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Chapter 146

Each guest comes from various industries, all over the military, political and business circles, and they all have a great background.

It shows the connections and influence of the Xiao family.

As for the front row positions are empty.

Those are the guests with the heaviest weight in the big celebration.

They are naturally the finale!

The Xiao family also took their seats one after another, revealing the heritage of a generation of giants.

When the stars Porter Yutong and Cai Zhan came out, the atmosphere was pushed to a climax.

Afterwards, Xiao Guopu personally stood on the stage and first said a few words of welcome.

Immediately after Xiao Guopu said passionately: “Next, let us welcome heavyweight guests to enter the venue…”

“It’s hard to show off that the next twenty people who will enter the stadium are all students during my military career.”

“The first-Shane Xiaohui, the head of the Iron and Steel Group of the Case York Military Region!”

“The second place-Wang Garrison, the captain of the Kirin Special Forces of the the city Military Region!”

“The third-Kong Wenfeng, commander of the Special Operations Group of the Northern Subei Military Region!”

“The fourth place-Hong Guanchi, the mayor of the city Dongcheng District!”

“The fifth place-He Dongfei, Director of the Case York Industrial and Commercial Bureau!”

When Xiao Guopu read out the names of the guests, the audience was shaken!

Xiao Guopu is full of peaches and plums.

His students are all over the country, and every one of them is in their prime.

There are actually twenty at the level of regiment commander, and fifty or sixty other high-ranking officials who are in the military and administration.

Everyone in it is daunting, even the rich.

This is horrible!

It is unimaginable!

The children of the Xiao family are proud. How powerful is the Xiao family?

They are proud of being the Xiao family!

Xiao Guopu looked at the students entering the hall with great vigor.

This is the bottom line of the Xiao family!

Who in the city dare to fight the Xiao family?

Dozens of first-tier stars appeared, and the Xiao family showed money.

Dozens of high-ranking officials appeared, and the Xiao family showed connections.

Seeing this scene, Wang Xuelong sneered: “Such a powerful Xiao family, what did Levi use to fight against the Xiao family?”

Lin Mei and Zhong Yao were also very shocked: “To be honest, the wealth of the Xiao family is beyond our imagination! They have gone beyond the scope of worldly money and have truly reached the level of social status!”

“The impossible thing to bring down the Xiao family!”

After Shane Xiaohui and others entered the stadium one by one, the front row seats were almost full.

But the middle position is still empty.

Everyone knows what that seat means and who will sit on it!

Major General Kylin!!!

Xiao Guopu shouted loudly: “Next, let us welcome with the warmest applause——Major General Kylin, one of the five great kings under the command of the God of War of Velador Protector of Velador, General God of War!!!”


The applause in the court was like a sensation of thunder.

With the arrival of Major General Kylin, the Xiao family’s status must be elevated today!!!

In the anticipation of everyone, Xiao Ruoyu, Xiao Ruofeng and others came to the court surrounded by Major General Alton.

Everyone was so excited!

After all, you can get a glimpse of the honorable face of Major General Kylin!

Xiao Qin didn’t feel anything because he had seen it.

Levi smiled: “Little Alton is very pompous!”

What is puzzling is that Alton is wearing a military uniform, majestic and domineering, swallowing mountains and rivers with anger.

You must know that all the officers in front, including Shane Xiaohui, were wearing suits, and no one came in military uniforms.

After all, this is to participate in the celebration. It comes in a private capacity, so it is not appropriate to wear military uniforms.

But Major General Kirin is wearing a military uniform, which is puzzling!

It’s as if he was attending today’s celebration as a mission.

Xiao Guopu and others would not think so far.

They think that Major Alton wears a military uniform, but the effect is better.

Carrying a star on your shoulders gives you greater awe.

It also shows that Major General Kylin attaches great importance to this celebration, which is a good thing for the Xiao family!

It creates an illusion-Major General Alton was not invited, but he had a good relationship with the Xiao family, and he came to support the market specially!

Chapter 147

Alton said coldly and came to the stage.

Before the Xiao family arranged, there was a ceremony-giving gifts.

When Alton was standing on the stage in a military uniform, everyone in the Xiao family was almost ecstatic and breathing quickly.

This is the most important moment of the 40th anniversary celebration of the Xiao family!!!

The guests off the court were also envious.

