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Chapter 1405

Everyone in Black Tiger was very excited.

Not only got the potion but also destroyed Levi with his own hands.

An unprecedented sense of accomplishment.

Seeing the overwhelming remarks against Levi, they really enjoyed themselves.

Even they themselves did not expect such an unexpected effect.

Mainly because Levi stood too high before.

Once falling down the altar, this is the phenomenon.

“Let’s take a look. Fortunately, he didn’t kill him. Otherwise, how can this effect be achieved?”

“Yes, it is better to die than life!”

Several people from Heihu discussed.

Levi kept staring at them in secret.

The culprit is these people.

The scum of Morendam is really the same as the people of War Eagle Nation.

Soon Heihu took a few people to a villa somewhere in the capital.

The guards of this villa were extremely strict, and it was estimated that it was a few kilometers nearby, so they found out.

But it’s hard to stop Levi coming to them.

They easily dived into the villa.

According to intelligence and analysis, Levi and Xitian Wang have reached a conclusion-

The Avengers organization has a strict hierarchy.

It is divided according to the color of the mask.

The highest level mask is black.

The second level mask is golden.

The third level mask is silver.

This time, the Black Tiger personally led the team, showing how much the Avengers attach to this matter.

After arriving at the villa, several people from Heihu came to the hall after going through complicated procedures.

Levi and the Northern Heavenly King followed closely, hiding high in the dark.

The interior of the hall is at a glance.

There was only one person inside, also wearing a black mask, with a phoenix pattern.

Judging from the figure, she is a woman.

She is the second in command in the Avengers-Black Phoenix.

“Black Tiger, the mission is complete?”

Black Phoenix asked.

“Enlighten Deputy Chief, the mission is complete! This is a potion!”

“By the way, let’s break Levi into a place where no one can recover!”

Heihu reports with excitement.

While looking at the potion, the black phoenix sneered and said, “I know both of you and the leader.”

“Good job! The leader will be rewarded after he comes back!”

The black tiger suppressed his excitement and asked curiously: “Is the leader not in the capital?”

“The leader went to East Island and will not come back for the time being!”

Black Phoenix answered.

Levi in the dark cried out what a pity.

I thought it could uproot the Avengers.

Unexpectedly, the leader is not there, there is only one deputy leader.

But what is certain is that the scum of the Avengers has close ties with many overseas forces.

The leader went to Dongdao, that means they have contact with Dongdao.

Also contacted with the war eagle country.

I am afraid it is also connected with several other hostile forces.

Many things have been done to harm Morendam over the years.

For some reason, Levi suddenly remembered Watanabe Tianyi’s smile before his death.

It seems that Tenichi Watanabe knows a lot.

The re-emergence of the Blood King Palace and the poison that hurts oneself are inseparable from them.

“Deputy chief, so did you give the potion to Prince William?”

Black Tiger asked.

“Yes! I have discussed with Prince William, and his people will come to get something tonight!”

After speaking, Black Phoenix continued to look at the potion: “Is the potion okay?”

“There is absolutely no problem, it was offered by Levi! There will be no fakes!”

Heihu replied.

Black Phoenix sneered: “Hehe, Levi would do such things to survive, it’s really ridiculous!”

“Since it’s okay, follow me, and we will pick up the messenger sent by Prince William!”

Chapter 1406

Afterwards, Heihu followed Heifenghuang and left the villa.

The group behaved cautiously.

Especially the level of Black Phoenix.

The way she was going had already been investigated in advance.

Make sure that there is no danger and tracking before leaving.

But Levi always followed in the dark.

Soon after, they came to an upscale area in the capital.

Most of the wealthy businessmen living overseas live here, but few people come here.

The area where these wealthy businessmen live is afraid that few people can come, so it is very confidential for the Avengers.

Several people from Black Phoenix entered a villa, and then waited for Prince William’s messenger to arrive.

Levi and Bei Tian Wang also sneaked into the villa…

“Deputy Chief, Da Xia really suffered a heavy loss this time!”

“It’s not just a matter of losing the potion. As long as you get the potion, Prince William’s people can analyze the ingredients. This potion is no longer unique to Morendam.”

“Not only that, but Morendam’s reputation has been greatly damaged because of Levi! It’s so refreshing!”

Black Tiger laughed.

Black Phoenix nodded: “Well, for us sinners like Da Xia, the more miserable Da Xia is, the happier we will be!”

The eyes of the black tigers burst into cold light of hatred.

“Yes, that’s right! Everyone in our Avengers is a sinner of Morendam, especially we, who are burdened with heinous crimes!”

“It was Morendam who ruined us! Let us become sinners and never raise our heads! We should have been prosperous and prosperous all our lives, but Morendam harmed us!”

“We have vowed a long time ago to resist Morendam in this life! Unless we die, Morendam will not have a peaceful day!”

The Black Tigers were just like crazy, grinning, making a voice of hatred.

Levi in the dark finally understood who the Avengers are…

According to them, these people are all sinners of Morendam.

Each is a criminal with a heinous crime.

It is estimated that they were all super big people before, and they should have had a luxurious life.

Because they were convicted of sinners by Morendam, they were deprived of everything.

These people have accumulated hatred, and their hatred for Da Xia is getting deeper and deeper.

They gathered together to form the Avengers.

Over the years, he has been targeting Morendam.

That’s right.


Terrible hate!

In their eyes, they have an antagonistic hatred with Da Xia!

They only think that Morendam deprived them of everything and condemned them as sinners.

Only blame others.

But I don’t want to think about why Morendam did this?

It’s not that they committed all kinds of crimes themselves.

For example, killing people and overcoming goods, such as extermination and treason…

This group of scum will only blame others, and will not find the cause in themselves.

They think there is nothing wrong at all.

Even under this kind of hatred, the land that will give birth to them can be betrayed.

More cruelly killing their compatriots…

“It’s just a bunch of chopsticks, scum!”

Levi clenched his fist tightly, and bloodthirsty killing intent flashed in his eyes.

He really wanted to do it right away.

But still focus on the overall situation.

This time the harvest is huge.

At least know who they are.

Next, they will use all their power to thoroughly investigate these people.

By investigating Morendam’s criminals who have committed heinous crimes in the past 100 years, they will surely be able to find out one by one.

Even if the faces under their masks have been ruined, they can still correspond.

“Yes, the leader will plan something that will cause a sensation in the world! I am looking forward to it!”

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