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Chapter 1383

Tang Yanran was shocked by this sound.

She backed away quickly.

Staring fiercely at the bedroom door.

“Have the ability to come out!”

She cried coldly.


Suddenly, there was a chill behind her, and she felt a blast of cold wind invade her body.

She turned around abruptly, but a big hand grabbed her neck and lifted her in the air.

At this moment, Tang Yanran’s powerful combat skills and vigor could not be used.

The throat of her fate was strangled.

She already felt the arrival of death.

His breath was short of breath, and his face was suffocated and flushed.

Her consciousness is blank…

“It’s you?”

Suddenly a surprised voice sounded.

Tang Yanran only felt her neck loose, and she fell to the ground feebly.

She panted heavily and looked up…

This look shocked her.

Isn’t this the “little gentleman” she was looking for?

“It’s sir…you!”

“I didn’t know it was you, sir, otherwise I would never dare to break in!”

Tang Yanran hurriedly explained that she came because of the Northern Liang family clan.

“Oh I got it!”

Levi approached.

“Mr. Beiliang gate valve, what is this going to do?”

Tang Yanran plucked up the courage to ask.

“You want to kill me!”

“What? Want to kill you, Mr.? Are they crazy?”

Tang Yanran looked incredible.

“You go quickly! Not so lucky next time!”

Levi just thought it was the one who was going to kill him, so if it weren’t for it, he took another look.

I was afraid that Tang Yanran was already a dead body.


Tang Yanran left with a look of excitement.

Now that you know where Levi lives, everything can be done slowly.

This trip is really worthwhile.

As a result, I knew the purpose of the North Liang gate valve.

Secondly, I found the residence of the little gentleman.

Tang Yanran rushed all the way home and told the emperor of Xi Shu all this.

“What? The little gentleman found it?”

The Western Shu Emperor was more excited than anyone else.

“Yes, that’s right! His address has been determined! His attitude towards me is much better than last time!”

Tang Yanran showed a shy look.

“that is really good!”

The Western Shu Emperor was extremely excited.

The old lady, Melina and Sarah were shocked in their hearts.

This big man is going to show up?

When did Jiangbei exist like this?

They have been in Jiangbei, but they have never heard of it.

“Grandpa, there’s one more thing… the North Liang family member wants to kill Mr. Xiao!”

Tang Yanran whispered.

“Oh? There are still grievances between them? There is a saying, although the Northern Liang family clan is super strong! But if you want to kill the little man, you have to pay a heavy price!

“But the little gentleman is also facing death threats! No matter how strong he is, it is still easy for the Northern Liang family to kill him!”

“Let’s do this, help me contact the high-level officials of Beiliang Clan Clan, I suppress this matter! I will let Beiliang Clan Clan sell me a lot of face, so I won’t pursue this matter again!”

Western Shu Emperor Road.

“absolutely okay!”

Tang Yanran looked excited.

“Then, after the Beiliang clan is settled, this matter will be regarded as the sincerity of my Xishu clan, I will meet him in person and invite him to join my Xishu clan! Then he won’t refuse, will he?”

The Western Shu Emperor already has a plan.

Settle the beiliang clan for Levi, and then invite him.

In this way, Levi had no reason to refuse.

Tang Yanran said: “Grandpa, we solved such a big problem for him. He is too grateful, how could he refuse?”

“Okay, I will settle the matter immediately and see him tomorrow!”

Chapter 1384

Immediately, the emperor of Xishu contacted the senior officials of the North Liang gate clan.

He personally come forward!

To protect Levi.

Beiliang Gate Valve can’t help it.

After all, this is the Lord of the Western Shu family!

The Beiliang family clan had no choice but to sell a face to the emperor of Xishu.

After all, the loss of the Northern Liang Family Clan was not too great, just the death of several people in Fu Shenlin.

It doesn’t matter, it’s better to save face.

The emperor of Western Shu looked triumphant: “Sometimes the problems that the world can’t imagine or can’t solve are just one sentence to me!”

This is indeed the case.

There is no way to solve this matter if one person is chased and killed by the Northern Liang family clique.

But he solved it in one sentence.

He mainly thinks that Levi is the same.

Although he is strong, he can be regarded as the successor of Morendam Wulong.

But before he grew up, the Northern Liang Family Clan could completely obliterate him.

In fact, there is no difference between him and ordinary people, but the Northern Liang family clan paid a great price.

But in the end there is no escape.

So he solved this matter for Levi, just to give Levi a great kindness.

He wanted to let Levi understand the power and value of the Western Shu family.

The next day.

The Emperor Xishu was going to see Levi.

The old lady and others wanted to follow, but they were all stopped by the Western Shu Emperor.

“You will only add to the chaos! Besides, Mr. Xiao will soon be a member of the Xishu clan! You will see it then!”

Soon, Tang Yanran brought Xishu Emperor to the villa.

“Little sir, Emperor Tang, the clan of Western Shu, and his granddaughter, please see you!”

The Emperor Xishu shouted.

Levi heard a familiar voice and opened the door.

“What’s wrong with you?”

Levi frowned.

This group of people is really lingering, and they have to pester him.

“Little sir, Emperor Tang is here to congratulate you!”


“Give me joy? He Xizhi has?”

Levi was stunned.

“Little Mister, I learned last night that you had a grievance with the North Liang Clan Clan, so I personally came forward to resolve this matter!”

“Mr. Little, no matter how big your grievances were before, but from now on, the Xishu clan will no longer be held accountable! You don’t have to worry about your life anymore!”

The Emperor Xi Shu said smugly.

Levi finally understood.

Why did the people who were ambushing in the Beiliang Gate Retreat…

He did it!

But I, Levi, need you to do this?

He didn’t pay attention to a North Liang family member!

If he wanted to pursue it, he would have done it in secret.


Levi responded coldly.


This made the Emperor Xi Shu and Tang Yanran both stunned.

It stands to reason that he should not be grateful for solving such a big trouble for him?

How is such an attitude?

Isn’t he so arrogant that he thinks he can deal with the entire North Liang family sect alone?

Are you overconfident?

The emperor of Western Shu asked: “Mr. Little, do you not know that the Northern Liang Family Clan is going to deal with you?”

“Of course I know, they want to kill me not a day or two!”

“That’s good! Little Mr. I will help you solve this situation of your own powerlessness this time. I don’t ask you to thank me or ask for anything else. I just hope you join the Xishu gate!”

“My conditions are still the same as before! Come, you will be at the helm in the future!”

The emperor of Xishu stated his purpose.

Tang Yanran also looked at Levi with interest.

He can’t refuse!

“Why do I want to thank you? I beg you to help me solve it? Besides, I didn’t care about a North Liang gate valve at all!”

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