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Chapter 1375

In addition, he came to see Sarah and Junjun.

Originally, it would be troublesome for Levi to enter Tianhai Villa, even with invitations.

But Nick arranged it specially, so Levi entered Tianhai Villa easily.

“Levi is here!”

“That’s great! Our wish is about to come true!”

When Nick heard the news of Levi’s arrival, they smiled excitedly.

Here Levi also knows who sent the invitation.

He immediately knew Nick’s intentions.

I want to kill someone with a knife!

“Ha ha!”

He just smiled contemptuously.

Want to get rid of yourself by the hand of the Western Shu Emperor?

Do you dare to lend him ten courage?

What a stupid…

Here, the people of the Western Shu family are worshipped by thousands.

They enjoy the feeling of being watched by all people.

I even regret it in my heart, why not join the WTO sooner?

In this colorful world, enjoy everything.

In addition, the status of the Logan family has soared.

Those families or individuals that the Logan family looked up to, now which one is not respectful to them?

The Logan family stood up completely.

Xishu Emperor, Tang Yanran and others were very satisfied with the welcome dinner.

But the Emperor Xishu smiled and said, “What if I saw a young gentleman at this banquet?”

Tang Yanran pursed her lips: “Grandpa, how can such a high-level person appear at a dinner party? They usually like to be quiet and not to make trouble!”

The Western Shu Emperor touched his beard: “It is indeed! It is impossible to see here!”

Doug immediately offered his courtesy: “Big Brother, tonight Jiangbei celebrities gather together! They should know everything about Jiangbei. You can ask them!”

“Yes, good!”

The Emperor Xi Shu nodded.

Later, Tang Yanran was sent by the Western Shu Emperor to communicate with young people.

After all, the clan of Xishu had to take root in the dunya.

It’s good to meet people in the world.

Tang Yanran was like a royal princess, surrounded by everyone, all showing great hospitality.

Many children from rich families also show intentions of pursuit.

But Tang Yanran has no interest in them.

Not to mention them, they are the Tianjiao of the four gate lords, she has no interest.

Now there is only that person in my heart…

She looked around.

Although it is impossible, but subconsciously hope that he will appear.

“Miss Tang, what are you looking at?”

Others asked curiously.

“It doesn’t matter what your business is!”

Tang Yanran said impatiently.

Suddenly, Tang Yanran’s eyes lit up fiercely.

Because she saw a figure passing by.


so similar!

“Da da da…”

Tang Yanran rushed out immediately.

She saw Levi approaching.

She was sure in her heart that this was the one!

More than just like!

it’s him!

“By the way, tell your grandpa that I saw the little gentleman I met in Xizihu!”

Tang Yanran shouted as she left.

Other members of the Western Shu family immediately passed the news to the Western Shu emperor.

“What? The little gentleman is really here?”

“I must not miss it this time!”

The Emperor Xishu stood up suddenly.

“Hurry up and take me to find!”

“Everyone find it for me!”

“Be sure to find the little gentleman!”

The Emperor Xi Shu shouted.

In an instant, everyone followed the Emperor Xishu and searched the entire Tianhai Villa.

Everyone can’t imagine, what kind of character can make the Western Shu Emperor so excited?

Do not hesitate to condescend to find it yourself?

Next, the dinner will not go on.

People are everywhere in Tianhai Villa.

Everyone is looking for “Little Mister”.

Chapter 1376

Here, Nick happened to meet Levi in a wheelchair.

“Levi, do you dare to come? Don’t even think about leaving tonight.”

Nick threatened several people.

Several people wanted to shout, but they received a call from the family.

Let them go to find the little gentleman quickly.


Nick was directly confused.

What’s wrong with everyone?

What kind of gentleman are you looking for?

Look for Levi!

Finally, Levi came and took advantage of this opportunity to get rid of him.

Why did such a change happen?

Forget it.

Let’s find the little gentleman first!

Everyone could only watch Levi leave, and then they all went to look for the little gentleman.

On the way, they met Tang Yanran who was running crazy.

“Have you seen someone passing by just now?”

Tang Yanran asked excitedly.

“No, no one of us has passed by here!”

Nick was humane.

Levi did pass by this road just now.

But they ignored him at all.

Besides, Levi can’t be a little gentleman…

“Well, I just clearly saw him passing this road! Maybe he is unpredictable! I’ll look elsewhere!”

Tang Yanran turned and left.

“Miss Tang, let’s find it with you! There are so many people and powerful!”

Nick immediately chased after him.

In this way, the entire villa is looking for people.

At this moment, Sarah was playing with Junjun in the hall.

Suddenly Jun Jun saw Levi and ran over immediately: “Dad, Dad!”

“You… why are you here?”

Sarah looked a little nervous when he saw Levi.

Although she was very angry at what Levi had done before.

I didn’t choose to forgive him for the time being!

But after all, he was worried about Levi’s safety.

After all, the emperor of Western Shu said in person…

If it is seen by other people, it may be dangerous.

“I have an invitation letter!”

Levi shook the invitation letter in his hand.

“Invitation letter? Who gave it to you?”

Sarah looked at the invitation letter.

It stands to reason that Levi would never have it.

“It should be Nick and the others!”

“No! They want to harm you! You go quickly!”

Sarah urged.

Although everyone is looking for a little gentleman.

But if he comes back suddenly, Levi will be caught upright.

That would be dangerous!

“You saw Junjun and me, it’s time to leave!”

Sarah urged.

Levi smiled helplessly: “Well, Junjun, Dad will come to see you later!”

Then Levi was pushed out of the hall by the Northern Heavenly King and went straight to the door.

At this time, the Emperor Xishu and Tang Yanran had turned the entire Tianhai Villa upside down.

No corners fell.

But I never saw Levi’s shadow…

He is the same as disappearing…

Everyone came to the door to search again.

still none.

Disappointed, everyone entered the villa from the door, ready to go to the lobby.

“Don’t be disappointed, grandpa, I can meet the little man once, and the second time.”

Tang Yanran comforted.

The Emperor Xi Shu nodded; “That’s right, it’s normal for the little gentleman to encounter a godlike man! You need to find out his identity as soon as possible! Don’t be preempted by the other three main gates!”

“We don’t know such a character either, there seems to be none in the entire South!”

“Yeah, it seems I have never heard of it.”

Melina and Mann Jianguo said.

Mann, who was walking in the front, thought to himself that this person really seemed to be Levi.

But he is like this now…

On the other side, the Northern Heavenly King pushed Levi towards the door.

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