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Chapter 1389

This seemingly slow-paced fist, in fact, each punch weighs a hundred tons.

A single punch can drive mountains and shatter huge buildings.

Not to mention that in this short instant, he punched Levi with thousands of punches.

The stronger this kind of man, the more he can kill people with unpretentious moves.

For example, it is an ordinary fist, but it has the power to meet the Buddha and kill the Buddha and the gods!

This is the first Lord, the strongest of the Xishu clan!

Everyone was amazed.

so horrible!

Even the strongest Lord is like a lamb to be slaughtered in front of him.

Tang Beidao’s self-confidence, this set of tricks continued, Levi would be beaten down and obedient.

Maybe you will kneel and beg to accept a disciple?

“Is that enough? It’s me!”

Suddenly a voice sounded.

Hearing this voice, everyone was taken aback.

Including Tangbei Road.

In the next second, his pupils dilated, and his eyes were about to fly out.

Because Levi turned around…

Turned around at an unimaginable speed.

Faster than him!


At the moment of turning around, Levi blasted out a punch.

With a punch, the ghosts and gods trembled.


This punch was so fast that people couldn’t catch it, and it hit Tang Beidao’s face firmly.

Tangbei Road was like being hit by a high-speed high-speed rail, and the whole person flew out.


He even hit the wall, embedded in it, and merged with the wall.

A dense cobweb appeared on a wall.

Tang Beidao was punched into the wall?


It’s incredible!

This was when Tang Beidao used all his strength to unload his strength, otherwise the punch would definitely kill him.


So shocked!

Tang Beidao’s eyes are full of inevitable shock!

This young man is outrageously strong!

For so many years, except for Morendam Wulong and the other three big gate lords, a few guys who can’t hide.

Where have you seen an opponent!

Not to mention a young man!

The others are going crazy one by one!


The first Lord of the Western Shu gate was flew by a punch?

how can that be?

Only the Northern Heavenly King showed a thought-provoking smile.

Levi shook his head, looked at Tang Beidao and sneered, “That’s it?”

Everyone was very angry about Levi’s arrogance.

But he has arrogant capital!

He was unscathed just after being bombarded by thousands of punches from Tangbei Dao.

This is terrible…

You must know that those fists from Tangbei Road can completely razed the entire villa area to the ground.

But Levi was not hurt at all.

And also punched back.

Injured Tangbei Road.

He can withstand countless punches from Tang Beidao, but Tang Beidao may not be able to withstand his punches.

But just two words angered Tang Beidao.

He is completely angry!


I saw two cold glows shot out of Tang Beidao’s eyes, and a monstrous hostility emanated from all over his body.

The wall burst open at the sound.

“Interesting young man! But I will let you understand what is truly powerful!”

Tang Beidao was completely angry.


Tang Beidao was angry.

The world has changed color.

There were strong winds around, and the entire temperature dropped suddenly.

Everyone couldn’t help but fought a cold war…

Tang Beidao walked over step by step, and his whole person was wrapped in a stream of air.

The murderous aura came all over the world, and everyone’s chest looked like a big rock.

“Young man, you are very lucky! You will see the most powerful combat skills of the Western Shu family!”

Tang Beidao’s tone was cold.

Chapter 1390

The strongest combat skills of the Western Shumen Clan, Tang Beidao hasn’t used it for nearly a hundred years.

Because no one can let him use it!

Levi is the first!

Tang Beidao raised his right hand slowly, and cyclones after another surrounded his palm.

This level is equivalent to indirectly controlling the power of heaven and earth.

Such as wind, fire and lightning.

He can already control the airflow for his own use.

What is even more frightening is that these airflows gradually turned into small hidden weapons.

In the blink of an eye, in the small space, there are hidden weapons turned into by airflow everywhere.

It was densely packed, covering the sky and the sun, tightly surrounding Levi from every angle and every direction.

The Western Shu gate valve includes the Tang gate.

Tang Sect’s strongest is the hidden weapon mechanism.

Existences like Tang Beidao have long integrated hidden weapons with martial arts.

Concealed weapons like this kind of airflow can be much stronger than metal hidden weapons or even bullets.

It is no exaggeration to say that Tang Beidao can kill 100,000 people on the battlefield only with this trick.

Otherwise, there would be no saying that Tang Beidao arrived in one country alone.

At this point, we can see how strong this trick is!

Called the strongest combat skill!

“Give me defeat!”

Tang Beidao roared.


In an instant, all hidden weapons shot at Levi.

As dense as wind and rain…

Rough calculations, there are tens of thousands of hidden weapons.

Shooting at Levi at the same time was really terrifying.




The area in front of the villa was completely razed to the ground.

Every time the concealed weapon is shot, a big hole will be exploded.

In an instant, the foundation in front of the villa sank completely.

If it weren’t for Tang Beidao’s scruples, everything here would have been ruined.

Countless hidden weapons shot at Levi, but he saw his arms in front of him, and then took another hidden weapon.

Step by step towards Tangbei Road.

His physical training has reached a state of invulnerability.

Of course there is a layer of airflow surrounding him.

These hidden weapons can’t hurt him any more.

Tang Beidao used combat skills, and Levi also used combat skills.

This is the combat skill that the old man in the prison gave him incomplete exercises.

The defense is simply amazing.



Tang Beidao was stunned.

Levi is crazy?

Let countless hidden weapons shoot on the body?

The most important thing is that these hidden weapons are useless to him?

How can it be?

For a moment, Levi had already appeared in front of him.


One punch knocked Tang Beidao away.

With this punch, Tangbei vomited blood, and he slid out more than ten meters.


Tang Beidao fell to his knees.

With this punch, he could no longer bear it.

His eyes were full of shock and looked at Levi.

This young man?

too frightening!

“Nephew, your information is wrong, he is not the successor of Morendam Wulong, he is like Morendam Wulong!”

Tang Beidao looked at the Emperor Xi Shu and roared.


The emperor of Xi Shu went black and fainted directly.

Levi smiled and looked at Tang Beidao: “One punch is not enough for you, two punches are enough!”

“But you are pretty good too! Do it with me?”


Tang Beidao was stunned.

I don’t know what Levi means.

Levi couldn’t help but smile and said, “Let’s do it, I will control the clan of Xishu from now on. Do you have any comments?”

Seeing Levi’s gaze, Tang Yanran and others were silent.

Even Emperor Xi Shu, who had just woke up, was silent.

Even if Tang Beidao disagrees, there is no way.

He couldn’t beat Levi at all.

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