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Chapter 1373

“It’s Dad! It’s Dad!”

Jun Jun clapped his little hands.

Even Sarah felt that the description of Emperor Xishu was like Levi.

“Grandpa Tang, is this person in a wheelchair?”

Sarah asked curiously.

The Western Shu Emperor shook his head: “No, he is not in a wheelchair! Besides, why does this kind of person need to be in a wheelchair?”

“That’s not him!”

Sarah muttered to himself.

First, Levi was in a wheelchair.

Second, Levi would hardly come to places like West Lake.

But how did she know that in order to avoid Fan Shengnan’s guards, Levi came here to listen to the news from the Western Heavenly King.

“It scared me to death, I really thought it was Levi!”

Doug gasped loudly.

If it was Levi, the consequences would be unimaginable!

The Western Shu Emperor is a god-like existence.

Just one sentence pushed the Logan family to the position of the first family in Morendam.

But the one described by the Emperor Xishu, even he himself desperately wins.

It is unimaginable!

“But if there are any amazing characters in Jiangbei, it is really Levi from before! After all, he is the god of war in God of War!”

Doug said.

“I haven’t heard of the others! No, I have heard rumors before. It seems that the Zhentian Temple is located in Jiangbei! Maybe the character you met, Mr Tang, belonged to the Zhentian Temple?”

“Of course it is not necessarily, Zhentian Temple was suppressed by Woodrow! It may also be from other hidden forces…”

Nick said.

The expression of the Emperor Xi Shu changed: “Okay! But at least we have the direction to investigate!”

After saying this, the emperor of Xi Shu fell on Sarah, “Are you Sarah?”

“Yes, Grandpa Tang!”

Sarah answered.

“Yes, Not Bad!”

The Emperor Xi Shu nodded.

“Your husband is the former God of War war god Levi?”

The Emperor Xi Shu continued to ask.

The reason he wanted to see Sarah was the same.

“Yes! It’s a pity that he is not anymore!”

The Western Shu Emperor smiled: “That’s really a pity, otherwise we are now a strong alliance!”

“Big brother, that man is stubborn and ignorant! Now he is sitting in a wheelchair and he doesn’t put me in his eyes. If he is the God of War, I can’t wait for him!

The old lady said angrily.

“Unreasonable! Even if he is the God of War War God? How can I put him in my eyes?”

The emperor of Xishu was instantly angry.

Even today’s God of War is nothing more than a little disciple of the Northern Liang Family Clan.

Just high status.

In terms of strength, the Western Shu Emperor didn’t pay attention to these war gods.

The old lady also said the period of March.

“Huh! I want to see what qualifications he had to see his wife and daughter at that time? If he is not qualified, I will never let him see you!”

The Western Shu emperor said angrily.

When the Emperor Xi Shu said so, everyone in the Logan family was relieved.

Now Levi is completely finished!

The goddess of war could not keep him.

Unless he doesn’t want to see his wife and daughter all his life…

“Then let’s go back! I will live in Jiangbei for a while! Until I find out which little gentleman has everything!”

Said the Emperor Xishu.

“That’s a great honor! My Logan Jiazu’s grave has smoked!”

Doug and others knelt down with excitement.

Such a big man lives in Logan’s house, something that he can’t even think of.

My Logan family is going to fly completely.

“By the way, Mr. Tang, next Jiangbei celebrities will hold a banquet, please show your face!”

Chapter 1374

The Emperor Xi Shu nodded: “Well, I will participate!”

“That’s great!”

Everyone in the Logan family was very excited.

After all, with the name of the Western Shu Emperor, he can bring unlimited benefits to the Logan family.

“Logan Jiaxia, welcome Tang Elder to Jiangbei with the highest courtesy!”

Finally, the Logan family connected the Western Shu Emperor to the Logan family.

The reception etiquette caused a sensation throughout Jiangbei.

Everyone knows that Emperor Xishu has moved into Logan’s house.

Later, the Logan family arranged for the Mann family to come to see the Emperor of Western Shu.

At this moment, the juniors are gathering outside.

Nick is with Earl and Concubine Mann Jun.

“Shao Logan, do you hate Levi?”

Concubine Mann Jun asked suddenly.

“Hate it! His presence makes me very upset!”

Nick thought for a while, but there was no deep hatred, but Levi made him unhappy.

Concubine Mann Jun smiled sinisterly: “This time, we can get rid of him!”

“How to say?”

“Isn’t there a ban from the Western Shu family? Levi is not eligible to meet Sarah and Junjun for the time being!

But we deliberately lured Levi over! Wouldn’t it be a violation of the agreement to let him come to this welcome banquet and meet with Sarah? “

Mann Junfei said.

Nick’s eyes lit up: “In front of the Western Shu Emperor, Levi broke this rule! He is provoking the majesty of the Western Shu Emperor! The Western Shu Emperor will definitely deal with it ruthlessly!”

“High! This trick is really high!”

“Okay, I will send someone to make arrangements so that Levi will also come to the evening banquet!”

Katie next to him also laughed and said: “It’s great! This time the goddess of war has no reason to protect him! Levi must be abandoned!”

Concubine Mann Jun and Cross Wentao looked at each other and smiled.

This time Levi was absolutely unable to escape from the sky.

The evening dinner is absolutely epic.

It is said that a full 70 million was spent.

What Levi didn’t expect was that he also received an invitation letter.

Levi thought for a while and said: “Okay, I will go to participate!”

This made Nick and the others ecstatic.

I’m afraid that Levi won’t come to participate…

The rest of the Logan family and Mann family had no idea about this matter.

Before going to the dinner party, Nick came to Tang Yanran specially and asked: “Miss Tang, what if Levi does not care about the rules and insists on running to see his wife and daughter?”

Two cold glows shot into Tang Yanran’s eyes: “This is the rule set by Grandpa himself! If anyone dares to destroy it, he is looking for death!”

“In the Western Shu family, grandpa’s words are like decrees, and they must be done!”

Hearing this, Nick and others felt more relieved.

So much the better!

If Levi dares to come, he must die!

Cross Wentao also chuckled and said, “When Levi is about to die, will you use all his organs? Not to mention, his kidney is really easy to use! My body is much stronger!”

“That’s for sure! If it weren’t for being afraid of surgery, I would want to change his kidney!”

Nick smiled.

Concubine Mann Jun and Katie showed successful expressions: “It’s comfortable, it’s really comfortable!”

The dinner was held at Tianhai Mountain Villa, the largest in Jiangbei.

The layout of the site spent huge sums of money, and it was almost a pavement with gold.

As if welcoming an ancient emperor.

Xishu Emperor, Tang Yanran, and others, surrounded by Logan and Mann’s family, came to Tianhai Villa.

The celebrities from all walks of life in Jiangbei are completely boiling.

Stand in two rows and cheer together.

Soon after, Levi and Northern Heavenly King also came to the court.

Levi wanted to see, what does the person sending the invitation to mean?

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