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Chapter 1403

“No matter how bad I am, Cross Wentao will never be a traitor!”

“People like Levi should be nailed to the pillar of shame forever!”

“It’s embarrassing to have something to do with Levi! I can’t wait to jump off the building!”

The Logan and Mann families were originally the Lords of the rudder.

Levi wanted to make a mockery of such a thing.

What Junjun did not recognize this father from now on, and Sarah did not have this husband, etc., have all come out.

Many relatives are like this.

I can’t see you, but I’m happy to see the hard side of you, and even fight sarcasm.

Levi’s matter is just a microcosm.

If Levi were here, they could drown him with saliva.

“No, King’s Landing is not such a person!”

“There must be a problem!”

Sarah naturally didn’t believe it, and argued vigorously.

“Dad loves Morendam the most! Impossible!”

Xiaojunjun also shouted fiercely.

Katie stared at Sarah with a sneer: “It’s all this time, don’t you believe it?”

“The whole world knows about this, only you don’t believe it!”

“Yeah, people have to accept him from abroad! Maybe he ran away long ago! Traitoring the country and seeking glory, in exchange for glory and wealth!”

Nick was talking babbledly.

Sarah shook his head: “Impossible! Levi must still be in Jiangbei! He can’t betray Morendam! He can’t leave!”

“Then we can ask him to confront him, do you believe that Levi has left Jiangbei now?”

“Yes, just follow us to see it!”

Nick and Cross Wentao were just guessing, and they didn’t believe Levi left.

Anyway, I’m in the mood at the moment, how can I belittle it?

“Okay, then I will go and see with you! This proves Levi’s innocence!”

Sarah agreed.

Then she took a group of people to the villa.

Tang Beidao had just returned from the northern border and was responsible for guarding the villa.

“this is?”

Sarah was very curious to see him.

“Sarah, take a look at Levi’s hiding a lot of things from you? This is his new doorman butler! Look at the door, don’t you know?”

Concubine Mann Jun laughed.

Tang Beidao looked at everyone, “What are you doing?”

“The old guy has nothing to do with you! And she is Levi’s wife and the owner of the villa!”

Nick reminded.

When it heard that it was Levi’s wife, Tang Beidao was surprised at the same time, but also gave way.

Sarah led people into the villa.

It’s just that the villa is empty and there is no one at all.

Where is the only wheelchair!

“Look? What am I talking about! Did Levi run away?”

Nick’s eyes lit up, and he shouted in surprise.

“Levi must have gone abroad, this traitor! I really want to slap him to death!”

Others scolded.

One by one looks like angels of justice.


At this juncture, Levi’s absence was a painful blow to Sarah!

It is not a good time for you to leave, but it is time for you to leave.

“Look, this kid is running in a hurry, he doesn’t even care about the wheelchair!”

Cross Wentao glanced at the wheelchair.

Sarah looked for it without losing, but there was still no figure of Levi.

She came to Tangbei Road and asked, “Uncle can tell me where Levi is?”

“He should have left Jiangbei, but I don’t know where he is going.” “

Tang Beidao answered truthfully.

“He must have ran away!”

Chapter 1404

Tang Beidao’s answer stoned the fact that Levi had left.

Tang Beidao wanted to explain, but this matter was secret everywhere.

How dare he say?

“Levi is a traitor!”

“Sarah this time, you can’t clean it anyway!”

Everyone was extremely excited.

The more Levi is underestimated, the more excited they are.


Sarah choked up in his throat.

She doesn’t want to make any remarks for the time being.

Wait for time to prove.

Although Levi’s behavior was weird, it was in line with what they said.

But she still believed in Levi.

He is definitely not such a person!

Don’t look at Levi in a wheelchair now!

But he is definitely someone who would rather stand to die than live on his knees.

“Levi should be removed from Morendam! What a shame!”

“I have nothing to do with Levi from now on!”

“Sarah, you and Junjun should also sever ties with Levi! Otherwise, you will all become sinners!”

Everyone announced that they were severing relations with Levi.

Sarah could only look up to the sky and sigh.

After returning home, the old lady and them also knew about this.

“Very well, he will never see you in the future! With me, he won’t even think about it!”

The old lady was very angry.

Even the Emperor Xishu was very angry.

He didn’t get the medicine for a long time and was almost scrapped.

Then I think Levi took other medicine to betray the country and seek glory.

How can this be tolerated?

I am afraid that if the king knows the word side by side, he will be so angry that it will explode!

“No, I have to tell him to go!”

The emperor Xishu wanted more and more angry.

Tang Yanran stopped and said, “Grandpa, don’t you think the king will know the word side by side? He will definitely take measures.”

“No, it’s our business to report it!”

The Western Shu Emperor wanted to take advantage of this to show his loyalty to the King of Side by Side.

The Emperor Xishu brought Tang Yanran to the villa, only to see Tangbei Road.

“Go back, don’t play such cleverness in the future!”

Tang Beidao saw the thoughts of the Western Shu Emperor and blasted the two away.

The fact that Levi is a traitor continues to ferment.

Of course, this is inseparable from the promotion of overseas countries and major forces.

After this incident happened, Levi was smeared overseas for the first time.

Tell the world that Levi had long ago fornicated the enemy country.

For example, the Palace of the Blood King was merciful and deliberately let go by his subordinates.

Many countries have also opened green channels to Levi.

Several countries even promised that as long as Levi comes, they are willing to grant him a knighthood or even let him join the royal family.

Prosperity and wealth, no worries.

The result of this is that the smearing gets darker.

The world felt that Levi had betrayed Morendam.

Levi was scolded to death.

Morendam is not glorious.

But this kind of situation is the most willing to see the traitors.

Had it not been for the Logan Mann family now belonged to the Western Shu family.

I’m afraid it will definitely be implicated.

Many people have come to Jiangbei to search for Levi, and everyone wants to denounce this traitor to his face.

Sarah is very suffering now.

She wanted Levi to appear, but she didn’t want him to appear.

If he showed up, it would be too much trouble.

He certainly couldn’t handle it himself.

When he shows up, tell everyone that he has not betrayed Da Xia.

The Garrison people in Jingcheng are the most affected.

Morendam even set off a wave of boycotting the Garrison family.

As Qianfu pointed out, Levi, who was scolded by thousands of people, was struggling for Morendam at the moment.

They followed the group all the way to the capital.

Levi was very excited.

If this time the Avengers can be uprooted, that would be great.

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