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Chapter 1395

“Speak? What reward do you want?”

The Emperor Xi Shu looked at everyone and asked.

The gift is valid, and the Logan and Mann families are happy.

The old lady is also very happy.

Doug and Melina looked at each other and said, “Old Tang, we don’t ask for anything else! Only the Logan family and Mann family can become the clan within the Western Shu gate! We will follow the Western Shu gate for generations to come and follow your orders!”

This is the biggest wish of the two companies.

If successful, the Logan and Mann family will take off completely.

They belong to the Western Shu family.

The Emperor Xishu replied subconsciously: “Okay, I promised this trivial matter! From now on you will be members of the clan of Xishu!”

“Come on, announce this news!”

“Really? Thank you Donald!”

“The Logan and Mann families are willing to go through all kinds of fire and water for the clan of Western Shu, and they will do it all!”

Logan and Mann’s family fell to the ground one after another, thanking the emperor of Western Shu.

The dream of a few old people’s life has been achieved.

Pushed their family to the highest point.

Efforts are not in vain…

But at this time, Tang Yanran stepped forward and pulled the Emperor Laxi Shu.

“What’s wrong? Bass Ran?”

The Emperor Xishu asked.

“Grandpa, don’t make decisions so quickly…this matter has to be considered…”

Tang Yanran persuaded.

The Western Shu emperor said angrily: “What? Can I not do this little thing?”

Tang Yanran was anxious: “Grandpa, have you forgotten to find out about the situation of the clan in Xishu?”


When he was awakened, the body of the Emperor Xishu trembled fiercely.


It is not him who is in charge of the Xishu clan now.

Although this is a trivial matter, it must be told to him!

The Emperor Xi Shu patted his forehead and said in surprise: “I forgot this!”

“Wait a minute, don’t let this news go out yet! As for you to join the Western Shumen Clan, you need to consider a long-term plan!”


The sudden change of the Emperor Xishu left everyone in Logan and Mann’s family in a daze.

Including the old lady too.

The emperor of Western Shu clearly agreed!

Why did you suddenly change your mind?

Listening to Tang Yanran’s tone, it seems that he can’t be the Lord now?

How is this going?

Even the old lady is very curious.

This thing is difficult for others, but isn’t it a one-sentence thing for the Western Shu Emperor?

Why do we have to consider the long-term plan?

How did they know that the Lord of the Western Shu gate was Levi.

The Western Shu Emperor really couldn’t be the Lord.

“What’s the matter with Big Brother?”

The old lady asked quickly.

If this matter can’t be done, he won’t be able to survive.

The Xishu clan was also very disgraced.

“Don’t ask, it has nothing to do with you!”

The Western Shu emperor left angrily.

Tang Yanran followed.

The Logan and Mann family members were left looking at each other, completely unaware of what was going on.

“What the hell is the old lady? Shouldn’t we offend Elder Don?”

Melina asked.

The old lady explained: “No! Let’s put it this way! There are many families and organizations in the Xishu gate! But they all have strict rules!

Letting you join in is actually going to be assessed. You can only enter if you are qualified. Most of the eldest brother went to discuss it! “

The old lady thought of a reason to deal with it casually.

In fact, even she herself didn’t know what was going on.

“Grandpa, I think this should be discussed with him! Otherwise, let him know, if you blame it, it will be a big trouble.”

Tang Yanran reminded the remote place.

“Okay, then we hurry up and find him!”

He was determined to accept the medicine, so he had to agree to the demands of Logan and Mann’s family.

Otherwise, where will he put his face?

Chapter 1396

“Huh? Why are you here?”

Levi looked at several people.

It’s so lively today.

Find them one by one.

“My lord, I have something to discuss with you! It’s about the Western Shu family…”

The Emperor Xishu smiled.


The emperor of Xishu wiped the cold sweat from his forehead: “Lord, I want the Logan family in Jiangbei and the Mann family in the provincial capital to join the Western Shu gate clan! I don’t know what you think?”

Tang Yanran added: “My lord, it’s actually a small matter, but you are the Lord of the Xishu clan now. You have to decide on the specific matters!”

Tang Yanran said this to express his respect for Levi.

“Logan Mann’s family?”

“Why let them join? As far as I know, the qualifications of these two are far from enough? At least it must be the size of the family.”

Levi asked with interest.


The Western Shu Emperor was stunned.

Do you want to tell me about the medicine?


Seeing the abnormal situation, Levi couldn’t help but shouted coldly.

The Western Shu Emperor was shocked by this sound.

“Yes, prince, I said. Logan and Mann’s family gave me a potion. This potion was recently awarded to the hero by Morendam. I took the potion and promised to let the two of them join the Xishu gate.”

The emperor of Western Shu said all five and ten.

It turned out that Sarah took the medicine back and dedicated it to the emperor of Xishu.

They can figure it out!

Levi was angry in an instant, and there were cold glows in his eyes.


“What credit do you have for Morendam? You dare to take this medicine too?”

Levi slapped the table abruptly.

Scared the Emperor Xishu to kneel to the ground.

Tang Beidao next to him took a look and sighed helplessly: “You, why are you so confused?”

“I want to ask what qualifications do you have?”

Levi roared.

Tang Yanran immediately explained: “The prince is not, it was presented by the Logan and Mann family, we dare not!”

Tang Beidao roared: “Don’t take out the potion yet?”

The Emperor Xi Shu was so frightened that he hurriedly took the box to Levi.

“Xiao Bei, take it!”

Levi jokingly smiled.

Going around, isn’t the potion in his own hands yet?

“Remember, some things are not your own in the future, don’t move!”

Levi warned.

“Understood, we will leave now!”

The emperor of Xishu is about to leave.


“Lord, what’s the matter?”

Everyone looked over.

“I accepted the medicine, but I have to declare to the Logan and Mann family that you accepted it, and let them join the Xishu clan, I agree!”

Levi approached.

The emperor of Xishu was delighted: “I understand.”

Although I didn’t get the medicine, I finally saved my face in front of Logan and Mann’s family.

After returning to the Logan family’s ancestral home, the Emperor Xishu announced that the two families could join.

Logan and Mann’s family was completely boiling.

It used to be based on the momentum of the Western Shu family, but now it has truly become a member of the Western Shu family.

Since then, Morendam has left sideways.

Directly above the aristocratic family.

Like the Garrison Family in Jingcheng, they slapped the face when they met.

For the first time, the news spread.

Morendam shakes.

The Western Shumen Clan is the biggest action among the major hidden forces.

Now the two major families have been included.

At the same time, Jiangbei and surrounding wealthy businessmen and celebrities came to congratulate Logan and Mann’s family.

“Speaking of which, I want to thank Levi! Let’s go, let’s go and thank Levi?”

Nick proposed.

A group of people went to Levi’s residence.

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