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Chapter 1387

The emergence of Tangbei Road was something that no one had expected.

The other three gate valves and Colin didn’t even expect it.

What is this going to do?

Go straight to the trump card as soon as you come up?

The strongest Lords are all taken out…

What is this going to do?

Is it going to change?

After all, Tang Bei Dao is too strong!

It is no exaggeration to say that if Tang Beidao is willing, at least dozens of countries overseas will ask him to be a national teacher.

This kind of existence of one person arriving in one country has too much influence upon birth.

Almost all Morendam’s eyes are on Jiangbei.

The Western Shu Emperor also naturally knew this influence.

If you procrastinate any longer, I’m afraid that everyone else will know the existence of Mr. Xiao.

It must be resolved as soon as possible.

So as soon as Tangbei Road arrived in Jiangbei, Xishu Emperor brought him to Levi’s villa aggressively.

Earlier, Levi had already received news from Tangbei Dao.

After all, Colin’s attention has been drawn.

Colin reminded him personally.

“Tangbei Dao-the first Lord of the Western Shu family! He was once a strong man in the war era a hundred years ago! He has the title of one person arriving in one country!”

“In the archives of Dangerous Persons in Morendam, he is a dangerous level of sssss! He has the destructive power of destroying small countries!”

“Once entering the WTO, Colin must keep an eye on it at all times. Whenever there is a trend of destruction, he immediately uses all his strength to kill or capture it!”

The Western Heavenly King read the information to Levi.

“The level of danger is all sssss! As far as I know, the highest level of danger in the world in the past 100 years is only the ssss level!”

Levi touched his chin and smiled.

This 4s is him!

No matter how strong the others are, they are all sss.

For the first time in a hundred years, the 5s level appeared in the world.

No wonder Morendam was such a sensation.

As soon as the news of this character came out, it boiled everywhere…

“The four gate valves are really not terrible! Maybe the other three gate valves are even more powerful!”

Levi muttered to himself.

In the next moment, Levi and the Northern Heavenly King raised their heads at the same time, and there was a lot of cold light in their eyes.

The two of them looked in one direction at the same time.

They sensed that someone was coming…

In the next second, the voice of the Emperor Xi Shu sounded: “Mr. I am here again!”

“This time, I will prove to you the power of the Western Shu gate! Let you join us convinced!”

Levi shook his head speechlessly: “It’s really lingering!”

Outside the villa, dozens of people from the gate of Xishu were standing together.

These people are extremely Lords.

But the terrible one is the last one.

A cyan gown, elegant and easy-going appearance, fair and delicate skin.

It seems to be less than forty years old.

But who can think of this person who is over a hundred years old.

Some people even say that they are almost two hundred years old.

But there is no trace of time left on his face at all.

This is the strongest Lord!

People who practice martial arts are full of blood, not to mention delaying aging, and even prolonging life to a certain extent.

What’s more, this is a top-notch existence, and it is not surprising that it has lived so long.

Just like the legendary Cross Sanfeng…

He is Tang Bei Dao.

Step by step to the forefront.

“Lord Nephew, is it him?”

I heard Tang Beidao’s name for the Western Shu Emperor.

Levi believed those rumors more and more.

This old boy is definitely going to be two hundred years old.

The Emperor Xishu nodded immediately: “Yes! It’s him!”

Chapter 1388

Levi looked at Tangbei Road.

Tang Beidao was also looking at Levi.

Upon seeing this, the Emperor Xishu directed at Levi and said: “Since you said that you have the strength to crush the four main gates! Today I will show you how strong the four gates are!”

“This battle will let you know that the Western Shu family is invincible! It will also let you know where your gap lies!”

“You will be convinced to join the Xishu gate valve!”

“Uncle Lord gave it to you!”

Said the Emperor Xishu.

“it is good!”

Tang Beidao looked up and down Levi: “A genius who has never met in hundreds of years, indeed has the qualifications to become the successor of the Great Xia Wulong!”

“Boy, you worship me as a teacher! I can make you a real existence like a big summer five dragon!”

Accept disciples?

This scene was unexpected by the Western Shu Emperor.

However, the Emperor Xi Shu glanced at Tang Yanran triumphantly.

It seems to be saying, see if I am right? He is a sought-after item, and everyone is rushing for him.

Tang Yanran and the others were extremely shocked.

Because Tang Beidao never accepted an apprentice in his life.

Many people in the Western Shu gate asked Tangbei Dao to accept his disciples, and even the Western Shu Emperor wanted to ask Tangbei Dao to accept his son as a disciple.

But they were all rejected one by one by Tang Beidao.

Unexpectedly, Tang Beidao would accept Levi as his apprentice today.

If the entire Xishu clan knew about it, it would definitely explode.

It also shows the potential of Levi!

Levi smiled: “You are not qualified!”

“Presumptuous! What are you talking about?”

“Do you know who is standing in front of you? Just dare to speak madly!”

“Senior Tang is the number one Lord of the Western Shu family! The strongest Lord! He accepted you as an apprentice. You are fortunate for three lives. Smoke is coming from your ancestral grave!”

As soon as Levi said these words, the others immediately scolded.

Tang Beidao’s expression also changed slightly.

It is estimated that after living so long, I have never seen such an arrogant young man.

He is not qualified?

Who is eligible?

No one else in this world has this qualification!

The Emperor Xishu and Tang Yanran are going crazy!

Levi wasted such a great opportunity?

Is he crazy?

Actually mad in front of Tang Bei Dao!

Provoking him like this?

Are you really afraid of death?

Levi shook his head helplessly: “Is it going to fight? Then don’t talk nonsense, come quickly! I’m still busy!”


Too arrogant!

Everyone stared at Levi angrily.

“Young people have to pay a price for arrogance!”

Tang Beidao shook his head helplessly.

It seems that this young man has not experienced any setbacks!

“Young man pay attention!”

As soon as the voice fell, Tang Beidao moved.

Seeing a light step out, he instantly crossed several tens of meters and appeared behind Levi.


At this moment, everyone’s complexion changed drastically.

It’s incredible.

How did Tang Beidao do it?

His physique is almost at the level of deceiving his eyes and deceiving his brain…

Not only the others, but the Northern Heavenly King was also taken aback.

Is his speed too fast?

Levi seemed to be stunned. He didn’t respond at all and stood still.

“Boom boom…”

Tangbei Dao, who was behind Levi, shot instantly.

The afterimage of his fist was almost blurred.

With a breath, he had hit Levi with hundreds of punches.

The fists are so dense that it makes a rain-like sound…

At this frequency of fists, I am afraid that people will be smashed into flesh.



There were smiles on the faces of the Xishu clan.

In their opinion, Levi must be defeated!

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