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Chapter 1385

What Levi said was the truth.

Don’t talk about himself.

Even if a Northern Heavenly King was there, the Northern Liang Clan did not dare to act rashly.

Otherwise, why would they lie in wait for so long without doing anything?

The words of Levi completely stunned the Xishu emperor.


Too arrogant, right?

We admit that you are very strong, but you are not strong enough to challenge the entire Beiliang gate!

You just have the potential to become the Great Xia Wulong, but you are still far from the realm of the Great Xia Wulong.

It is still easy for the North Liang Clan to kill you!

All geniuses just have potential, and they may die before they fully grow up.

This is currently the case with Levi.

“Mr., you don’t seem to figure out your position? You are very strong! But your growth will take time. Only when you grow up can you be fearless of the Northern Liang family members!”

“As long as you join the Xishu clan, I will use all the resources of the Xishu clan to train you and protect you until you grow up!”

The emperor of Western Shu has shown sincerity.

It’s just that he didn’t realize one problem-Levi was stronger than he thought.

“If you want me to join the Western Shu gate clan! I only have one condition…”

Levi smiled.

“What conditions? Sir, please say!”

The emperor of Xishu immediately said.

“The Western Shu family members have to listen to me! I will be the boss!”

Levi said.


As soon as Levi said this, everyone present was stunned.

No one thought that Levi would be so ambitious…

He directly wanted the entire Xishu clan!

Tang Yanran was stunned.

The Western Shu Emperor was also stunned.

“Don’t deceive people too much!”

Others can’t help it anymore.

Roared at Levi.

“Do you really think that none of us can control you? I am like a Lord in the clan of Xishu! There are not a few who can control you!”

“You just have the qualifications to succeed the Great Xia Wulong, but you have not yet reached the stage of Great Xia Wulong!”

Levi smiled: “Anyway, I ask for this, if I can do it, I will join, if I can’t do it, I will leave!”

The emperor of Xishu was short of breath, his chest undulating.

After all, he chose to leave.

How could it be possible for him to give up his position as the Lord of the Western Shu family?

Levi was too arrogant to possess some strength.

After leaving, everyone was very angry.

“This Levi is really pushing his nose to face! No one is paying attention? The lion opens his mouth to ask for the position of the Lord?”

Tang Yanran looked at the Emperor Xishu and asked, “Grandpa, what do you want to do next? Just give up like this?”

“I believe that soon other forces will know about him. I am afraid that the fight will be difficult!”

The Emperor Xi Shu touched his beard and thought: “Do you have any idea?”

“I think the biggest problem with Mr. Xiao is that he is too arrogant. In his opinion, none of the four main gates is his opponent!

We only need to prove that there are some who are stronger than him in the Western Shu family, and there are those who can subdue him. At that time, he will naturally know his position and join the Western Shu family. “

The eyes of the Emperor Xi Shu suddenly lit up: “Okay! This method is okay! As long as he understands that someone in the Western Shu family is better than him, he will join!”

“Let’s do it! Pass my order and immediately let Tang Beidao come to Jiangbei!”


Who is Tangbei Road?

Known as the number one Lord of the Western Shu family!

It is also the existence of the Xishu gate clan closest to the Morendam Wulong…

He shot, Levi will undoubtedly lose…

Chapter 1386

What the Western Shu Emperor wants is to defeat Levi at one time!

Let him be convinced to join the Xishu gate valve!

So he sent the strongest.

Tangbei Road is known as the strongest of the Western Shu family!

He learned all the ancient combat skills of Xishu alone.

He is the strongest Lord of the Western Shu family for hundreds of years!

According to the year, he may be the Lord of the millennium!

In a word: strong.

Let me put it this way!

Tang Beidao has the power to destroy the country!

It is stronger than one person blocking an army of 100,000!

This is the strongest Lord!

The power of the whole country may have nothing to do with him.

Tang Beidao was born in that era of war, and once killed a country without any power to resist.

Even if it has been too long, everyone in the Western Shumen Clan is still fresh in memory.

This is also the confidence of the Xishu clan, why don’t they put anyone in their eyes?

Because they have strength!

Otherwise, he won’t sign an agreement with Colin…

It must be a threat to Colin…

The Emperor Xishu smiled: “Sure enough, force is the best way to solve the problem!”

Tang Yanran nodded: “Yes, if we knew this a long time ago, why should we waste so much energy?”

Xishu Gate Valve breathed a sigh of relief.

In their view, Levi’s joining of the Western Shumen Clan was already a certainty.

As soon as Tang Bei Dao came, Levi would definitely be convinced to join the Western Shu gate clan.

After returning to Logan’s house, the old lady greeted her immediately.

“Big brother, did you see the young man?”

The emperor of Xishu nodded: “Well, I have seen it, and soon, he will join the clan of Xishu.”

“Old Tang, does this little Jiangbei really have such a character?”

Mike, Alfred and others all have incredible faces.

Others such as Sarah and others are also very curious.

Because they have been in Jiangbei.

Never heard of such a character.

It is simply unimaginable to be able to chase the clan of Xishu in this way.

“Exist! I saw it today! He lives in Jiangbei!”


Everyone took a deep breath.

There is such a big man in Jiangbei, but they have never heard of it.

Mike and the others also wanted to ask the Emperor Xishu where exactly this great figure lived.

“The big man is Dad! It’s Dad!”

Jun Jun suddenly shouted at this moment.

Suddenly, everyone’s eyes were attracted by Jun Jun.

“Junjun, why is your father a big shot? Your father is not the god of war in God of War anymore!”

Tang Yanran asked.

“Hmph, my father is better than the God of War! He is the king of the word side by side!”

Jun Jun said triumphantly.

Sarah hurriedly stepped forward, hugged Junjun, not letting her continue.

Melina immediately explained: “Old Tang, the children are talking nonsense, don’t care!”

“The main fault is that Levi, for the sake of face, even said that he is the king of the word side by side!”

“Yes, yes, don’t you care about Mr. Tang!”

People are afraid that the Western Shu Emperor will be angry.

The Western Shu emperor smiled coldly: “Of course I don’t care! I know something about the word side by side! Let’s put it this way, the four main gates can’t cultivate such an existence!”

“Levi? How could it be possible!”

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

Sarah also exhorted: “Junjun, you can’t talk nonsense in the future!”


Jun Jun pouted his lips.

The movement of the Western Shumen Clan was very fast, and the next day many Lords entered Jiangbei together.

Including the first Lord Tang Beidao.

“I think you are not convinced this time?”

The Emperor Xi Shu laughed.

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