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Chapter 1409

The Emperor Xishu suddenly made such a big move, which made the Logan and Mann family very puzzled.

What’s the matter?

Even the old lady is the monk of Cross Er, puzzled.

“Old lady, I heard that this time it was a super big action by the Xishu clan?”

Melina asked curiously.

Others also looked at the old lady.

The old lady took a breath: “Yes, this is the first time I have seen such a dynamic action! I have never seen it before!”

“Old lady, are we also a member of the Xishu clan now?”

Everyone continued to ask.

“Yes what’s the matter?”

“Then Xishu clan action, we should also participate in it? Why is it not our business?”

Melina asked.

One sentence made Tang Yanran angry.

“You want to take part in the action? But what do you guys do? Do you have any abilities? How many Lord-level powerhouses are there in your family? How many god-level powerhouses are there?”


Facing Tang Yanran’s questioning, everyone in Logan and Mann’s family was stunned.


Although their reputations are on the Western Shu family, do they have the capabilities of the Western Shu family?

Absolutely not!

“After the trouble, you figure out your own positioning!”

Tang Yanran warned dissatisfied.

“Miss, we know! We are the bottom of the Xishu clan! We promise not to embarrass the Xishu clan!”

“Yes, yes, we are just a group of dogs, we know our position very well.”

Melina and the others were humbled and almost knelt on the ground.

They licked Tang Yanran frantically like a dog.

Even admitted that he is a dog!

Like the Western Shu Emperor, they didn’t even have the qualifications to fawn.

Little did he know that the Emperor Xishu also lied on the ground to fawn on Levi’s visit.

The Western Shu Emperor allocated everything that Levi had arranged.

He walked out and let out a deep, long sigh of relief.

The old lady hurriedly greeted a large group of people.

There are those with tea and water, and those with fan wind.

There is a thump.

Nick even lay on the ground to polish the shoes of the Western Shu Emperor.

“Elder Don, your shoes are dirty, I’ll clean them!”

Facing these, the Western Shu Emperor was indifferent.

The old lady asked, “What the hell is Big Brother’s task? Why do you want to hide it from me?”

The Western Shu Emperor just wanted to say, but he nodded immediately after thinking of something, “Yes, this matter should be kept secret from you!”

“But you have to rest assured! After this is done, the status of my Xishu clan in Morendam will be raised to another level! Morendam admits this!”


After the Emperor Xishu finished speaking, the old lady was very happy.

“Good thing! What a great thing!”

The other Logan family members became more excited when they heard it.

The tide is rising.

The higher the status of the Xishu clan, the brighter their future will be.

Nick’s shoeshine, Cross Wentao, Mann Junfei and Katie beat their legs and back harder.

“Tang Lao Yingming! We believe that under your leadership, the Western Shu gate will definitely be more brilliant for thousands of years!”

“I am proud of being a member of the Western Shu family!”

Melina and Doug showed great hospitality.

Sarah and his parents are incompatible with these personalities.

They, especially Sarah, can’t do this at all.

Fortunately, grandma loves her enough.

At this moment, the housekeeper of the Logan family ran in in a panic.

“It’s not good, the big thing is bad!”

“I saw Levi is back!”

Shouted the butler.

However, when he saw that the Emperor Xishu was there, he immediately fell to his knees in shock.

Chapter 1410

The housekeeper was arranged by Doug to stare at Levi’s villa at all times.

But the butler was too reckless.

All the fuss scared the Western Shu Emperor.

The faces of Logan and Mann’s family members are also extremely ugly.

Isn’t this making them ugly to be so flustered in front of the Western Shu Emperor?

Everyone was trembling with fright.

I am afraid that the Western Shu Emperor will blame it.

But the Western Shu Emperor asked, “Is that the traitor Levi?”

There has been a lot of noise recently.

Both Xishu Emperor and Tang Yanran knew about it.

“Yes, yes, that’s him! This kid took a lot of potions and hid a copy for others, and sold Morendam!”

“I am ashamed of knowing Levi!”

“This kind of scum shouldn’t live in this world!”

Everyone ridiculed Levi.

Sarah was in a bad mood, clenching his fists tightly.

“No, didn’t he all go abroad? Why did he come back?”

Katie raised questions.

“Yes, why did the man he ran back again?”

Everyone reacted now.

Nick and Cross Wentao looked at each other and said, “No matter what the reason is for him to come back, we have to catch him immediately! Then hand it to the relevant personnel! Such a traitor must not let him run away!”

“Yes, even if you catch this kid, you can still count the merits of the Xishu clan! I caught the traitor! He gave such expensive potions to outsiders!”

Everyone shouted.

Sarah didn’t even have a chance to interrupt.

Once Levi was caught back, it would be dangerous.

Even if he is not a traitor, according to the posture of this group of people, he will be abruptly designated as a traitor.

After Logan Mann’s family reminded them, this made the eyes of the Western Shu Emperor bright.

Tang Yanran even reminded him from the side: “Grandpa, this is a good way! Levi is a traitor, and everyone gets to blame.

Many people are looking for him. If we catch him and give it directly to the prince, the credit will be ours. “

In an instant, the Western Shu Emperor became excited.

“Quickly, send someone to get Levi back. I must dedicate it to the King of One Word!”

The Emperor Xi Shu said excitedly.

When I saw everyone’s surprised eyes.

The Emperor Xishu knew that he was overly excited, and he was frustrated.

“Big brother, one word side by side? Do you know him too?”

The old lady asked immediately.

“Grandpa is more than just acquaintance. The actions of the Xishu clan just now were arranged by the king! It can be said that behind the Xishu clan is standing side by side the king!”

Tang Yanran said.

The Emperor Xi Shu also nodded: “It is indeed the case! The action just now is a better arrangement of the word side by side king!”

“One thing, this is a secret, don’t tell anyone. Otherwise, there will be no mercy!”

Everyone nodded.

Logan and Mann’s family became more and more excited.

Joining Xishu Gate Valve is really a surprise.

Now there is a word side by side king supporting?

Then I don’t know what height it will reach in the future…

“It’s great! Happy events come and go!”

The old lady was also very excited.

“Hey, if the king is not a wife and children, I want to promise Yanran to him!”

Speaking of this matter, the Western Shu Emperor was very depressed.

“Ah? I heard that the king is only in his twenties, and he is not married?”

Everyone said one after another.

“He has it! You don’t know it!”

“Stop talking about this, go grab Levi for me!”

The emperor of Western Shu also sent six major servants to go with Nick.

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