Since then, the position of the Xiao family among the rich will advance a few places.

Xiao Guopu said excitedly: “Next, I would like to give General Alton a gift on behalf of the Xiao family!!!”

Under the escort of eight bodyguards, Lloyd Lin walked onto the stage with a gift box in his hand.

“Zhong Yao look! Your boyfriend Lloyd Lin! What a high position in Xiao’s house!”

“That’s right! This time I’ve got close contact with General Alton! It’s amazing!”

“What does Levi compare with Lloyd Lin?”

Wang Xuelong and Boyd Haosheng said excitedly.

Zhong Yao smiled, even a little proud.

It is equivalent to acquiescing that Lloyd Lin is his boyfriend!

Fortunately, Levi rejected him at the beginning, otherwise, how could he witness such a moment?

When people around heard that Zhong Yao was Lloyd Lin’s girlfriend, they all cast envy.

This makes Zhong Yao very satisfied!!!

She even wanted to stand up and tell everyone aloud-have you seen it? The one who gave the gift to Major General Alton is my boyfriend!!!

Zhong Yao also turned to look at Levi.

The complex eyes are saying: Levi, you are not worthy of me!

After Lloyd Lin came to the stage, he stood next to Major General Alton, holding the gift box in both hands!

Xiao Guopu introduced: “The gift to General Kylin is a special Patek Philippe Starry Sky special custom model, the only one in the world! It is worth ten million! Only this unique watch can be worthy of the identity of General Kylin!”

Xiao Guopu looked at Alton again and said with a smile: “Don’t get me wrong, General Alton. This is just the heart of our Xiao family and has nothing to do with other things! I have proved to the media! I just hope General Alton will accept it as a souvenir!”

Xiao Guopu’s move was to dispel Kylin’s doubts.

Avoid spreading news such as bribes outside!

“turn on!”

When Lloyd Lin opened the gift box, this watch appeared in everyone’s eyes.

It is simply stunning!

It’s worth tens of millions!

With trembling hands, Lloyd Lin handed the watch to Alton.

This is the most awesome moment in his life!

Kylin took the gift!


The sound of cold breath from the field continued.

Especially in the front row, many representatives of the giants have scalp numb.

Although this move is extremely simple, it has far-reaching significance.

It means that from now on, General Alton will be the backer of the Xiao family!

The Xiao family will dominate Case York, crush several giants, and even be able to break the wrist with the strongest giants.

“General Alton, do you want to say a few words?”

Xiao Guopu asked carefully.

Alton suddenly showed a secretive smile: “Where is Xiao Tianlong? I have long heard that Young Lord Xiao Tianlong is unparalleled in the world and is a wizard of Case York! I don’t seem to see him today?”

As soon as he heard this, everyone in the Xiao family gave a thud in their hearts.

A total of two people mentioned Xiao Tianlong today.

The first Levi.

The second general Alton.

Two people who were originally unrelated, but a strange feeling flashed in their hearts.

As if everything was negotiated.

Especially Alton General’s smile was a little weird, as if he knew everything.

But it was just a passing thought.

The Xiao family is more ecstatic!!!

Chapter 148

Because Xiao Tianlong was actually known by Major General Alton, this is Xiao Tianlong’s blessing!

Especially Xiao Ruoyu was the most excited. His son was praised by Major General Alton like this.

The people in the audience were not calm anymore.

Envy and jealous of the Xiao family.

The heir of the Xiao family was specifically mentioned by Major General Alton, which was shocking!

Xiao Guopu and Xiao Ruoyu looked at each other.

They now have infinite hatred for Levi.

Can’t wait to frustrate his bones and make him cramped.

If it weren’t for Levi’s injury to Xiao Tianlong, then Xiao Tianlong would be able to attend the celebration today and accept General Alton’s praise.

Blame Levi!

Xiao Guopu didn’t dare to conceal Alton, and said truthfully: “General Alton, my grandson is still injured in the hospital.”

After Alton heard it, he couldn’t help but smile: “The hospital is good, at least it’s not a crematorium.”


The Xiao family was puzzled.

I don’t know what General Alton’s intention is.

But all laughed.

“General Alton, please!”

Xiao Guopu personally walked off the stage and walked to the seat in front of the unicorn.

The middle seat!

That place where only the most powerful and powerful person can sit in!

In everyone’s eyes, it belongs only to General Alton.

