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Chapter 1411

Sarah became more worried.

But there is no way.

If Levi were directly handed over to the King of One Word, wouldn’t it be a dead-end?

The crime of traitorousness is too serious.

It is likely that Levi’s mother, her and Jun Jun will also be implicated.

They might be fine because of the presence of the Western Shu Emperor.

But Levi must be in trouble.

“Don’t mix it up!”

The two of Dale held Sarah.

Nick and Cross Wentao led the crowd menacingly to the Royal Villa.

When they came to the villa area, the six servants of the Western Shu Emperor were taken aback.

Is it such a coincidence?

Doesn’t the King of Words live here?

Next, Nick led the way, and this route became more and more familiar.

Isn’t this the villa leading to the king of the word side by side?

The next fact made the six major servants go crazy.

It really is here!

“Levi hurry out! We know you are back, you traitor!”

“Hurry up and get out by yourself, don’t force us to do it!”

Nick shouted at the villa.

This time, the six major servants are really going to cry.

It’s really a word side by side…

He is the one Levi hated by the Logan and Mann family!

When they saw Tang Beidao’s figure, they became more sure of this.

“The old immortal, let Levi come out quickly, don’t hide it!”

“Yes, otherwise I will beat you up!”

Nick and Cross Wentao yelled at Tang Beidao.


The six major servants are about to vomit blood.

Are these people crazy?

Dare to yell at this like this?

As everyone knows, even the Emperor Xi Shu himself dare not.

Are you looking for death?

They were trembling with fright and were about to kneel on the ground.

Especially seeing Tang Beidao looking at this place, their scalp is numb and they are about to die…

Just as they shouted, Levi came out from inside.

Let the Northern Heavenly King push him and sit in a wheelchair.

“Levi, you traitor, do you dare to come out?”

Nick immediately shouted.

Levi sneered and said, “Didn’t you let me out?”

“Traitor, shameless scum, do you have the face to speak? And the face to come back?”

Everyone said angrily.

“I Garrison, someone has a clear conscience and is all about Morendam. Where did the traitor come from?”

Levi was frank and frank.

“Haha, now in Morendam, who in the world doesn’t know that you are a traitor?”

“To tell you the truth, we are here to catch you this time! Don’t want to run!”

“Along with us are the six Lords of the Xishu Emperor, the head of the Xishu clan, can you still run?”

Nick introduced several people.

But where do you dare to criticize the six angry critics?

Knowing this situation a long time ago, they would not dare to come to death.

The six major servants were about to kneel down, but they saw Levi’s eyes.

The six stopped abruptly.

“Levi, I advise you to stop resisting, and go back with us for trial! Otherwise, you will suffer as hard as you can!”

Cross Wentao laughed.

“Okay, then I will go back with you and see who is going to judge me?”

Levi smiled.

“Come on, bring him back to me!”

Afterwards, everyone pushed Levi into the car and went straight to the house of Logan’s ancestors.

Neither the Northern Heavenly King nor Tang Beidao followed.

Along the way, the six major servants have been sweating coldly.

Wet sweat stains under her feet.

“My sirs, what’s wrong with you? Is it so hot?”

Nick asked curiously.

“It’s okay…”

A few people were perfunctory.

Soon, I arrived at the ancestral home of the Logan family.

Nick and the others can’t wait.

Chapter 1412

One by one, they eagerly wanted the Emperor Xishu to punish Levi.

Send it to the King of Side by Side as soon as possible for execution!

“Hurry up! Disability is trouble!”

Nick and several people pushed their wheelchairs, all venting their negative emotions.


The servants of the Western Shu Emperor were shocked to see them.

They are really about to collapse.

This is the king of the word side by side!

Are you crazy?

Several people can’t imagine what will happen next…

When they came to the yard, many people from Logan and Mann’s family had already poured out.

“Well, you traitor, do you dare to come back?”

“See if I can suck you to death today?”

“Having a scum like you is really maddening me!”

When the Logan and Mann family saw Levi, each seemed to be crazy.

Facing Levi’s words and penalties, there were even hands-on actions.

Melina slapped up, Doug smashed it down with a stick…

“What are you doing?”

The six major slaves couldn’t help it anymore, and quickly stopped them.

“My sirs, we have lost our way. The main reason is that we can’t help but encounter this traitor!”

“Yes, I can’t wait to kill him! Eliminate harm for the people, and give back justice!”

The crowd stared at Levi, extremely angry.


Jun Jun ran over at this moment.

“Jun Jun missed you, Dad…”

Jun Jun crawled into Levi’s arms.

Levi hugged Jun Jun tightly and smiled: “Jun Jun will be patient, and soon my dad will pick you up and mom back.”

“Idiot dreaming!”

“Levi, you are like this, you still want to pick up your wife and daughter?”

“Today, Elder Don will send you to the king of the word side by side! Let me see how many lives you have!”

Melina roared.

“No, he is not a traitor! He will never betray Morendam!”

Sarah’s voice sounded.

Although she hadn’t chosen to forgive Levi, she still trusted him.

“Hmph, he is a traitor! Even the potion is handed over!”

Sarah defended against everyone: “If he really did this, he should have gone abroad a long time ago, why would he come back?”

“He should know that people all over the world are looking for him, right? He just came back to join the Internet cafe?”

“It’s not because he is frank and frank, he has never done this at all!”


Faced with Sarah’s doubts, everyone was speechless.

“No matter what, Levi is a traitor! Everyone gets punishable!”

“Yes, this scum must die! Morendam’s traitor must die!”

Nick shouted.

“Okay, Sarah, you don’t have to worry about this. Brother will take care of it!”

The old lady said.

Ordered to protect Sarah and Junjun aside.

No more contact with Levi.

Sarah was about to cry in a hurry.

If the Emperor Xi Shu came to deal with it personally, Levi would definitely be over.

They want to take Levi to go side by side with the king to invite credit.

“Sarah, you don’t have to be afraid! I’m sitting upright, Levi, and it’s okay!”

Levi comforted.

The six major servants also subconsciously said: “Miss Logan, please rest assured! The Lord will deal with it impartially!”

They were the most disturbed throughout the whole process.

For a while, I am afraid that the storm is coming.

That scene was so terrible, they couldn’t even imagine.

“What is the noise? Is Levi here?”

Accompanied by the voice, Emperor Xi Shu and Tang Yanran came to the court surrounded by everyone.

“Brother, this is Levi!”

The old lady pointed.

The emperor of Xishu looked at Levi.

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