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Chapter 1379

Everyone nodded together.

They couldn’t forget the scene just now.

The Emperor Xi Shu and Tang Yanran charged directly: “Where are you? Take us there!”

“He has already left, warn us not to follow, otherwise we will be killed without mercy!”

Several people looked ugly.

“This is…”

The Emperor Xishu instantly resembled a deflated balloon.

“Grandpa, but this is also a good thing! At least it proves that this gentleman is in Jiangbei! Then we have a high chance of finding him!”

Tang Yanran said.

The Emperor Xi Shu clapped his hands and said, “It’s really like this!”

“Well, you guys have done meritorious service, and you all have rewards!”

The emperor of Xishu pointed to a few people.

Everyone was ecstatic.

Almost died, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

At this time, no one went to mention Garrison King’s Landing anymore.

No matter how sacred the little gentleman is, Sarah is relieved as long as Levi is okay.

Nick and the others were furious.

After finally finding Levi, something happened.

“Levi, are you too lucky? Can this make you go?”

Nick showed incredible expressions.

Next, the Emperor Xishu and others stayed in Logan’s house.

The Logan family is in full swing.

Every day, big people from all over Morendam come to visit.

Levi has been checking the Avengers.

However, there was good news from the capital—the magic medicine that I said before was done.

Will be distributed to those who have contributed to Morendam.

Such magical medicine is needed even more for the important weapons of the country like Qin Beishan.

If they ensure their health and worry-free life, it can benefit too many people.

Morendam is a great wealth!

In addition, Levi was here to kill the enemy on this battlefield, and he absolutely needed this medicine.

This is called the use of steel on the blade!

To play the greatest value of this magic medicine!

So when Morendam announced that he would reward these heroes, everyone had no objections.

Even if Levi was rewarded, everyone had no objection.

After all, this man once shed blood for Da Xia’s head…

How do they know that Levi is now silently making great dedication to Da Xia!

Even said that his credit is the first!

He deserves this reward!

Because this time the rewards for the important ministers of the country are all open.

So everyone can see it.

The fact that Levi got the magic medicine was quickly found out by Logan and Mann’s family.

“According to the gossip I got, the effect of this drug is absolutely exaggerated! It can help people live, let alone prolong life!”

“Yes, it is said that during the experiment, this drug directly saved ten dead people. It was sent to these people to save their lives!”

“Yes, that’s right! This medicine is said to be invaluable! Foreign friends exchange for an island!”

Nick and the others became more exaggerated and exaggerated, and they were about to exaggerate the medicine.

It is true that there is a rapid recovery and longevity effect.

But coming back to life is absolutely exaggerated!

How can there be that effect?

how can that be…

However, the outside world has spread the drug to the fascinating world.

There are even rumors that many people are going to grab it…

“Levi has this medicine?”

Said the old lady.

“Yes, Levi got it too!”

Everyone said.

“Levi wasted holding this medicine. I’ll give you a task-get the medicine back and I will dedicate it to Big Brother! Big Brother will definitely be happy. Then the credit will be given to you!”

The old lady said.

When everyone heard it, their eyes lit up.

Chapter 1380

If they offer this kind of medicine to the Emperor of Western Shu, the future is boundless!

Now it’s just relying on the old lady, by the name of the clan of Xishu.

But it’s not really relevant.

But if they offer this medicine, they will have a direct connection with the Western Shu gate clan.

No more borrowing the title!

The Logan and Mann families will become part of the Western Shu family!

Can guarantee two hundred years, even hundreds of years worry-free!

This is the lifelong dream of Doug and Melina!

This is a substantial change!

“We must seize this opportunity!”

Everyone clenched their fists tightly.

Everyone has an idea in their hearts.

“Old lady, I will wait for the guarantee, I will get the medicine!”

“Furthermore, it’s useless for Levi to take this medicine? What qualifications does he have?”


“Okay, then I can rest assured!”

“If you get the medicine, I believe the eldest brother will be very happy!”

The old lady said.

Everyone wanted to get this magic medicine when it came out.

Especially like the emperor of Xishu.

They are the most needed…

Here, Levi had just received the reward, and someone over there came to the door.

This time everyone was polite.

Everyone greeted Levi.

Ask how he is doing.

Even the previous Melina and Doug had a big change in attitude.

This was impossible before.

“You are here for this?”

Levi sneered.

“It’s not just this! We mainly congratulate you on your supreme reward!”

Melina said with a smile.

“Thank you!”

Melina looked at each other, and then Melina asked: “Levi? What about medicine? Can we see it?”

Levi shook his head helplessly.

Sure enough, the fox’s tail appeared.

This group of people will not come to him kindly.

“The medicine is sealed in a vacuum, you can’t see it!”

Levi refused directly.

Melina’s face changed, and she continued to ask with a smile: “Levi, how do you plan to use this medicine?”

“Or you haven’t used this medicine yet?”

Levi gave her a glance and said: “I just got the reward, you are here, I have no chance to use it!”

“Levi, that’s great! Give me this medicine! I’ll buy it with money! No matter how much it is!”

Melina and a few people were free.

Get the medicine even if your family is bankrupt!

Becoming a member of the clan of Xishu, money can’t buy it.

“Yes, you can make a price! We are sincerely asking for it!”

Doug and Mann Jianguo urged.

They are bound to get this medicine.

Everyone’s eyes fell on Levi’s body one after another.

“Not for sale!”

Levi refused.

I won’t sell it for much money!

Everyone was taken aback.

Reacted quickly.

They are wrong.

Levi is not short of money!

Even if the body is like this, lack of money is not possible.

There was a goddess of war guarding him.

Life is absolutely worry-free!

Everyone looked at each other.

Melina thought of something and said with a smile: “Then you can make a condition! Any condition will do!”

“Yes, as long as you can give us the medicine, we will agree to any conditions!”

Doug was already rubbing his hands with excitement.

Others are even more short of breath.

Especially the younger generation.

They are even more eager to have the identity tag of the Western Shu gate clan…

But Levi ignored it and did not reply.

At this time, Mann Jianguo said: “Let’s do it, King’s Landing. As long as you give us medicine, we will let your family meet.”

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