Except for him, no one dared to sit on it.

When the unicorn stepped off the stage, Shane Xiaohui, Wang Garrison and others stood up and watched respectfully

Excluding military ranks, Alton is also the idol of many of them.

For the Xiao family, such a scene is simply too ostentatious.

Twenty colonel-level figures, a major general!

Too much supporting the scene!

Xiao Guopu came to the center of the Alton, and said to him: “General Alton, please sit down! This is the position specially reserved for you. No one dared to sit in except you!”

“General Alton, please!”

Wang Garrison also asked.

But after Alton heard it, there was no movement for a long time.

He didn’t sit down and didn’t do anything else, just staring at the seat in a daze.

At this moment, everyone panicked.

Especially the Xiao family.

General Alton, what is thinking about this?

One thought of such a big man is enough for them to guess for a long time.

Xiao Guopu even had his legs trembling. He took a deep breath and summoned the courage to ask, “What’s wrong with General Alton?”

“You just said that this position is the most important position in the audience?”

Alton asked.

Although Xiao Guopu was puzzled, he nodded fiercely: “Yes, that’s right, this is the most important position in the audience, we reserved it specially!”

A smile crossed the corner of Alton’s mouth: “Then I can’t sit here, I am not qualified, I only deserve to sit next to it!”

The words are not shocking, and the audience is terrified as soon as Alton said this.

“What? General Alton is not qualified to sit in this position? Then who is qualified?”

Xiao Guopu smiled helplessly: “Don’t be joking, General Kirin, you are the most distinguished in the audience, and only you are qualified to sit here!”

Alton shook his head: “No, I am not qualified to sit here!”

“Ah? Is there anyone else General Alton who can sit here? I don’t understand!”

Xiao Guopu and others thought about it, but they couldn’t think of a qualified person!

Alton smiled: “The only person in the audience who can sit here is not me, but someone else.”

“Someone else?”

Xiao Guopu was even more puzzled.

“Well, yes, that person is qualified to sit here, and he is on the court, I have seen it!”

Alton said, very mysterious.

“Is there anyone with a higher status than General Alton in the field?”

For a time, the whole audience was in chaos.

Chapter 149

Everyone looked around one after another, but couldn’t find a person higher than General Alton.

The Xiao family was very puzzled, too curious about who it was.

“Dare to ask General Alton who is this person?”

Xiao Guopu asked.

Alton smiled and said: “He is my mentor!”


“General Alton’s mentor?”


The sound of cold breathing sounded everywhere.

The teacher of General Alton?

For everyone, the meaning is like General God of War!

Back then, Levi taught Alton a lot of skills. Alton thought he was the leader and the teacher.

Others don’t understand that friendship.

“General Alton’s teacher is also here? Why don’t we know?”

Xiao Guopu, Xiao Ruoyu and others were all in a cold sweat.

The Xiao family didn’t even notice such an important person coming to the celebration.

This is also terrible.

If Major General Kylin were to blame, how could the Xiao family afford it?

Porter Guopu asked frightenedly; “Dare to ask the position of General Alton’s mentor? My Xiao family please come down with the highest etiquette!”

Alton waved his hand: “No, I will invite it myself!”

As soon as Alton took a step, all the senior officials of the Xiao family followed, along with Shane Xiaohui, Wang Garrison and others.

The eyes of thousands of people in the audience followed Major General Alton and his party.

Everyone is guessing who is the teacher of Major General Kylin?

After the Alton came to the passageway, he first passed the front row and walked straight to the back.

This excludes the front row is not!

Everyone in the middle and back rows began to agitate, and everyone looked at each other.

Especially Lin Mei and Zhong Yao have the most intense positions.

Lin Mei wondered: “Who would this person be?”

Zhong Yao shook his head: “I’m afraid this kind of big man is hidden in the corner!”

Soon, Major General Alton and his party walked past their positions.

This disappointed Lin Mei and Zhong Yao.

Everyone wants to be in their row.

Lin Mei and Zhong Yao quickly stood up and looked back.

I really want to know who that person is!

The whole audience was restless.

Only Levi sits firmly on Mount Tai, motionless like a bell.

Seeing this, Xiao Qin joked: “Couldn’t it be you brother-in-law?”

Levi said, “Well, you guessed it!”

But Xiao Qin thought Levi was joking.

