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Chapter 1381

After Mann Jianguo put forward this condition, everyone’s eyes were very bright.

This condition is good!

It happened to be aimed at Levi!

“Yes! Let the old lady lift the ban! Let your family meet and live on!”

“This, we can guarantee!”

“Think about it for yourself, this medicine has little effect on you, but if you disagree, you will never see Junjun and Zi dyed!”

Everyone said rushingly.

Everyone believed that this condition was impeccable, and Levi would not refuse it.

After all, he couldn’t meet his wife and daughter again.

But Levi refused in the next moment: “No need! I will pick them up personally in three months! Don’t worry now!”

Levi was thinking about protecting his wife and daughter from the Western Shu family.

How can you pick it up?

Besides, isn’t he going to pick up his wife and daughter at any time?

Why exchange for such a valuable thing?

This is what Melina and the others never expected!


Hearing Levi’s answer, everyone was stunned.

“Pick up in three months? It’s so easy to say? Isn’t it just picking up?”

“Levi, didn’t you hear the rules clearly? You have to be qualified to meet people!”

“Yes, at least it must be at the level of God of War War God before you!”

Everyone immediately said.

“What do you care about me! Anyway, after March, you, including the clan of Xishu, will obediently watch me take Sarah and Junjun away!”

Levi is full of confidence.

“Are you crazy? What is the difference between you now and you after March?”

No one can imagine what Levi used to say this sentence.

He couldn’t protect himself.

How could there be the qualifications recognized by the Western Shu gate clan!

It’s impossible!

“Levi, you sincerely don’t want to hand over the medicine?”

Several people stared at Levi.

Levi nodded: “Yes! The medicine is mine. What the hell does it have to do with you?”

“Even if I feed the dog, you can’t control it!”


Levi’s words angered everyone.

They are inferior to dogs!

“Levi, don’t you want to miss your wife and daughter? If we are…”

Concubine Mann Jun was anxious, and even threatened Levi with the two of them.

“you dare?”

Levi looked at her coldly.

Not to mention that he will do it.

As long as the old lady loves Sarah, no one will bully Junjun and Sarah.

“What are you talking about? Let the old lady hear it, so you can’t eat it!”

Melina immediately reminded.

After all, the position of plum dye is very heavy.

Concubine Mann Jun realized that she had made a mistake and shut her mouth immediately.

“Levi, can you make a request? As long as you can give up the medicine, we will agree to any conditions!”

Mann Jianguo asked.

This medicine is too important to them.

Enough to make them soar…

“I have no conditions, I don’t need anything!”

Levi refused.

Everyone was stunned looking at Levi.

This kind of soft and hard foam won’t work!

If oil and salt don’t get in, there is no way.

Especially the plum dye that can be used, but they dare not.

Thinking of this, there is really no way for Levi.

“Hurry up! Mr. Garrison is going to rest!”

Fan Shengnan’s guards drove everyone away.

Everyone was unwilling to come outside.

“I have a way…”

Cross Wentao said.

“What can I do? Come and listen!”

Everyone came together.

Chapter 1382

“Since Sarah and Junjun can’t act on Sarah and Junjun, then only Levi’s mother!”

A cold light flashed in Cross Wentao’s eyes: “As long as his mother is controlled, I don’t believe that Levi will not hand over the medicine!”

Concubine Mann Jun immediately agreed: “Yes, that’s right! He dare not give it, I will kill the fuck!”

Melina and Doug looked at each other.

Several people can’t bear it.

After all, she is very familiar with Ollie.

They would also be embarrassed to start with her.

“For the future of Logan and Mann’s family, let’s do this!”

After Melina and Doug looked at each other, they immediately decided to do so.

“Alright, let’s go! Anyway, as long as Levi hand over the medicine!”

Mann Jianguo comforted himself.

Seeing a group of people coming back, the old lady stepped forward and asked with joy.

Seeing the looks of everyone, the old lady immediately understood.

“What’s the matter? Can’t even handle this matter?”

The old lady was angry.

“Old lady, please rest assured, we must arrange this matter properly! We promise not to let you down!”

Melina promised several people.

“it is good!”

The old lady’s face eased a lot.

As for the people of the Western Shu family, they are not idle.

Use all resources and contacts to check the whereabouts of Levi.

Even Tang Yanran personally led people to conduct a carpet search in Jiangbei, trying to search every corner of Jiangbei, and also to find Levi.

“Grandpa, guess what I found?”

Tang Yanran, who had just returned, said excitedly.


The emperor of Xishu suddenly came to his spirit.

Seeing Tang Yanran’s wink.

The Western Shu emperor coughed twice.

All the people present left.

“I accidentally discovered today that the people of the North Liang gate were in Jiangbei! They have been lying in wait, not knowing whom to deal with!”

Tang Yanran inadvertently discovered the Lord of the Northern Liang family who was ambushing around Levi’s residence.

“What’s the matter? The whereabouts of this Beiliang gate clan is strange!”

“And they also advocated tearing up the agreement before! Just to tear it up, Colin will not be any good. It’s really what they said!”

The Emperor Xishu touched his chin and thought.

“Have you found out who they are going to deal with?”

The Emperor Xishu asked.

“I don’t know for the time being, but the Lords of the Northern Liang family members are surrounding a villa! I think the people they are going to deal with are among them. I am sending someone to investigate! I will go there in the evening!”

Tang Yanran said.

The emperor of Western Shu asked the most concerned question: “Is there any news from the little gentleman?”

“Not yet, but I have searched Jiangbei this month, and there are only a few places left.”

At night, the spies from the clan of Xishu had returned.

“Miss, we have basically locked the villa where the people who are going to be dealt with by the Beiliang Gate Valve live in!”

Hearing the news, Tang Yanran’s eyes lit up fiercely.

“Go, take me there! I want to see who the Beiliang Clan Clan is dealing with!”

Soon, Tang Yanran came to the royal villa area.

After bypassing the people of the Northern Liang gate, everyone has already arrived at the villa where Levi was.

“You guys are waiting here! I’ll go in and take a look!”

Tang Yanran ordered.

Everyone feels relieved about Tang Yanran, after all, she is very skilled.

Soon, Tang Yanran bypassed Fan Shengnan’s personal guards and entered the villa.

After searching around, no one was seen.

“Only the bedroom is left!”

Tang Yanran touched it step by step.

“If you don’t roll, you will die!”

There was a sudden sound.

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