shu said excitedly.

The old lady couldn’t help but say: “Big brother, you just met him here, right?”

“Yeah! What’s the matter?”

“Most of them are from Jiangbei, or live in Jiangbei. You might know if you ask them…”

The old lady looked at everyone in the Logan family.

The Emperor Xi Shu patted his forehead and asked, “By the way, do you know that there is an amazing wizard in Jiangbei? His height is probably this high, and his age is probably no more than thirty…”

The emperor of Xishu described Levi’s appearance.

Everyone was taken aback, and subconsciously said; “How come you look a bit like Levi?”

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