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Chapter 1391

Tang Yanran remembered that before, Levi had said that the conditions for him to join the Xishu Clan were very simple.

It is to let him be the Lord of the Western Shu family.

They also think this is an extremely absurd statement.

Didn’t expect it to be realized today?

Levi has really become the Lord of the Western Shu family!

“Anyone who has an opinion can come to me! Fist can always convince everyone, right?”

Levi smiled.

“You… are you the king of the word side by side?”

Tang Beidao suddenly realized something and couldn’t help exclaiming.

In the duny world, there is such a terrifying power.

He can only think of one person!

The four main gates are regarded as taboos.

“What? One word side by side?”

The eyes of the Emperor Xishu are about to fly out.

Why didn’t he think of such a possibility?

In the duny world, with such strength, besides the word side by side, there will be other people?

“One word side by side…”

Tang Yanran said silently.

That is a name that the four gate valves must be afraid of…

Levi smiled: “Well, it’s me, you are smart!”

While speaking, Levi turned the ring on his hand.

“Bass Ring?”

Everyone recognized it.

“Tangbei Dao is willing to serve one word side by side as the king!”

Tang Beidao knelt in front of Levi and shouted.

He was completely impressed by Levi’s identity and strength.

“My Morendam is going to be a Morendam Five Dragon level character again, it is Morendam’s blessing!”

Although the Western Shu Emperor on the other side was unwilling in every possible way, he still knelt on the ground: “The Emperor Tang is the king of the king! From now on, you will be the helm of the Western Shu gate!”

“I’ll wait for the word to be the king, side by side!”

Tang Yanran and others also knelt to the ground.

From then on, Levi was the Lord of the Western Shu family!


“It’s a waste of the strength of the Xishu clan to not work for Morendam!”

Levi was very satisfied with this result.

He had never thought of solving the problem in this way before.

It was Tang Beidao’s appearance that suddenly aroused his thoughts.

If you have such a terrifying force as the Western Shu Family Clan, Morendam would be even more powerful.

What’s more, after taking control of the Xishu clan, you can find out the secret forces.

Not to mention a little more power, the West Shu gate clan is an ancient hidden power, and in some respects it may know more and understand more in detail.

In this regard, his intelligence army is incomparable.

“Since I am your Lord, then listen to my orders!”

Levi said coldly.

“I’m waiting!”

Everyone looked at Levi in unison.

“First, although I am the Lord of the Western Shu family, I must keep it secret. You still control it in name.”

“Secondly, give me the detailed list and resume of each member of the Western Shu gate clan!”

The move was simple. Levi investigated whether there were any traitors from Morendam within the clan of Xishu.

Secondly, it is also to completely control this huge organization.

“Third, I will use the Western Shu gate clan secretly! You must not ask, just listen to the order!”

“Fourth, take half of the ancient medicine of the Western Shu gate clan and come out with the prescription, I want to use it!”

“Fifth, take out the combat skills and hidden weapons of the Western Shumen clan as well!”

These two, Levi is to strengthen the strength of Xia Warrior.


Of course, everyone has no objections.

Levi looked at Tangbei again: “Old man, you should go out of the mountain! Lead you to do big things!”

“Okay, I will follow you!”

Chapter 1392

Tang Beidao chose to follow.

First, I was convinced.

Second, he wanted to see how far Levi could go.

How could Levi let go of such a powerful Lord?

With him, many things will get twice the result with half the effort.

“Don’t be frustrated! You are contributing to Morendam! Morendam will remember you!”

“With faith you will find that life is meaningful!”

Levi glanced at everyone.

The Western Shu Emperor looked at Levi hesitantly and asked, “Lord, what should I do next?”

Levi smiled: “You don’t need to do anything, you can do what you used to be.”

Levi also hoped that he would protect Sarah.

Sarah and Junjun are safe with them.


The Emperor Xi Shu nodded.

At this time, Tang Yanran pushed the emperor of Xishu.

The emperor of Xishu immediately asked: “I wonder if you are married to the king of the word side by side?”

Levi shook his head helplessly. It seemed that this guy really didn’t know his identity.

“Well, yes, there are even children.”

Levi said.

“Huh? What? The kids are there?”

The Emperor Xi Shu and Tang Yanran were shocked.

Originally hoped that Tang Yanran could become the princess.

It turned out to be like this…

“Then prince, I will leave first!”

The Western Shu Emperor left with a large number of people.

Tang Beidao stayed with Levi.

Logan family ancestral house.

The old lady and others were dumbfounded.

what happened?

When the Western Shu Emperor and his party left in front, they were excited and smiling.

He shouted that Mr. Xiao would definitely join the clan of Xishu.

I should have been happy, how come back one by one, I’m sad.

What’s going on?

“Big brother, even the senior Tangbei Dao are here, didn’t the young gentleman join me in the Western Shu family?”

The old lady asked curiously.

The Emperor Xi Shu sighed: “Hey, joining means joining. But…”

“What is it?”

The old lady asked.

The Western Shu Emperor waved his hand: “It’s okay, this kind of thing is secret.”

Not only did he join, he also became the Lord of the Western Shu family.

Tang Yanran was also very depressed.

In addition to everyone’s depressing things, what is also depressing is that he actually has a wife and children?

“What the hell is Miss Tang?”

Nick asked curiously.

“It has nothing to do with you, do your own thing!”

In fact, Tang Yanran looked down on people like Logan and Mann.

“Understood, Miss Tang!”

Speaking of their own business.

At present, it is how to get the magic medicine from Levi’s hands.

They have been planning for several days.

Ready to start with Ollie.

Ollie forced Levi to hand over the medicine.

The old lady hurriedly gathered everyone together.

“Did you see it today? Brother is in a bad mood. Maybe something happened.”

“If you get the magic medicine from Levi at this time and offer it to your eldest brother, will he be upset?”

“As soon as he is happy, one sentence will make you prosperous. At least the Logan and Mann family will be prosperous for a century without any problems.”

The old lady reminded.

Hearing this, everyone’s eyes lit up.

This is a great opportunity.

Better than usual opportunities!

The Western Shu Emperor is in a bad mood, if he sees the medicine, he will definitely be very excited.

Then their future will be there.

But they would never have thought that the Xishu clan who had tried so hard to fudge was already Levi’s arrival at this moment.

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