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Chapter 1397

“Stop, what are you doing?”

When I came to the door of the villa, there was someone guarding it.

Naturally Tangbei Road.

Currently following Levi, there is no task, and he plays the role of the uncle doorman.

“Yell, Levi still looking for a middle-aged person to be the guard?”

“Just like this, can you keep it?”

Seeing Tang Beidao, Nick sneered.

They had never seen Tangbei Road before, so naturally they didn’t know each other.

“Old fellow, are you the bodyguard invited by Levi?”

Cross Wentao asked.


Everyone laughed.

Because if Tang Beidao put away his momentum, he would be an elegant and easy-going person.

Even a little bit weak can not help but wind.

“I’m going in, can you stop us?”

Nick flaunts his might in front of Tangbei Dao’s eyes.

If he knew that the elegant middle-aged man in front of him was almost two hundred years old.

Estimated to be scared and fainted on the spot.

What’s more terrifying is that the person in front of him will smash his body into shards with a punch…

Never thought that this is the first Lord of the Western Shu family.

Even the emperor of Xishu would call for the existence of the uncle.

“court death!”

Tang Beidao was about to get angry when a voice sounded: “Let them in!”

Tang Beidao only then suppressed his killing intent and let a few people in.

Looking at everyone in front of him, Levi smiled: “Are you here to show off?”

“It seems that you know it too, everyone in Morendam currently knows that I, Logan and Mann’s family are already in the four main gates!”

“We are now on top, even if it is the existence of the Garrison Family in Jingcheng, we are above them!”

“Levi is like this, you are not qualified to talk to us!”

Nick said triumphantly.

Each of them put on the air.

All of them look like Laozi’s No. 1 in the world.

“Levi, have you ever thought of this day? We will become the Lord! And you will be at the bottom!”

Concubine Mann Jun contemptuously said.

Cross Wentao smiled and said: “Life is so wonderful! Thirty years in Hedong, Hexi, in the blink of an eye, we became the four main gates, are you angry?”

“Speaking of which, we have to thank you! It’s your potion that made us the Lordmind.”

“Thank you!!!”

Everyone is hypocritically thanking Levi.

Levi smiled: “I asked you to join the Western Shu family! It was I who pushed you to the top!”

“But you have to remember that I can push you to the top, and I can also make you fall to the bottom!”

When Levi said this, everyone present laughed.

Everyone leaned forward and backward with laughter, and they couldn’t stand their laughter anymore.

They may believe other people who say this.

But Levi said this?

How do they believe?

Levi has nothing to do with the clan of Xishu…

Or did he agree to join?

How can it be?

Does the Western Shu Emperor still listen to you?

“Levi, I discovered that you are disabled, but your ability to speak big is getting more and more exaggerated! Why don’t you say that the Xishu clan belongs to you?”

Concubine Mann Jun shouted at Levi.

Levi smiled and said: “You are really right, the Western Shu gate clan is mine!”


After Levi finished speaking, he was met with unanimous complaints.

“You’re so fucking shameless! You’re so brave! The Western Shu family dare to say that it’s you?”

Nick roared.

They are angry.

Upon seeing this, Tang Beidao said: “He is right, he is the Lord of the Western Shu family!”

Chapter 1398

“Because I am…”

“Shut up! Is there a place for you to speak here?”

Tang Beidao wanted to say the next thing, but was directly interrupted by Nick.


Tang Beidao was dumbfounded.

He is respected among the clan of Xishu, even the emperor of Xishu dare not say a word.

The result was taught by a few little guys.

“What are you? Get out of the way!”

Cross Wentao scolded impatiently.


Tang Beidao is really going to explode.

He was first completely crushed by Levi when he was born.

He served this.

But being bullied by these little thieves, how could he bear it?

“In the future, Levi, don’t use the identity of the Xishu clan to bluff and deceive, be careful we kill you!”

“Yes, if I hear you say this in the future, I will see you hit you once!”

Several people left arrogantly.

When passing by Tang Beidao, he scolded: “The old guy will remember his identity in the future. You can eat shit, but you can’t talk nonsense!”

“Be careful I beat you up!”

Nick shook his fist bravely.

Tang Beidao is really going to explode.

Humiliated by a group of little kids.

“Don’t get angry, there will be opportunities to clean them up in the future!”

Levi smiled.

After Nick and the others left, King Xitian came.

“No news yet?”

“For so long, it stands to reason that they should have taken action.”

Levi asked.

“Yes, we intercepted a conversation between Prince William and the mysterious Morendam! Although it was only part of it, we still heard what they meant to act!”

Xitian Wangdao.

Levi smiled: “I knew they would act! After waiting so long, they are about to show up!”

It turns out that this public reward was Levi’s idea!

He specifically asked Colin to make a list.

Specific to whom the potion is rewarded, the purpose is very simple, it is to induce the presence of secret forces.

It depends on whether they can calm down.

As a result, they became complacent.

But Prince William wanted them to act.

“According to the intercepted call recordings, Prince William of Warhawk Nation seems to blame them for the previous two defeats! Asking them to get the potion this time anyway!”

The Western Heavenly King played the recording to Levi.

After listening to it, Levi smiled: “If you think that if you grab the potion, who would they choose to do it on?”

“Qin Beishan Qin’s feats are impossible, they also understand that someone protects them, if something happens to them, the impact will be too great.”

“The important ministers of the other countries are already unmovable.”

“After thinking and thinking about it, you are the only one!”

The Western Heavenly King and the Northern Heavenly King analyzed.

Levi smiled and said, “Yeah! No matter what they check on me now, I’m just an ordinary person, just a useless person, but I got rewards for my previous military exploits.”

“And killing me, the impact is the least, or no impact. So they will definitely choose to start with me.”

The Northern Heavenly King touched his nose: “But one thing, they suffered a lot in Jiangbei before! I’m afraid that the king will be in Jiangbei side by side…”

Levi smiled and said, “It’s easy! Just let the word side by side king appear in other places?”

“I’m afraid it won’t work this time? They will definitely find evidence before they dare to act, such as directly attacking the king of the word side by side to test his strength. It is estimated that it will be difficult to find one to replace you!”

The Western Heavenly King expressed his worries.

At this time, Levi looked at Tangbei Dao.

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