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Chapter 1393

Levi was the one who made them fly!

Not anyone else!

The March period has become a joke!

The ban under the Western Shumen clan-Levi could not see his wife and daughter.

But Levi is the Lord of the Western Shu gate…

Levi can’t limit himself!

Levi didn’t expect this.

After becoming the Lord of the Western Shu family, all the problems were easily solved.

“Old lady, don’t worry, you must give the medicine before tomorrow!”

Melina promised.

This time the opportunity is very important, they must win it.

After everyone left, they began to act.

Although Levi arranged for someone to guard Ollie.

But Melina and the others would not refuse Ollie in the name of Junjun.

Immediately rushed from Jianghai to Jiangbei.

As a result, they fell into their trap.

The people guarding Ollie didn’t care too much, after all, they were all relatives.

But how did they know that Ollie had been controlled by these “relatives”.

“What are you going to do? Didn’t you let me see Junjun?”

Ollie looked at everyone in panic.

“You don’t need to be nervous, we won’t do anything, just take you and Levi for a different medicine!”

Cross Wentao smiled.

Ollie reacted immediately.

After all, she knew that Levi was rewarded.

“Don’t you think it’s despicable?”

Ollie looked at several people angrily.

“Why is it mean? We are also Levi’s elders, so we should give this medicine to us!”

“Yes, Levi doesn’t respect the elders at all! This medicine is hidden!”

Everyone spoke plausibly.

Ollie said dissatisfied: “This is the reward that King’s Landing has received. How to distribute it is his own business and his right. Others can’t make decisions for him!”

“Today, we will make the decision for him! I think he wants the magic medicine or his mother?”

Melina has already been cruel, so naturally they won’t stop.

“Go, let’s go and find Levi!”

Just as everyone was about to set off, they met Sarah.

“What are you doing?”

Sarah looked at everyone.

“Who told the secret?”

Melina shouted sharply.

How did Sarah know?

“Sarah has nothing to do with you! You quickly get out, don’t delay us!”

Concubine Mann Jun scolded.

“No! I’m here today, don’t you want to bully my mother!”

Sarah is tit-for-tat.

“Your mother? Isn’t this your mother, okay? Get out of the way!”

Cross Wentao said angrily.

Sarah looked resolute: “I won’t let go!”

She guarded the door tightly.

Everyone didn’t dare to make a loud noise, if the old lady knew, it would be a big trouble.

“Sarah’s purpose is very simple! Let Levi hand over the magic medicine, and then we will give it to the Emperor Xishu!”

“We are also considering the future of Logan and Mann’s family. Your grandma also said that as long as the magical medicine is offered, our two will have no worries in the next hundred years!”

Everyone said.

“Sarah, think about it. Actually, this magical medicine is not very useful for Levi now, but what if it were used in exchange for the fate of the two families? Wouldn’t it be more cost-effective?”

Melina persuades her way.

Sure enough, Sarah hesitated.

“Yes, and the Emperor Xishu is very unhappy now, what if one is unhappy to deal with us? The magic medicine is very important at this time!”

Mann Jianguo also echoed the Tao.

Sarah glared at everyone and said, “Okay, don’t talk about it! Don’t make things difficult for my mother, I’ll go back with Levi!”

Chapter 1394

“Okay, we promise you!”

“Sarah, we also consider the future of you and Junjun. I hope you can distinguish it!”

Everyone was happy.

Plums dye horses, that’s absolutely fine.

This matter can be considered a certainty.

Sarah looked at everyone desperately, never expecting that they would do such a thing for the benefit of the family.

It’s really hateful.

If there is a chance to have a choice, she will never choose Logan Mann’s family.

Now if she doesn’t come forward to solve it.

One of Levi or Ollie was definitely hurt.

Which side is hurt is the result she doesn’t want to see.

So it is best if she solves it by herself.

In the villa.

Levi didn’t expect Sarah to come either.

He was taken aback.

“Sarah, did you forgive me?”

Levi asked immediately.

Sarah’s face was cold and shook his head: “No, I didn’t forgive you!”

“Then what are you doing here?”

Levi asked.

Sarah looked at Levi, hesitated for a long time, still raised the courage to ask: “Can you give me the rewards you got?”

“it is good.”

What Sarah didn’t expect was that Levi actually agreed.

“Huh? Don’t you ask why?”

Sarah looked surprised.

Levi smiled: “Because it is you! I don’t need to know the reason, as long as you speak.”


Sarah’s surface was calm, but he was actually touched.

A warm current surged through my heart.

In an instant, Sarah forgave Levi.

Such a valuable thing

You can change things from one island to another city, but he didn’t even ask, just gave it to himself?

Originally, Sarah was still thinking about how to conceal it.

But Levi heard that she was asking, but he gave it directly.

“Xiao Bei, bring the medicine!”

Levi ordered.

Soon, the Northern Heavenly King brought things.

Packed in a delicate box.

The box is specially made and requires a password to open it.

Levi handed the box to Sarah and told her the code again.

Sarah took the box with a complicated expression, just walked out a few steps, then turned to look at Levi and said, “I’ll wait three months for you to pick me up and Junjun!”

Levi smiled.

Don’t worry, I’ll watch you two at any time.

After Sarah successfully brought the magic medicine back to Logan’s house.

Logan and Mann’s family was completely boiling.

A good opportunity to become a leader is here!

They promised to let Ollie go, and a group of people went to the old lady excitedly.

Under the leadership of the old lady, everyone came to see the Western Shu Emperor.

“Brother, they have something good for you!”

The old lady laughed.

The emperor of Xishu was taken aback: “What good thing?”

“Elder Tang, you should have heard about Morendam giving rewards to heroes recently, right?”

Melina asked with a smile.

The eyes of the emperor of Xishu lit up: “Could it be the magic medicine that saves lives at that critical time?”

Although there are many ancient medicines in the West Shumen Gate, they also envy the magic medicine that Colin has developed this time.

“Yes, we just got it, and I dedicated it to you!”

Mann Jianguo immediately handed the box over.

Then after entering the password, the box pops up automatically.

There is a tube of blue medicine inside.

It is the legendary magic medicine.

In Morendam, only the important ministers of the country are worthy of it.

After seeing the medicine, the emperor of Xishu was very happy.

I can’t put it down holding the potion.

This is equivalent to giving him another life.

Can you not like it?

“I like this gift very much! You guys have done a good job!”

Emperor Xi Shu laughed.

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