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Chapter 1407

Black Phoenix’s eyes were full of expectation and madness.

Heihu and others were also interested.


Everyone asked.

“Of course! Otherwise, the leader will not go to the East Island himself! Going to the East Island is to plan this event!”

The tone of the black phoenix was full of pride.

It shows her confidence in this matter.

“How big is it?”

Heihu’s eyes are hot.

Black Phoenix smiled: “If this happens, it will be enough to shock Morendam’s vitality, and the self-confidence of Morendam people will be devastating…”


Heihu took a few breaths.

They know that the chief planning is definitely a big event.

But I didn’t expect it to be so big…

“Speaking of which, I would also like to thank the four main gates. It is they who broke the agreement and let all the hidden forces come out. We have this opportunity!”

The corners of Black Phoenix’s mouth rose.

“Yes! The situation is in our favor now!”

Black Tiger also laughed.

Levi in the dark clenched his fists, his eyes flickering.

These people are crazy!

This time they are coming to the big one.

Listening to their plan should be a huge blow to Morendam.

Fortunately, Levi designed such a bureau.

They entered.

Otherwise it is impossible to know this kind of plan.

Although I don’t know what it is, at least we can prepare in advance.

“What about the specific plan?”

Black Tiger asked.

“Huh? This is confidential, you want to know?”

Hei Fenghuang suddenly raised his pitch, and Heihu was too scared to speak.

Seeing this, Levi has invented the horror of this organization.

The system is too strict.

You know that Heihu also wears a black mask, but he still doesn’t know the big plan.

Soon after, the envoy of Prince William of the Warhawk Kingdom came.

“Well, Prince William said, you did a good job! What he promised you will also be fulfilled! Thirteen islands are permanently owned by you!”

“You can completely break away from Morendam and form your own domain!”

The messenger said with a smile.

“Thank you Prince William!”

Hei Fenghuang and others were very excited.

After receiving the potion, the messenger looked at it a few times and said: “Prince William knows that you have to plan a major event next. If you have any needs, Prince William will fully support it!”

“Thank you so much, Prince William! If we succeed in this matter, it will have a lot of benefits for the Eagle Nation and Prince William!”

“Well, happy cooperation!”

Subsequently, the envoy of Prince William left.

Levi sent someone to follow him, and all their trading and conversations were filmed just now.

This is the evidence!

In the future, if he wants to use certain people in the War Eagle Nation to operate, that is the reason!

Now he is sending people to follow Prince William’s messenger, just to dig out all these people from the Eagle Nation.

Levi believed that this group of people was the same group who killed his brother back then.

He wants to do it now.

But for the sake of the overall situation, I still have to bear it.

As for the people like Black Phoenix, Levi still sent elites to follow.

He wants to control the entire Avengers alliance in his hands.

Even more, they must be found out one by one.

Levi and the Northern Heavenly King went back. He had to make preparations quickly to prevent the huge plan of the Avengers.

It’s not good if something big happens.

The King of Northern Heaven suddenly raised a question at this time: “Hall Lord, has the medicine been taken away by Prince William’s people?”


“Is that potion real?”

The Northern Heavenly King suddenly became nervous.

Chapter 1408

Although the Northern Heavenly King has no name or surname, he has no family or friends, and does not exist in any of Morendam’s materials.

But he is a big summer!

Always care about Morendam!

He was worried about the medicine being taken away.

Didn’t the prescription leak?

That was a big blow to Morendam.


“Reluctant to let the child catch the wolf!”

“With their abilities, if the medicine is fake, it can be found out soon.”

Levi approached.

The Northern Heavenly King sighed.

This is also impossible.

Suddenly Levi smiled and said, “Of course I won’t be so stupid to give the real potion for nothing!”

“The research and development of this drug took a long time, and it took tens of thousands of experiments to succeed. A lot of defective and failed products were left behind. What I gave them was a relatively close defective product!”

“In a short time, they won’t be able to find out at all! When they analyze the ingredients, and then deduce the real medicine, it will be the year of the monkey!”

After listening to it, the Northern Heavenly King understood.

It turned out that when Colin mentioned this potion, it was in Levi’s plan step by step.

So he was not afraid to give the potion to Prince William at all.

“Xiao Bei, immediately tell Xiao Dong, let him take someone to the East Island to see if there is anything unusual over there.”

“Let Xiaoxi use all available power to conduct a thorough investigation! It really doesn’t work, I will use my identity as the king to open all the powers!”

Levi ordered.

The situation is urgent, and he must use all available forces.

“Next we will return to Jiangbei! I will use the Western Shu gate valve too!”

Levi approached.

“By the way, let Xiaoxi send me the list of all the people who have problems with the Xishu gate!”

Before that, Levi asked the Emperor of Xishu to hand over the information of all members of the Xishu clan.

He has been asked to check.

He must have a clear resume before he dare to use it.

As for other problems, they will be thoroughly investigated one by one.

Especially check if they are related to the Avengers.

Now that the members who have no problems are screened out, he can use them.

At this time, the crusade against Levi became more and more serious, and the heat did not show any downward trend.

The Avengers and overseas forces are still fanning the flames.

Even the whole Jiangbei is implicated.

After Levi returned, even Tangbei Dao was extremely surprised.

“HallLord, are you back? In just one day, I don’t know how many people have been here, and almost smashed this place.”

Tang Beidao was also very depressed.

As the number one Lord of the Western Shu family, he was like a god, and he was bullied by ordinary people one after another.

He couldn’t do it.

“Hurry up and let Emperor Tang come here!”

Levi no longer cares about the public opinion outside.

Now I just want to stop the lunatics of the Avengers…

After all, I don’t know their plan.

Emperor Tang, who received the notice, came to the villa flattered.

“Lord, what do you need us to do?”

Levi said straightforwardly: “Next, listen to my arrangements! The specific tasks and the distribution of members are…”

In this action, Levi almost used all the vital power of the Xishu clan.

This surprised the Western Shu Emperor.

What is it that caused more than 100,000 people from the Western Shu family to be dispatched?

“Hurry up and assign tasks in the name of your Patriarch! The sooner the better!”

Levi urged.

The Emperor Xishu did not dare to neglect for a moment, and after returning to the Logan family ancestor’s house, he assigned tasks one by one to implement Levi’s plan.

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