Soon a group of people passed the middle row and came directly to the back row.

This time the back row was completely restless, and stood up one after another.

Everyone in the Xiao family was even more nervous.

It was too terrible to arrange the teacher of General Alton in the back row.

The reputation of his Xiao family is going to ruin!

Soon it came to a very back position.

Xiao Guopu glanced over, there was no one he knew.

Except for his granddaughter Xiao Qin and Levi who will be killed in a while!

No one else knew!

The same goes for Xiao Ruoyu and Xiao Ruofeng.

These people in the back row are barely entering the celebration, which is dispensable for them.

No one knew it at all!

But the teacher of General Alton is among this group of people!

Everyone is breathing fast.

Because the answer will be right away.

Xiao Qin’s heart also touched his throat.

Because General Alton is getting closer and closer to them!

Suddenly, General Alton stopped.

Everyone is hanging up.

What is even more incredible is that Alton stopped in the row where Levi and Xiao Qin were in an impartial manner!

Xiao Qin felt like she had won a lottery.

Actually in your own row?

She looked at Levi deeply.

Chapter 150

Is it really brother-in-law?

She thought she was joking just now!

When Zhong Yao and Lin Mei saw that they were stopped in Levi’s row, they secretly said, “Isn’t it such a coincidence?”

There was invisible pressure on Alton, and the person at the end of the row was frightened, and immediately stood up and walked outside.

Other people in this row also walked outside.

Because everyone knows that he is not the teacher of Alton, so he naturally wants to leave.

Dozens of people in this row quickly left from both sides and stood in the passage.

The only ones left were Levi and Xiao Qin.

Levi sat there, as steady as Mount Tai.

Xiao Qin was standing, but looking around, neither walking nor sitting down, feeling at a loss for a while.

She wanted to leave, but saw Levi sitting, so she didn’t know what to do.

Oh my god!

Is it really brother-in-law?

Suddenly, thousands of eyes in the field looked over.

Levi and Xiao Qin were the only focus on the field!!!

Xiao Qin was very nervous, she was a little out of breath.

At this moment, it seems that time is still and space is condensed.

Everyone’s consciousness is gone, and the brain is blank.

Xiao Qin’s teeth trembled and his legs trembled. He wanted to ask Levi a word, but he seemed to have no energy to speak.

This man is too mysterious!

“Da da da…”

Suddenly Alton moved, and his leather shoes stepped on the carpet and made a rhythmic sound.

As if a sledgehammer hit the human heart.

This voice also pulled everyone back to reality from absent-mindedness.

Only Levi and Xiao Qin were seen in this row.

Everyone already knows everything subconsciously.

Xiao Qin is a woman, it is impossible to be the teacher of Alton!

Only Levi is here!

He is the teacher of Alton!

Xiao Guopu and others behind Alton’s consciousness solidified for a while, as if they couldn’t react.

Everyone is like a walking corpse, standing there stupidly.

Overwhelming reaction.

There is no reaction at all.

Because the result of the event was beyond their imagination.

That’s the one they don’t want to be the teacher of Alton!

The eyes of Zhong Yao, Lin Mei, and Wang Xuelong followed the Alton.

See where Levi was sitting only.

The scalp of his brain was numb, and his head was rapidly congested, as if it was about to explode.

Is he a Alton teacher?


Absolutely impossible!

Levi has declined and become a waste, how can he be the teacher of General Alton?

Even six years ago, he didn’t have the qualifications to connect with Alton.

Now that he has been in jail for six years, how come he has become a leader in the army?

Others who knew Levi had the same idea.

Especially for the Xiao family, if this matter is true, it will be a devastating disaster for the Xiao family!

Obviously this distance is very short, but to everyone, it looks like a century.

Finally, General Alton came to Levi.

Standing Xiao Qin came into contact with Alton at close range and almost fainted.

I saw that the unicorn looked at Levi with admiration, and he saluted a standard military salute, and said loudly: “General, Alton in the Northwest Theater will report to you!”

When the Alton fell, it was like tons of explosives blasted through here!

Everyone’s body and soul were blown up to pieces!

The general in Alton’s mouth can only be one person-the supreme General God of War!

General God of War came to attend the 40th anniversary celebration of the Xiao family?

The whole audience was silent.

There is no sound.

But the continuous ups and downs of the heart sounded like a drumbeat!

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