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Chapter 1377

Two groups of people will meet soon.

Nick here has already figured out how to make Levi meet Emperor Xishu.

If you encounter it directly, the picture will be interesting.

Levi didn’t even have a chance to cry.

“By the way, do you think it is possible that the little gentleman is in the lobby? Because the entire villa is not found in the lobby!

Suddenly someone suggested.

“Yes, it is really possible!”

Everyone patted their foreheads.

Melina immediately ordered: “Mann, run to the lobby as quickly as possible to have a look, hurry!”

Mann, who was ordered, rushed out in a flash of lightning and ran towards the hall.

Others also quickened their pace to catch up.

Mann ran fast, but just happened to ran into Levi halfway.

“Brother-in-law Garrison, why are you here?”

Mann was surprised.

Thinking of the Emperor Xi Shu and others behind him, Mann was about to burst out in cold sweat.

If you see this, Levi is definitely in danger.

“Brother-in-law Garrison come with me first, and you will leave after ten minutes!”

Involuntarily speaking, Mann pushed Levi and hid in the garden next to him.

Levi understood what Mann meant and did not stop him.

After hiding, Mann ran to the hall.

Soon after, hundreds of people came on Manor Avenue and they rushed to the hall.

After everyone left, the Northern Heavenly King pushed Levi away.

In the hall.

Mann came, only to see Sarah and Junjun.

“Don’t see anyone else?”

Mann asked.

“Uncle, Junjun saw Dad…”

Jun Jun’s subconscious way.

Mann immediately said: “Junjun, someone will ask later, don’t say that Dad is here, you know?”

“Uncle, Jun Jun knows.”

Junjun little head obediently.

Mann asked Sarah again if he saw anyone else…

Soon, the Western Shu Emperor and his party came to the hall.

“There’s none?”

The Emperor Xi Shu asked disappointedly.

Mann shook his head.

“Did anyone come to Sarah just now?”

Hundreds of people in the field stared at Sarah and Junjun.

Jun Jun was shocked by the battle.

Sarah was afraid of Junjun’s leak, so he hugged Junjun in his arms.

“No… no one came just now…”

Sarah pretended to be unaware.

Mann also breathed a sigh of relief.

“Hey, I’m really disappointed! I thought I could see the little man!”

The Western Shu Emperor was disappointed.

“The banquet goes on!”

Tang Yanran waved, and the banquet continued.

Nick quietly came to the corner and discussed how to target Levi.

“Look at me…”

Concubine Mann Jun stepped forward and said: “Old Tang, I want to report someone to you!”


The Western Shu Emperor and others looked over.

“I want to report Levi!”

“I just saw Levi in Tianhai Mountain Villa! Most of him came to see his wife and daughter secretly!”

“This kind of behavior doesn’t put you and the Xishu clan in the eyes at all! You have clearly imposed a ban to prevent them from seeing each other! Levi provokes you so much!”

Mann Junfei sneered.


Sarah and Mann’s hearts sank.

Levi was discovered?

The two then prayed that Levi would leave. If they stay here, they will definitely die.

“There’s still such a thing? Impudent!”

The Western Shu emperor was angry.

The old lady was also angry: “Hurry up and find Levi for me! If I dare to provoke my eldest brother so, I won’t let him go!”


Everyone set off together.

Chapter 1378

“I immediately arranged the guards to block the villa and not let him leave!”

Nick showed a triumphant smile.

Concubine Mann Jun smiled brightly.

Levi will wait to die next!

Sarah and Mann were panicked.

If Levi didn’t leave, the trouble would be big.

Next, the people from the Western Shu family went to Levi personally.

Dare to provoke the Lord of the Western Shu family, it is a big crime!

Ten lives are not enough!

Nick also promptly asked the door guard to stop Levi.

It was just the guard replied that he didn’t see Levi at all.

There is no him in the villa…

“Ah? How come? How could Levi leave? Impossible!”

Nick couldn’t figure this out.

How could Levi leave the villa for no reason?

Others are also very confused.

Mann and Sarah were relieved when they learned the news.

At least Levi ran away.

“You continue to find me around, as long as it is within a few kilometers, it proves that he has been here! See it and bring it back to me!”

The old lady continued to order.

All the Lords of the Western Shumen Clan were dispatched to search around the Tianhai Villa.

Just search for a long time without anyone.

Eventually news came from a team, and everyone rushed up together.

A car was stopped.

“People, come down to me!”

The Lord of the Western Shu family scolded.

The door opens.

The two walked down.

“Something wrong?”

The Northern Heavenly King said coldly.

“You are…”

When the Lords of the Western Shu family saw Levi’s familiar and terrifying face, their words were stuck in their throats and couldn’t come out.

Their scalp is numb and they are about to explode.

Several of them had followed the Western Shu Emperor, and they had met Levi.

He recognized it immediately.

“Yes Yes Yes…”

The leader stammered and couldn’t say a word.



The people who reacted knelt to the ground one by one.

Everyone never expected that they would meet this existence…

Dare to stop him?

Are you looking for death?

Even the people who are so valued by the Western Shu Emperor, they provoked…

Levi frowned, “Are you doing anything? You want to rob me?”


“No, no no no, we dare not!”

Everyone is vomiting blood.

Where do you dare?

“If you don’t have one, get out!”

Levi said coldly.

He got into the car with the Northern Heavenly King.

“Sir, wait a minute… Our Lord wants to see you…”

One of them immediately said.

After finally finding Levi, how could he miss this opportunity?

“I’m not free, get out now!”

“You dare to follow, I will kill it!”

Levi left a few words coldly.

The Northern Heavenly King drove away immediately.

The people of the Western Shu family were stunned and at a loss.

“What are you doing in a daze? Go back and report this to the Lord!”

The people who reacted went straight to the villa.

Come to the hall.

“Where is Levi? Did you find it?”

The old lady asked.

Everyone ignored them. Everyone came to the Western Shu Emperor and said, “Lord, Levi is not important now! Because we just saw the little gentleman!”

“Yes, it seems that what the eldest lady saw is correct. He has indeed been to Tianhai Mountain Villa!”

The words are not shocking and die endlessly. When this person said this, the audience was horrified.

Dead silence!

It took a long time for the emperor of Xi Shu to react.

“What? Did you see him?”

The Western Shu Emperor exclaimed.

Tang Yanran was even more excited.

“Yes, that’s true! We saw it!”

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